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(42.5 cubic feet: 428 16mm black and white motion picture film reels, 1 DB)

by: Susan B. Strange and Wendy Shay, 2001

Container List

(Note: all INDUSTRY ON PARADE images were taken from the films)

Reel #250 (7/30/55)

Pennsylvania Lehigh University students employed in production of metals. Bethlehem Steel, Bethlehem, PA.

New York Manufacturing electronic equipment such as televisions and shipping to customers. General Electric, Syracuse, NY.

Georgia Rock-wool made into insulation; construction. Munford Co., Atlanta, GA.

California San Francisco cable cars and miniature cable car production. Small cable cars used as clothes racks. William Sanford Exhibits.

Reel #251 (8/6/55)

Pennsylvania Walls of glass block diffuse light while insulating building; construction. Pittsburgh Corning Corp., Port Allegany, PA.

South Carolina Making columns by pouring concrete inside paperboard tube called a "Sonotube." Scrap paper put back into use as cardboard tubes. Sonoco Products Co., Hartsville, SC.

California School in Los Angeles where women learn about cars; automobile repair.

Michigan A veterans hospital where pages of books are projected on ceiling for the sick to read; microfilm production. University Microfilm Service, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.

Reel #252 (8/13/55)

Kentucky Producing inexpensive and disposable air filters. American Air Filter Co. Louisville, KY.

Pennsylvania A steel mill where machines have relieved men of hard work. Use of machines has increased employment. Crucible Steel Co., Midland, PA.

Connecticut Assembling and producing fountain pens. Waterman Pen Co., Milford, CT.

Michigan Part-time college students learn by television. Michigan State, WKAR-TV, East Lansing, MI.

Reel #253 (8/20/55)

Alabama Using wood to make newsprint. Coosa River Newsprint Co., Coosa Pines, AL.

Michigan Rebuilding heat controls and replacing worn or broken parts. Automatic Equipment Co., Detroit, MI.

New York An industrial show on investing in American industry. Merrill Lynch, New York, NY.

California Restoration of a ghost town. How silver was mined. CA.

Reel #254 (8/27/55)

Massachusetts Porcelain and steel products. Metal cut, shaped, and colored. Ceramic coated metal used in murals. Beftinger Corp., Waltham, MA.

California Calculators manufactured by women workers. Marchant Calculators, Inc., Oakland, CA.

Wisconsin How firms change products with different dies. Giant Grip Manufacturing Co., Oshkosh, WI.

Michigan How rain is kept out of cars. Studebaker-Packard Corp., Detroit, MI.

Reel #255 (9/3/55)

Illinois Manufacturing company employs disabled people. Paraplegics Manufacturing Co., Franklin Park, IL.

Michigan Milk converted into dry products; food industry. M & R Dietetic Labs, Sturgis, MI.

Washington Aluminum supply company makes pipes; uses of pipes, such as irrigation. Aluminum Supply Co., Spokane, WA.

Pennsylvania Most men's clothes bought by women; company alters advertising program to appeal to women. Apparel industry. Daroff, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

Reel #256 (9/10/55)

New York Freezing bread stabilizes employment; food industry. Arnold Baker's Co., Fort Chester, NY.

Alabama Building costs reduced by using pre-assembling windows; construction. National Woodworks, Birmingham, AL.

Michigan Mobile training service with mechanics teacher. Plymouth Motor Corp., Detroit, MI.

Massachusetts Braille greeting cards for the blind. Rust Craft Greeting Cards, Dedham, MA.

Reel #257 (9/17/55)

Ohio Teachers learn about town's businesses; educating children. Community Resources Workshop, Middletown, OH.

Wisconsin Redesigning seats for truck drivers to prevent backaches; health. Bostrom Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Missouri Putting wire in glass. The Mississippi Glass Company, St. Louis, MO.

New York Employing senior citizens. Mohawk Development Service, Schenectady, NY.

Reel #258 (9/24/55)

Florida Reclaiming "unusable" swamp land with machinery; environment. Fleco, Jacksonville, FL.

Ohio Producing electronic stoves that cook with radio waves. Microwave oven; cooking. Tappan Stove Co., Mansfield, OH.

California A commercial helicopter company inspects power lines, explores, and helps Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kern Copters, Inc., Bakersfield, CA.

Pennsylvania Baking cookies. Pepperidge Farms Bakeries, Downington, PA.

Reel #259 (10/l/55)

Texas Determining age of rocks for clues to locating oil deposits. Atomic accelerator. Shell Development Co., Houston, TX.

Illinois Designing and building bulldozers. Restoring soil at strip mine. Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria, IL.

Colorado Sheets of magnesium used in consumer products such as ultra-light suitcases. Shwayder Brothers, Denver, CO

New York Making parts for kerosene lanterns used in camping, on railroads, and in emergencies. R.E. Dietz Co., Syracuse, NY.

Reel #260 (10/8/55)

Wisconsin George Borg developed machines that make synthetic fur. Delavan, WI.

Pennsylvania Converting rusty iron into pure iron. National-US Radiator Corp., Johnstown, PA.

New York Factories become classrooms; adult education. Elmira College, Elmira, NY.

Minnesota Production of the game "Cooties." Schaper Toy Co., Minneapolis, MN.

Reel #261 (10/15/55)

Wisconsin Machine tool manufacturers. Giddings & Lewis, Fond du Lac, WI.

New York Preparing signature plates and printing checks. The Todd Co., Rochester, NY.

Pennsylvania Water analysis. Keeping boilers free of scale. Hagen Corp., Pittsburgh, PA.

Ohio Making fruit cakes; food industry. Grace A. Rush, Inc., Cincinnati, OH.

No Reel #262

Reel #263 (10/29/55)

Minnesota Drilling, crushing rock, extracting iron, and mining tocanite. Reserve Mining Co.

New York Testing, shaping, and wrapping butter; food industry. Hotel Bar Butter, New York, NY.

Michigan Drilling and grinding metals using electricity. Elox Corp, Clawson, MI.

Indiana Applying veneer; making plywood. Jasper, IN.

No Reel #264

Reel #265 (11/12/55)

Pennsylvania Producing steel train wheels and axles. Baldwin-Line-Hamilton Corp., Burnham, PA.

California Developing superior strains of tomatoes, vegetables and flowers. Farming, horticulture. Food industry. Ferry Morse Seed Co., Salinas Valley, CA.

New York Floor tiles; construction. Mistic Tile Corp., Newburgh, NY.

Virginia Training truck drivers. Drivers recorded on film; highway safety. Markel Service, Inc. Richmond, VA.

Reel #266 (11/19/55)

Wisconsin Cooling classrooms; fresh air pulled in and filtered. Trane Co., La Crosse, WI.

New Jersey Company provides recreational activities for blind employees; disabilities. The Thermoid Co., Trenton, NJ.

Michigan Securing freight in train cars to prevent damage. Evans Products Co., Plymouth, MI.

Missouri Redesigning airplanes into flying offices for executives. Remmert Werner, Inc.

Reel #267 (11/26/55)

New York Exhibition shows future changes and predicted needs of country in 1975. "Americade," New York, NY.

Pennsylvania Producing, testing, and shipping mineral oil.

Missouri Device to balance car wheels without removing them. Hunter Engineering Co., St. Louis, Missouri.

Nevada Teaching Indian children about medicine, nutrition, sanitation, and automobile repair. Native Americans. Carson Indian School, Stewart, NV.

Reel #268 (12/3/55) [RV 507.268]

California Producing mercury from ore. New Idria Mining & Chemical Co. New Idria, CA.

Indiana Assembling and testing small radios. Regency Radio, Indianpolis, IN.

Kentucy Manufacturing diverse metal products including lawn chairs and fireplace curtains. The Logan Co., Louisville, KY.

New Jersey Hotel management prepares for conventions. Chalforte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, NJ..

Reel #269 (12/10/55) [RV 507.269]

California Machines with electronic memory utilizing both human and machine skills; robots. Benson-Lehner Co., Los Angeles, CA.

New Jersey Crushed diamonds used as polishing agent. U.S. Industrial Diamond Corp., East Orange, NJ.

Ohio Durable waterproof paper made with Playtex and rubber compound. Song Paper Co., Middletown, OH.

Connecticut Making goose quill pens.

Reel #270 (12/17/55)

Ohio Research on glass and glass production. Owens Illinois Technical Center, Toledo, OH.

Massachusetts Suburban growth. Need for schools, fire departments and police. Route 128 Industrial Development, Boston, MA.

Pennsylvania Machines make machines. Using molds. Blaw Knox Co. Pittsburgh, PA.

California Manufacturing geiger counters. Fisher Research Lab, Inc., Palo Alto, CA.

Reel #271 (12/24/55) [RV 507.271]

New Jersey Assembling typewriters used to type foreign languages; office machines. Ralph C. Coxhead Corp., Newark, NJ.

Michigan Servicing and repairing automobile parts. Miller Manufacturing Co., Detroit, MI.

Massachusetts Adding nylon to nerophene and vinyl to increase strength. H. M. Sawyer and Son, Watertown, MA.

California Vegetable crops; food industry. Cleaning, cutting, and dehydrating onions. Basic Vegetable Products, Inc., Vacaville, CA.

No Reel #272

Reel #273 (1/7/56)

Pennsylvania Using electronics to control traffic of railroads and airplanes. Manufacturing air brakes. Westinghouse Air Brake Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

California Community antennas give people better television reception. Tel-I-Clear Systems, Inc., Laguna Beach, CA.

Ohio Custom-made, mass-produced trailers. Trailmobile, Inc., Cincinnati, OH.

New York Researching doughnut dough; food industry. Doughnut Corp. of America, New York, NY.

Reel #274 (1/14/56)

Ohio Computers help engineers design new production systems. Reliance Electric & Engineering Co., Cleveland, OH.

Vermont Testing and inspecting gears. Fellows Gear Shaper Co., Springfield, VT.

Pennsylvania Making paper. Swanee Paper Co., Ransom, PA.

California Skin-diving equipment made by variety of companies. Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #275 (1/21/56)

Pennsylvania Manufacturing rocket heads. Metal shaping methods. Heintz Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Michigan Manufacturing delivery trucks; require walk-in doors and insulation. Divco Corp., Detroit, MI.

Connecticut Producing hand tools such as levels and rulers. Stanley Works, New Britain, CT.

California Portable oil drilling rig. Standard Oil Co., CA.

Reel #276 (1/28/56)

Ohio Combining hydraulic and mechanical transmissions for better handling of trucks. Dana Corp., Toledo, OH.

Wisconsin Producing pipes from cellulose wood fibers. Line Material Co., WI.

California Processing and mining gold with modern machinery. Natomas Co., Sacramento, CA.

Maryland Magnets put in toy blocks; helping children with cerebral palsy. Disabilities. Donated by Crucible Steel Co., Reisterstown, MD.

Reel #277 (2/4/56)

Pennsylvania Hydraulic fluid made safer with water base. E.F. Houghton & Co., Philadelphia, PA.

West Virginia Mining coal by machine. Eastern Gas & Fuel Assoc., Grant Town, WV.

New York Operating trains by remote control. Union Station & Signal, New Rochelle, NY.

Virginia Razor manufacturer. New York family adjusts to life in Virginia.. American Razor Co., Staunton, VA.

Reel #278 (2/11/56) [RV 507.278]

North Carolina Traveling health care unit with on-board laboratory; health care for employees. Occupational Health Services, Ashville, NC.

Tennessee Changes a town experiences as it evolves from an agricultural to a manufacturing town. Magnavox, Greenville, TN.

Pennsylvania Electric stoves that turn themselves off and on. Making control units. Robertshaw Fulton Controls Co., Irwin, PA

Massachusetts Proposing, screening, and making games. Demonstrates "Go to the Head of the Class;" children. Milton Bradley Co., Springfield, MA.

Reel #279 (2/18/56)

Pennsylvania A steel mill and its goal of diversification and competitive production. Lukes Steel Co., Coatesville, PA.

California Making maps. Keeping them up-to-date and correct. H. M. Gousha Co., San Jose, CA.

Massachusetts Replacing worn metal on machine parts. Replacing teeth on a power shovel. Perini Brothers Construction Co., Framingham, MA.

Virginia Shipyard has industrial school offering academic and scientific courses. Apprenticeship program; adult education. Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Newport News, VA.

Reel #280 (2/25/55)

New York Counteracting odors found in trucking industries and stores. Airkom, Inc., New York, NY.

Georgia Producing paper containers. Atlanta Paper Co., Atlanta, GA.

Massachusetts Producing men's jewelry, specifically cuff links. Apparel industry. Swank, Inc. Attleboro, MA.

Ohio University of Miami researches construction industry; constructing a window that can withstand hurricanes. Republic Steel Corp., Youngstown, OH.

Reel #281 (3/3/56) [RV 507.281]

Pennsylvania Topography. Using airplanes to photograph and survey land. Translating photographs into maps. Aero Service Corp., Philadelphia, PA.

California Using fiberglass in instrument cases for the Air Force. Testing luggage for sturdiness and water resistance. H. Koch & Sons, San Francisco, CA.

Ohio Combatting tooth decay. Company makes teeth radioactive and tests chlorine compounds to see which best fights decay. Proctor & Gamble, Miami Valley, OH.

Georgia Teaching children about textile industry. Public schools. Dalton, GA.

Reel #282 (3/10/56)

California A factory fire. Company designs better plant where delays and wasted motions are eliminated. Leadlight Fixture Co., Oakland, CA.

Ohio Synthetic paintbrushes as good as brushes made with Chinese hog bristles. Wooster Brush Co., Wooster, OH.

Connecticut Making screw thread inserts from stainless steel wire. Heil-Coil Corp., Danbury, CT.

Georgia Designing children's clothes; apparel industry. Alexis, Inc., Atlanta, GA.

Reel #283 (3/17/56)

Michigan Shipping flour by railroad; food industry. International Milling Co., Detroit, MI.

Ohio Making pipes from a mixture of clay and shale. Robertson Clay Products Co., Akron, OH.

California Family business makes gopher traps; agriculture. MacAbee Gopher Traps, Los Gatos, CA.

Georgia Raincoat manufacturer builds new plant with bank sponsorship; apparel industry. Almar Co., Washington, GA.

Reel #284 (3/24/56)

New York Converting solar energy to electrical power. Solar battery to aid in telephone communication in rural areas. Bell Telephone Co., New York, NY, and Americus, GA.

Ohio Convention to decide men's styles for coming year. Fabrics, sewing machines, and new styles on display; apparel industry. International Association of Clothing Designers, Cincinnati, OH.

California Making liners with layers of tar paper and asphalt. Linings used to prevent seepage in reservoirs. Water conservation. Envoy Petroleum Co., Long Beach, CA.

New York Aircraft engines subjected to punishment to reproduce strains of flight. Mobil vacuum cleaner to clean runways. U.S. Air Force, Wright Field, OH; Anacostia Naval Air Station, Washington, DC; U.S. Hoffman Machinery Corp., Syracuse, NY.

Reel #285 (Duplicate of Reel #258) (3/31/56)

Florida Reclaiming "unusuable" swamp land with machinery; environment. Fleco, Jacksonville, FL.

Ohio Producing electronic stoves that cook with radio waves. Microwave oven; cooking. Tappan Stove Co., Mansfield, OH.

California A commercial helicopter company inspects power lines, explores, and helps F.B.I. Kern Copters, Inc., Bakersfield, CA.

Pennsylvania Baking cookies. Pepperidge Farms Bakeries, Downington, PA.

Reel #286 (4/7/56)

Nevada A hydroplane, the "Bluebird", designed to ride over water. Las Vegas, NV.

Ohio Airflow by doors of Kroger supermarket counteracts weather outside. Saves on heating and air-conditioning bills. St. Louis Air Curtain Co.

Pennsylvania Producing seamless metal pipes. Barium Steel Corp., Phoenixville, PA.

Georgia When city faced an uncertain future, it organized campaign to remove uncertainties by building new schools, playgrounds, and homes. City planning. Georgia Power, Co., Manchester, GA.

Reel #287 (4/14/56)

Florida Diving for sponges and preparing them for sale. Tarpon Springs, FL.

California Producing three-wheeled golf cart for industrial and recreational use. Wayne Manufacturing, Pomona, CA.

New York Manufacturing staples, bicycle baskets, and wire furniture from steel wires. E.N. Titchener & Co., Binghamton, NY.

Michigan Manufacturing guitars. Gibson Co., Kalamazoo, MI.

Reel #288 (4/21/56) [RV. 507.288]

Idaho Nuclear reactor and nuclear powered electricity; atomic energy. Utah Power & Light. Argonne National Laboratory, Arco, ID.

Florida Manufacturing aluminum and aluminum products including jalousie windows, furniture and screens. Spectromat determines which metals are in alloy. Adams Engineering Co., Miami, FL.

Ohio Manufacturing starch from corn and wheat; byproduct is gluten used in food industry. Keever Starch Co., Columbus, OH.

California Testing and grading gemstones; jewelry. Gemological Institute of America, Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #289 (4/28/56)

Florida Preparing frozen orange concentrate; food industry. Fruit Industries, Inc., Bradenton, FL.

Minnesota Safer winter driving by using grips to avoid slipping wheels; automobiles. Napco Industries, Minneapolis, MN.

Delaware Distributive Education Clubs of America prepare students for white collar jobs through business education program and on-the-job training. Wilmington High School, Wilmington, DE.

Texas Non-denominational chapel in a steel mill where weddings and baptisms are performed; religion. Lone Star Steel Company, Lone Star, TX.

Reel #290 (5/5/56) [RV 507.290]

Florida Extracting tung oil from tung nuts. Nutmeg separated from the shell and refined. Spices; food industry. Southern Oil & Chemical Co., Brooker, FL.

Pennsylvania Collapsible partitions of synthetic material. Plastic; construction. Masland Duraleather Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Ohio Painting ashtrays and tumblers with company logos; housewares. Kemper-Thomas-Osborne Co., Cincinnati, OH.

New Jersey Manufacturing spinning reels for fishing rods. Lionel Corp., Irvington, NJ.

Reel #291 (5/12/56)

Oklahoma Producing petrochemical detergents. High pressure tests on flammable liquids. Continental Oil Co., Ponca City, OK.

Pennsylvania Devices to eliminate safety hazards. Producing safety ladders, including the "Beanstalk" which uses hydraulic ram. Ballymore Co., Wayne, PA.

California School operates television studio and printing press. Correspondance education. National Schools, Los Angeles, CA.

Indiana Making chicken coops; poultry. Small business owner, Simon Rockey, insists on quality. Simon Rocky, Pekin, IN.

Reel #292 (5/19/56)

Pennsylvania Stabilizing land to make it suitable for housing and building. Environment; construction. Manu-Mine Research & Development Co., Reading, PA.

Texas Manufacturing rubber stamps; office supplies. Gribble Stamp & Stencil Co., Houston, TX.

Ohio Industrial research finds a cleaning agent that eliminates static electricity. Davies-Young Soap Co., Dayton, OH.

North Carolina At earth moving school, safety is stressed. Adult education; construction. National School of Heavy Equipment Operation, Charlotte, NC.

Reel #293 (5/26/56)

New Jersey Creating drug, "Meticorten," to replace cortisone for those with arthritis. Pharmaceuticals; health. Schering Corp., Blooomfield, NJ.

Ohio Manufacturing window shades. Clopay Corp., Cincinnati, OH.

Minnesota Producing couches with motor driven hydraulic systems. Sofabed; furniture. U.S. Bedding Co., St. Paul, MN.

Florida Cigar packaging plant has nursery for children of women employees; child care. King Edward Cigar Co.

Reel #294 (5/26/56)

Florida Control room has television to monitor electrical plant. Florida Light & Power Co., Miami, FL.

Ohio Researching medical tools. Testing and producing electronic thermometers that do not break and are easier to read. Medical Research Institute, Cincinnati, OH.

Tennessee New methods of processing metals. Machine bites through metal plate with accuracy and speed. W.J. Savage Co., Knoxville, TN.

Michigan Transporting ore on the Great Lakes for steel companies. Ice breakers clear shipping lanes. Sault Sainte Marie, MI.

Reel #295 (6/9/56)

Tennessee Removing oil from soy beans without waste; food industry. Central Soya Co., Chattanooga, TN.

Michigan Each car design is road tested. Automobile engines tested under all conditions. Chrysler Corp., Chelsea, MI.

New Jersey Manufacturing and assembling flexible steel rulers. Evans Ruler Co., Elizabeth, NJ.

Florida Craftsmen build shrimp boats. Diesel Engine Sales Co., St. Augustine, FL.

Reel #296 (6/16/56)

Connecticut Manufacturing bomb directional systems. Testing at Yucca Flats, NV. Norden-Ketay Co., Milford, CT.

Michigan Company employs people who also work at other places. Shows versatility of Americans. Yale Rubber Manufacturing Co., Sandusky, MI.

New Jersey Uses of plastics. See-through plastic used for signs. Gooden Products Corp., Englewood, NJ.

Alabama Worker camaraderie at company retreat at Lake Mitchell; recreation. Alabama-Georgia Syrup Co., Montgomery, AL.

Reel #297 (6/23/56)

Massachusetts Radar defense systems on steel platforms off Cape Cod. Anderson, Nichols & Co.

Alabama Manufacturing evaporators for producing powdered eggs, coffee and other food stuffs. Welding. Goslin-Birmingham Manufacturing Co., Birmingham, AL.

Pennsylvania Using alligator and snake skins for belts and suspenders. Leather punching and staining done by machine. Men's clothing. Pioneer Suspender Co., Darby, PA.

New Jersey Restoration of old books. Rebinding, sewing pages, retrimming edges, and putting on new covers. Rademaeker Bookbinding Co., Newark, NJ.

Reel #298 (6/30/56) [RV. 507.298]

New Jersey Dr. Waksman studies microbiology and searches for organisms to fight disease, sometimes finding useful antibiotics; pharmaceuticals. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Georgia Sterilizing and cleaning bottles protects public health. Miller Hydro Co., Bainbridge, GA.

North Carolina Reconditioning crankshafts. Vehicle repair. American Crankshaft Co., Charlotte, NC.

Virginia Sewing classes with new sewing machine attachments and easy patterns. Children make doll clothes. Singer Corporation, Charlottesville, VA.

Reel #299 (7/7/56) [RV 507.299]

New York Radiology is key to good medical care. Film for radiographs is tested. Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY.

Ohio Ovens dry paint and prepare plastics and food. Fostoria Pressed Steel Corp., Fostoria, OH.

Georgia Manufacturing tufted carpets. E.T. Barwick Mills, Lafayette, GA.

New Jersey Toy factory employs dependable elderly workers; senior citizens. Childhood Interests, Inc., Roselle Park, NJ.

Reel #300 (7/14/56) [RV 507.300]

Pennsylvania Manufacturing rayon; non-woven fabrics are pressed. Used for napkins and towels; textiles. American Viscose Corp., Marcus Hook, PA.

Texas Making aluminum units that spread insecticides for increased farm productivity; agriculture. Gustafson Manufacturing Co., Corpus Christi, TX.

Tennessee Making saws and circular blades. Carley Manufacturing Co., Chattanooga, TN.

Michigan Making sponges with detergent in them; household products. Brooklyn Products Sales Corp., Brooklyn, MI.

Reel #301 (7/21/56)

Texas A pilot skyway with modern streamlined cars runs along a pipe-like structure in the air; the future. Monorail, Houston, TX.

New Jersey Manufacturing and balancing fan blades. Cooling air. Diehl Manufacturing Co., NJ.

South Carolina Assembling fiberglass fishing rods. Making and testing antennas. Columbia Products Co., Columbia, SC.

New York Mr. Quisenberr designs and builds toy tractors children can ride. BMC Manufacturing mass-produces toy tractors and cars. American Machine & Foundry Co., NY.

Reel #302 (7/28/56)

North Carolina Developing mismanaged land. Program holds land judging competitions and educates farmers on good soil management; environment. Sponsored by Carolina Power and Light Co., Raleigh, NC.

On the High Seas Assembling clocks and chronometers for navigation. American Export Line, Hamilton Watch Co.

New York Creating television cartoons. Assembling animation stands. People travel from foreign countries to see the factory, thus improving international relations. Schaeffer Pen Co., Fort Madison, IA.

Reel #303 (8/4/56) [RV 507.303]

New Jersey Manufacturing disinfectants. Entire cities need disinfecting after floods. Used in hospitals. Lehn and Fink Products Corp., Bloomfield, NJ.

North Carolina Carving, polishing and assembling in a furniture factory; wood products. Globe Parlor Furniture Co., High Point, NC.

Colorado Powdered bricks and clay made into terracotta. Denver Terra Cotta Co., Denver, CO.

New York Company makes booths for toll roads. Machines issue tickets and photograph license plate numbers. Taller & Cooper, Brooklyn, NY.

Reel #304 (8/11/56)

New Jersey Building and testing small ship models, recreating the conditions real ships could face. Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.

New York Elderly employees making lightweight clothes to protect against foul weather. Apparel industry; senior citizens. Utica Duxbak Corp., Utica, NY.

Ohio Producing and road testing tires. Seiberling Rubber Co., Akron, OH.

New Mexico American Indians manufacture jewelry. Sold at Maisel's, Inc., Albuquerque, NM.

Reel #305 (8/18/56)

Illinois Using human "guinea pigs" for research. Volunteers take medicines not yet approved; pharmaceuticals and medical research. Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL.

New York Making wood products using traditional wooden machinery. American Manufacturing Concern, Falconer, NY.

Pennsylvania Soft shirt collar replacing the starched collar, making shirt care easier. Apparel industry. Philip-Jones Corp., Pottsville, PA.

New Mexico An archeologist studies the land and artifacts of earlier civilizations, before gas company drills pipeline. El Paso Natural Gas Co., Gallup, NM.

Reel #306 (8/25/56)

New York Manufacturing automatic voting machines. Automatic Voting Machine Corp., Jamestown, NY.

New Mexico Machines drive holes into the dry land so water can be absorbed and plants can grow. Environment; farming. Machine Engineering Corp., Albuquerque, NM.

Oklahoma Precision tools result of competition between manufacturers. Macklanburg Duncan Co., Oklahoma City, OK.

Ohio Good landscaping design promotes better work environment and pleasant surroundings for passersby; horticulture. Reader's Digest, Cleveland, OH.

Reel #307 (9/l/56)

Oklahoma In the Science for Youth Program, high school students conduct experiments. Program encourages students to go into science careers. Sunray Midcontinental Oil Co., Tulsa, OK.

New York Preparing and producing chicken, beef and vegetable boullion cubes; food industry. Pure Food Company, Inc., Mamaroneck, NY.

Illinois Manufacturer of outboard motors, pistons, and propellers employees. Testing for interchangeability. Johnson Motors Div., Outboard Marine & Manufacturing Co., Waukegan, IL.

Ohio Building power shovels; construction industry. Marion Power Shovel Co., Hanna Coal Company Division, Cadiz, OH.

Reel #308 (9/8/56) [RV 507.308]

Oklahoma Civil defense workers practice for emergencies with imaginary attacks. Practice re-routing electricity and mobilizing materials and equipment. Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co., Oklahoma City, OK.

Kansas New feed mill to advance flour and grain technology. Types of grain blended in various formulas; food industry. Kansas State College, Manhattan, KS.

New York Producing and assembling reclining chairs. Barcalo Manufacturing, Buffalo, NY

Virginia Making and packaging envelopes for church collections. National Church Supply Co., Chester, WV.

Reel #309 (9/15/56)

New York Workers under medical supervision making uniforms. Company's Social Service Department helps workers find permanent jobs after they recover. Altro Workshop, Inc., New York, NY.

Illinois Repairing, evaluating and assembling car engines with scientific testing equipment. Garage employees go to school. Sun Electric, Chicago, IL.

New Mexico Company builds roads; environment. Many tons of earth removed before opening new mine. Isbell Construction Co., Albuquerque, NM.

Pennsylvania Two women sculptors first make stainless steel and slate models. Slate placque for churches and schools. Gibsonia, PA.

Reel #310 (9/29/56) [RV 507.310]

New York Cocoa is made into chocolate. Forming and wrapping candy bars; food industry. Nestle Co., Fulton, NY.

Ohio Gas pumped through gas lines. Gas required for synthetics, industry, and homes. Women demonstrate gas-generated appliances. Ohio Fuel Gas Co., Columbus, OH.

Texas Molding the inexpensive plastic disposable cup. Crown Plastic Cup Co., Ft. Worth, TX.

California Sea animals provide entertainment; care of the mammals. Ocean Aquarium, Hermosa Beach, CA.

Reel #311 (9/29/56)

New Mexico Milling ore; tin made from discarded tin cans. Crushing ore into bales; recycling. Chino Division, Kennecott Copper Corp., NM.

Wisconsin Company provides other businesses with skilled and semi-skilled temporary workers of almost every kind. Manpower, Inc., Milwaukee, WI.

Texas With machines, company can make more hats faster and price drops. Richard Englander Hat Co., Dallas, TX.

Ohio Professionals use fireworks, so market has not decreased though fireworks outlawed in most states. Factory workers have safe working conditions. United Fireworks, Dayton, OH.

Reel #312 (10/6/56)

Michigan Studying chickens helps defeat some human ailments due to faulty diet. Finds that cholesterol is bad for the heart. Poultry; health. UpJohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI.

Kentucky Manufacturing, assembling, and inspecting protective domes for airplane hangars. Irving Air Chute Co., Lexington, KY.

Arizona Cactus craft of Arizona uses dead cactus. Furniture shaped like covered wagons made from cactus; horticulture. Cactus Craft Co., Tucson, AZ.

New York Company moves without stopping production. Neptune Storage, New York, NY.

Reel #313 (10/13/56)

New Jersey Magnesium and iron mixed together make virtually new metal. Using photomicrographs to study the metal and its strength. International Nickel Co., Bayonne, NJ.

Arizona Charcoal made from mesquite trees. Horticulture; food industry. Southwest Chemical Co., Tucson, AZ.

Kansas Frozen food in natural icebox costs less to operate because it is naturally cold. Inland Cold Storage Co., Kansas City, KS.

Ohio A ship can be operated with radio waves by using remote-controlled transmitter. Hobby Harbor, Columbus, OH.

Reel #314 (11/4/56)

Indiana Company makes components of a house. New mass production home-building techniques; construction industry. National Homes Corporation, Lafayette, IN.

Ohio Making a crate which can stretch, hold liquid. Used in washing surfaces. Cincinnatti Industries, Inc., Cincinnatti, OH.

Arizona Producing air coolers cheaper and easier than air-conditioners. Wright Manufacturing Co., Phoenix, AZ.

New York Company makes weather seals for windows. Company first produced fringe for women's skirts. As skirts shortened, company changed products. Schlegel Co., Rochester, NY.

Reel #315 (10/27/56)

New York Pharmaceutical firm lines tanks with glass to prevent contamination. Pfaudler Co., Rochester, NY.

Ohio Safety supervisor teaches classes about electrical hazards and how to save people in contact with "live" electrical wires. Dayton Power and Light Co., Dayton, OH.

Kentucky Making veneer for laminated floor blocks; construction industry. Wood Mosaic Corp., Louisville, KY.

Wisconsin At the farm of Everett Horner, lights installed for airplane landing strip. Uses plane to operate farm and get help if someone injured. Line Material Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Reel #316 (11/3/56)

Utah Men move a mountain in order to use it for fill for rail facilities. Construction; environment. Southern Pacific Railroad, UT.

Ohio Making and packaging cement so people can make concrete. Sakrete Co., Cincinnati, OH.

New York Making, bending, and painting metal tubes for use in furniture manufacture. Daystrom Furniture Co., Olean, NY.

Wisconsin Business leaders support new zoo. Some companies donate animals. Milwaukee, WI.

Reel #317 (11/10/56)

Pennsylvania Molten iron refined with modern machinery; shaping metal. Glass fibers used for internal reinforcement. A. M. Myers Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

Wisconsin Selling knitted items, many hand-made. Making mukluks, or Eskimo socks. Handicraft Corp., Princeton, WI.

Utah Mixing concrete on the spot. Travel Batcher Co., Salt Lake City, UT.

Kentucky Water-powered mill grinds corn the old way; food industry. Mill Springs, KY.

Reel #318 (11/17/56)

Illinois "Our Wonderful World" classifies material by subjects. Students asked what they wanted to find in an encyclopedia; printing. Spencer Press, Champaign, IL.

Ohio Making ceramic tiles with different glazes; construction industry. Mosaic Tile Co., Zanesville, OH.

California Peaches are hand-picked, graded and canned. Equipment removes pits and skins; food industry. Filice & Perrilli Canning Co., Modesto, CA.

New York Crushed stone for highways; construction. Man travels by helicopter onto barges to get gravel and hand out paychecks. New York Trap Rock Corp., New York, NY.

Reel #319 (11/24/56)

Wisconsin Conservation and renewal of natural resources. "Trees for Tomorrow" program informs the public and plants trees. Eagle River, WI.

Illinois Manufacturing and assembling toasters; housewares and appliances. Toastmaster Products, Elgin, IL.

California Preparing saddle leather, luggage, and handbags. A.K. Salz Co., Santa Cruz, CA.

Michigan Manufacturing automobile headlights. C.M. Hall Lamp Co., Greenfield Village, MI.

Reel #320 (12/l/56)

California Students visit grocery store to learn about homemaking, to shop wisely and about the nutritional value of food. Sponsored by Seventeen Magazine. Ralph's Supermarket, Los Angeles, CA.

Wisconsin Men and women (including numerous African Americans) work together in dry cleaning plant. If a button is missing, they search for a new one in the button library. Spic and Span Dry Cleaning, Milwaukee, WI.

Oklahoma Portable scales on trailer for weighing cattle; farming. Paul's Portable Scales. Jack Hall's Ranch, Duncan, OK.

Connecticut Workers making attachments for home sewing machines wear protective goggles. Eyesight preservation program; health care. Griest Products, New Haven, CT.

Reel #321 (12/8/56)

Texas Experienced pilots learn new procedures in pilot school; adult education. American Flyers, Inc., Fort Worth, TX.

Utah Brightening and dimming of lights used for stages and studios; theater . Ariel Davis, Salt Lake City, UT.

Wisconsin Manufacturing aluminum kitchen supplies; housewares. Aluminum Speciality Co., Manitowac, WI.

Pennsylvania Tractors designed for comfort with heating and air-conditioning. Protective cab with radio. Cockshutt Farm Equipment Co., Bucks County, PA.

Reel #322 (12/15/56)

New York The New York State Fair offers people opportunity to display their best. Through research, the Beacon Milling Company developed balanced feed for farm animals. Beacon Milling Co., Cayuga, NY.

Texas Manufacturing steel drums. Rheem Manufacturing Co., Houston, TX.

Illinois Producing and testing golf clubs. Nadco Sporting Goods, Chicago, IL.

California College students learn the building trade by designing and decorating houses. Students learn about appliances. Each class constructs a house. Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA.

Reel #323 (12/22/56)

Wisconsin Brewery provides yeast which produces enzymes and co-enzymes important in fighting diseases. Pabst Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Indiana Washing and cooking tomatoes. Making ketchup; food industry. Stokely-Van Camp Co., Indianapolis, IN.

Massachusetts Electronics taught through films for children. Science Electronics, Inc., Cambridge, MA.

California Art made from airplane parts. San Diego Gallery of Fine Art, San Diego, CA.

Reel #324 (12/29/56) [RV 507.324]

New Jersey Truck trailers that go on ships mean consumer savings. Shipping freight; containerization. Pan Atlantic Steamship Corp., Port Newark, NJ.

Missouri Manufacturing Missouri Meerschaum and corn cob pipes; tobacco industry. Washington, MO.

Illinois Lights that glow in the dark without heat using zinc sulfide compound. Dials for watches and clocks. Luminous Processes, Inc., Ottawa, IL.

California Trucks travel through rows picking and packing lettuce without damaging the heads. Food industry; farming. P. A. B. Manufacturing Company, Inc., Oakland, CA.

Reel #325 (1/5/57) [RV 507.325]

Pennsylvania C. R. Morrison developed conveyer belts for the food industry from a polyester film made by Dupont. Other uses are boil-in bags for frozen foods and toy airplane wings. Mohawk Supply Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Illinois Fluid drive eliminates gear shifting in automobiles. Hydraulic torque converter. Twin Disc Clutch Co., Rockford, IL.

New York Preparing synthetic fibers for use in machine-made comforters; textiles. Lockport Mills, Lockport, NY.

California Preparing cherries for candy, including bleaching, machine removal of stems and pits, candying, sorting and packaging. Food industry. Lyons-Magnus, Sebastopol, CA

Reel #326 (1/12/57) [RV 507.326]

Colorado Uranium mining company built modern one-room schoolhouse for its employees' children. Beaver Mesa Uranium, Inc., Beaver Mesa, CO.

Illinois Making chocolate-covered candy with peanut butter inside; food industry. D. L. Clark Co., Evanston, IL.

New York Making, painting, assembling, and packing aluminum benches, chairs and tables. Molla, Inc., Westbury, NY.

Kansas Captain Brown, a firefighter, carves puppets and performs as a ventriloquist. Fire Station No. 2, Lawrence, KS.

Reel #327 (1/19/57)

New Jersey Machines form metals into tubes for such things as toothpaste and thermos jugs. The Suntube Co., Washington, NJ.

Illinois Radio system gives emergency vehicles remote control of traffic lights. Standard Coils Electronic Protection Plant, Melrose Park, IL.

California Harvesting cotton with machines. Mobile repair units fix mechanical cotton pickers; farming. W. B. Camp and Sons, Bakersfield, CA.

Missouri Electrical power plant, located near coal deposits. An artificial lake, stocked with fish, cools condensers and creates new recreational facilities. Kansas City Power and Light Co., Clinton, MO.

Reel #328 (1/26/57) [RV 507.328]

New Jersey Developing an air filter to keep dirt from machines and operators. The company uses paper, resin, and impregnated cellulose in its filters. Purolator Products, Rahway, NJ.

Missouri John Blair created a business that uses cedar to make wooden boxes, whistles, and other items. Blair Cedar and Novelty Co., Camdenton, MO.

California Noncombustible vinyl sheets molded to look like brick. Produced in wall-sized sheets that can be installed over plaster or wallboard; construction industry. Studio Brick, Inc., Hollywood, CA.

Illinois Using electric power to produce horse shoes; farming. Horseshoe Division, Phoenix Manufacturing Co., Joliet, IL.

Reel #329 (2/2/57) [RV 507.329]

Illinois Corn used to make over 500 products, including corn oil and syrup. Company provides support for high school night courses. Corn Products Refining Co., Argo, IL.

Massachusetts Manufacturing doll clothes for "Ginny Dolls." Founded by Jennie Graves who needed to support her family. Vogue Dolls, Inc., Medford, MA.

Washington Making neon-gas panels that display time and temperature. American Sign and Indicator Corp., Spokane, WA.

Texas Custom-designed interiors for helicopters and airplanes. Horton and Horton, Fort Worth, TX.

Reel #330 (2/9/57)

Utah Extracting and preparing salt for the table and forming it into blocks; food industry. Royal Salt Co., Great Salt Lake, UT.

Illinois Manufacturing device to control temperature of shower water. Powers Regulator Co., Skokie, IL.

Maine Making paper plates from a mixture of pulp and water. Keyes Fiber Co., Waterville, ME.

Oregon The Holmes family gift wraps pears from their orchards; food industry. Harry and David Holmes, OR.

Reel #331 (2/16/57)

Michigan Integrating sphere measures the light transmitted by a glass block. Research finances Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Daylighting Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Oregon Converting timber into plywood in an aircraft hangar. Diamond Lumber Co., Tillamook, OR.

New York Improving cameras to make them more automatic. Obex Corp., Lynbrook, NY.

Texas Using helicopters to harvest nuts by blowing pecans off trees. Helicopters save tomatoes from freezing by churning layers of warm upper air downward; farming. W. T. Evers Pecan Farm, Denton, TX.

Reel #332 (2/23/57) [RV507.332]

Utah Manufacturing sugar from sugar beets. By-products used as livestock feed. Utah and Idaho Sugar Co., West Jordan, UT.

Massachusetts Consulting and research firm concerned with shortage of science teachers has two employees alternate duties each semester. One teaches high school and other works in company's lab. Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, MA.

Michigan Though crippled by polio as a child, businesswoman designs and produces greeting cards. Gwen Frostic, Frankfort, MI.

Missouri Using modern equipment, including air conditioned milking parlors, to produce milk at low cost. Sky-Go Farms, Fulton, MO.

Reel #333 (3/2/57)

New York Office work more pleasant and efficient through electronics. Pneumatic tubes carry paper work from office to office. Remote control applied to dictation of correspondence. Standard Vacuum Oil Co., White Plains, NY.

Michigan Producing mufflers to quiet engines while maintaining engine power. Walker Manufacturing Co., Jackson, MI.

Massachusetts Making leather and rawhide mallets for hammering without damaging materials. Turner & Cook, Southfield, MA.

Indiana Harvesting mint and removing the oil. Oil used in chewing gum, candies, and as the menthol in pharmaceutical items. Remaining leaves used as fertilizer. South Bend, IN.

Reel #334 (3/9/57)

Massachusetts Henry Ellis Warren invented synchronous electric clock. Regulated by pulsations from electric current without connecting cord. General Electric Telechron, Ashland, MA.

Oregon Raising, pruning, and packaging holly. Brownell Farms, Milwaukie, OR.

New York Making dies from which castings are formed. Training die-makers. Precision Castings Division, Harsco Corp., Fayetteville, NY.

Arizona Modified "kai babs" (shoes made by Hopi Indians from Spanish conquistador design) used as modern sportswear. Tucson, AR.

Reel #335 (3/16/57) [RV 507.335]

Indiana Campaign to reduce oversupply of tomatoes by promoting new recipes and reminding public of their nutritional value. Can Manufacturers' Institute, IN.

Texas Woman develops a bookrest first in ceramic, then plastic, that is sold nationwide. Fort Worth, TX.

New York Making fastening devices for men's clothes. Wearing Madras shirts and Ivy League trousers make fashion statement; apparel industry. Waldes Kohinoor, Inc., Long Island City, NY.

Massachusetts Making styrofoam, a light-weight material that is easily shaped, is useful as an insulator and as packaging for electronic components. Dow Chemical, Somerville, MA.

Reel #336 (3/23/57)

Utah Making dynamite at Bacchus Works, using nitro-glycerine mixed with other ingredients. Machinery powered by steam and compressed air. Hercules Powder Co., UT.

Pennsylvania A refugee from behind the Iron Curtain starts new life. His drafting skills are in demand and he can look forward to having a car and a home. Alan Wood Steel Co., Conshohocken, PA.

Connecticut Producing mobile ground support units that supply power to start engines, test and service jets owned by Defense Department. Aircraft Div., Consolidated Diesel Electric Corp., Stamford, CT.

Michigan Association of Americans and Canadians allows people to send flowers great distances. Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association, Detroit, MI.

Reel #337 (3/30/57) [RV 507.337]

Oregon An emergency radio system located on Roxy Ann Mountain owned by logging and lumbering firms. System keeps men who work in forest in touch through "Handie-Talkie" sets. Southern Oregon Conservation and Tree Farm Association, Jackson County, OR.

Massachusetts Transforming steel into firearms. Company promotes safety through program of awards to gun clubs. Development of gun that fires a lifeline for use by Coast Guard, police and fire departments. Harrington and Richardson, Inc. Worcester, MA.

New York Boy learns about factories and mechanized production. Modern factory design. General Electric, Schenectedy, NY.

Michigan Making checkerboards in wood. Manufacturing plastic checkers and chessmen; entertainment. William F. Drucke and Sons, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI.

Reel #338 (4/6/57)

Ohio Giant grain elevator, run by Anderson family, has large retail market next door. Store attracts business to grain facilities. Maumee, OH.

Maryland Electronic device for opening garage doors by remote control. Good salesmanship with demonstrations develops market for new device. Rado Corp., Baltimore, MD.

Oregon Light-weight neoprene rubber molded into hundreds of items, including rollers used in paper mills and buffers for boating enthusiasts. Griffith Rubber Co., Portland, OR.

Michigan JETS, the Junior Engineering Technical Society, is a nationwide club for students interested in engineering; education. Engineering School, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Reel #339 (4/13/57) (duplicate of #359)

Connecticut Pre-fabricated house components manufactured in a factory combined create individualized houses; construction industry. Fabricators, Inc., Norwalk, CT.

Michigan Manufacturing tricks for magic trade; entertainment. Abbott's House of Magic, Colon, MI.

Pennsylvania Making wetting agent to fight dust in industry; clean air. Johnson-March Corp., Philadelphia, PA.

Ohio A secretary, Mary Smith, gets patent on supply drawer that fits under typewriter shelf. Idea incorporated into assembly line of office furniture manufacturer. Woman inventor. Globe Wernicke, Cincinnati, OH.

Reel #340 (4/20/57)

Oregon Consulting agricultural specialists help farmers install appropriate irrigation systems to conserve rainwater. New demands for electricity; agriculture and environment. Portland General Electric Co., Portland, OR.

Ohio Precision measuring gauges made with interchangeable parts. Laboratory named for Eli Whitney who developed concept of interchangeable parts. The Sheffield Corp., Dayton, OH.

Pennsylvania Nottingham loom makes lace that copies handwork of traditional makers. Seamless lace allows creation of new patterns. Textiles. Scranton Lace Co., Scranton, PA.

New York Two sisters run Madison Avenue pipe shop where tobacco blends are mixed. Sell "natural" or unvarnished wooden pipes. Misses Anna and Louisa Wilke, New York, NY.

Reel #341 (4/27/57)

New York Collecting house dust for developing serum to treat people allergic to dust. Pharmaceutical industry helps relieve symptoms of hayfever and asthma. Endo Laboratories, New York, NY.

Michigan Sheila Forshee developed idea of way to dispose of paint-saturated water using disposable curtains for paint booths. Woman inventor. Newcomb-Detroit Co., Detroit, MI.

Vermont Treating scrap mica with chemical and heat treatments to form large sheets with uniform electrical insulating properties. Samica Corp., Rutland, VT.

Texas Attendant hooks basket to car, fills basket, and keeps running tab so women can shop at drive through market without leaving their car. Drive-Thru Market, Houston, TX.

Reel #342 (5/4/57)[RV 507.342]

Connecticut Town finances equipment and construction of a plant for manufacturing paper towelettes used for washing face and hands; sanitation. Employees design many of their own tools. R. R. Williams Co. and Industrial Development Association, Canaan, CT.

Ohio The wallpaper industry and a school for paperhangers. Cleveland, OH.

Washington Making specialized glass that scientists can look through to see 'hot" cells in atomic research without danger from radiation. Penberthy Instrument Co., Seattle, WA.

Florida Fresh orange juice pumped onto sea-going tanker, the S. S. "Tropicana," for delivery to New York where shipped to processing plants; food industry. Fruit Industries, Inc., Cocoa, FL.

Reel #343 (5/11/57)[RV 507.343]

Michigan Manufacturing satellite, made of magnesium alloy, to be sent into space as part of Project Vanguard. Brooks and Perkins, Inc., Detroit, MI.

Connecticut New careers for women as engineering aides or assistants in jet aircraft industry. These "girls free the engineers for more demanding, original research." Hamilton Standard Division, United Aircraft, Windsor Locks, CT.

California Picking, processing, and packing dates. Automatic machine for pitting; food industry. California Date Growers' Association, Coachella Valley, CA.

Pennsylvania "Muscletown, U.S.A." manufactures iron barbells to improve physical fitness of businessmen. York Barbell Co., York, PA.

Reel #344 (5/18/57)

New York Parents employed in scientific industries advise new high school on type of chemistry laboratory equipment to install and gather information on industrial scholarships. Parents Advisory Councils, Carle Place, NY.

Pennsylvania Large air compressors used to bring pulverized rock to surface in process of drilling for natural gas. Keta Gas and Oil Co., Indiana, PA.

Massachusetts Making burglar alarms using radar waves that detect movement. Radar Eye Corp., Natick, MA.

Texas Vince Genovese, U. S. Air Force baseball star, teaches sports to boys as a way to prevent juvenile deliquency. Samuels & Co., Dallas, TX.

Reel #345 (5/25/57)

Ohio Using airplanes to photograph potential sites for mining. Special camera creates three-dimensional transparency from two negatives. Aerial Surveys, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Virginia Making wrinkle-resistant cotton cloth by impregnating it with special fluid. Columbia University professor develops a "Fabricometer" to measure wrinkles. Dan River Mills, Inc., Danville, VA.

Pennsylvania Developing a door hinge that requires no mortising; construction industry. McKinney Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

New York Dage Division of Thompson Products supplies television receivers and cameras to give fast information on seat availability on Pennsylvania Railroad. Pennsylvania Station, New York, NY.

Reel #346 (6/l/57)

Virginia A working reproduction of the 1608 glass blowing facility; historic reenactment. Glasshouse Foundation, Jamestown, VA.

Michigan Architectural firm uses small three-dimensional scale models made of cardboard and plastic to visualize buildings. Eberle M. Smith, Detroit, MI.

North Carolina Modern plant manufactures and packages cigarettes; tobacco industry.

P. Lorillard Co., Greensboro, NC.

Colorado Company President Kolowich helps former college basketball stars find jobs when their athletic days end. Denver-Chicago Trucking Co., Denver, CO.

Reel #347 (6/8/57)

Delaware Engineers at proving ground resolve problem of runways that are too short. Jet-powered car pushes test planes to simulate take-off and landing without plane leaving the ground. Using a catapult to boost jet into the air without long take-off. All American Engineering Co., Wilmington, DE.

Kentucky Frank Reeves developed system of placing photographed pieces of clothing, including hats, coats, and dresses, on "mug shots" to aid in criminal identification. Showing women how they would look with new haircut. Reeves' Identifiers, Louisville, KY.

New Jersey Manufacturing electro-plating machines; machines in operation at Hamilton Standard Division of United Aircraft. Hansen-Van Winkle Munning Co., Matawan, NJ.

Indiana Making violins for home players and square dancers. Charles Kelly, Borden, IN.

Reel #348 (6/15/57)

Maryland High school using closed-circuit television instruction. Experimental program to solve teacher and classroom shortages. Sponsored by the Radio-Electronics-Television Manufacturers Association and the Fund for the Advancement of Education. South Hagerstown High School, South Hagerstown, MD.

Washington, DC Desiging and printing postage stamps. Bureau of Printing & Engraving, Treasury Dept., Washington, DC.

Arkansas Company encourages better engineering by giving money to customers who make improvements to its model airplane engines. Fox Manufacturing Co., Fort Smith, AR.

Kentucky Digging wild herbs and selling them to a druggist; the environment. Some roots recognized in the U.S. Pharmacolopoeia and the National Formulary. Others used for seasoning and scenting. Sim Brackett, Oldham County, KY.

Reel #349 (6/22/57) [RV 507.349]

Pennsylvania Manufacturing surgical equipment, including surgical lights, tables, and a sterilizer that uses sound waves to clean instruments. American Sterilizer Co., Erie, PA.

New York Making fishing line in a 140 year old company. B. F. Gladding Co., South Otselic, NY.

New Jersey Mass producing modern plumbing equipment; construction industry. American Standard, Trenton, NJ.

Missouri Protecting buildings and large trees from lightning. Using model homes to see what happens when lightning strikes. National Lightning Protection Co., St. Louis, MO.

Reel #350 (6/29/57)

New Jersey Making injectable pharmaceutical materials in a sterile environment. Air cleaning system and mobile ultra-violet units clean air in a "positive pressure" atmosphere. Schering Pharmaceutical Corp., Union, NJ.

Ohio A national chain of hamburger stands. Company owns steel plant to manufacture its equipment and a paper company to manufacture employees' hats. Managerial training program for young men. White Castle Systems, Inc., Columbus, OH.

Connecticut Making paper dress patterns for Vogue Pattern Service. Parisian high fashion designs available to American women. Includes pattern made from a design by Patou. Conde Nast Publications, Inc., Greenwich, CT.

Missouri Conversion of an automobile showroom into a public library. Machines speed book repairs. Dictation machines save paperwork by recording books borrowed. Mobile units take books to readers. St. Louis County Library, St Louis, MO.

No Reels #351-352

Reel #353 (7/20/57) [RV 507.353]

New York Radio transmitter inside a capsule can be swallowed and detect changes in pressure exerted by the body's internal organs. Antenna transmits information to a cathode oscillograph. Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Veteran's Administration, and Radio Corporation of America, New York, NY.

Minnesota Air conditioned shopping center with roofed interior. Closed circuit television keeps shoppers safe; security. Courtyard has exhibitions, escalators and interior "streets." Southdale Regional Shopping Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Pennsylvania Improvements in piston ring design meant fewer sales as rings lasted longer. Company uses same materials to make spiral toys. Wilkening Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Ohio New housing development strains capacity of schoolhouse. Developer allocates new houses for use as schools while new school is built. Huber Heights, OH.

Reel #354 (7/27/57)

Texas In "Aviation Hot Lab" robot manipulates materials for possible use in atomic powered aircraft. Testing hexadecanat to form protective layer on water to reduce evaporation. Testing samples of clays found in southwest for industrial uses. Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX.

New Jersey Making graphite crucibles for pouring castings. Joseph Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, NJ.

Michigan Developing the Dockleveler for bridging gap between a truck body and a loading platform to create a smooth bridge. T. and S. Equipment Co., Albion, MI.

Tennessee Restoring Davy Crockett's boyhood home with hand-riven wooden shingles or shakes. Cliff Fletcher splits shakes from white oak trees. Crockett Tavern, Morristown, TN.

Reel # 355 (8 /3/57) [RV 507.355]

Ohio Testing irradiated tires for atomic powered aircraft of the future. Tires exposed to cobalt-60 are harder. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, OH.

New York Manufacturing pencils, including moisture-resistant pencil, weatherproof pencil, and pencil that writes on glass. Lead Pencil Manufacturers' Association, New York, NY.

Mississippi Selling pecan seedlings to farmers, nurserymen, and homeowners. Grafting trees for better production. Bass Pecan Co., Lumberton, MS.

Michigan Roy Lowe invented a mobile cafeteria, the "Autoteria." Unit serves lunch at eighteen factories and can serve 500 people with one waitress. Detroit, MI.

Reel #356 (8/10/57)

Indiana Improving farm production by adding antibiotics and tranquilizers to poultry and cattle feed. Some results checked by "mechanical cow" that simulates cow's first stomach. Stronger egg shells. Agricultural Research and Development Center, Charles Pfizer and Co., Terre Haute, IN.

New York Retreading rubber tires; recycling. Daleley Tire Service, Monsey, NY.

Mississippi Converting logs into furniture. Veneer mill peels logs for use as panelling. Mississippi Products, Inc., Jackson, MS.

Michigan Women home service advisors addresss schools and clubs about electrical appliances that can be used in homes. Detroit Edison Co., Detroit, MI.

Reel #357 (8/17/57) [RV 507.357]

Connecticut Manufacturers assemble parts for missiles in a dust-free area. Assembly area made of chrome, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Fafnir Bearing Co., New Britain, CT.

Louisiana Pine stumps are in demand for rosins, turpentine, and pine oil. Pine oil used in household cleansers, deodorizers, and whiteners. Crosby Chemicals Inc., De Ritter, LA, and Dumas Milner Corp., Jackson, MS.

Michigan Making do-it-yourself cabinet kits for speakers and other hi-fi phonograph equipment. Electro-Voice, Inc., Buchanan, MI.

New Jersey Building mobile ice cream parlors on standard truck chassis. Sold to dealers who buy a franchise along with truck. Vincentown, NJ. Polar Cub Mobile Units, Inc., Vincentown, NJ.

Reel #358 (8/24/57) [RV 507.358]

Indiana Making band instruments. High speed electronic computers calculate acoustical formulae to improve design of wind instruments. C. G. Conn, Ltd., Elkhart, IN.

Connecticut Solving the problem of friction-generated heat in automobile brakes. Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc., Bridgeport, CT.

Oklahoma Aerojet-General Nucleonics of California manufactures small atomic reactors and cut-away models for educational purposes. Oklahoma University, Oklahoma City, OK.

Michigan Adding special cells to fool bees into making more "royal jelly" used in cosmetics and capsules; agriculture. Prairie View Honey Co., Detroit, MI.

Reel #359 (Duplicate of #339)

Connecticut Pre-fabricated house components manufactured in a factory combined create individualized houses; construction industry. Fabricators, Inc., Norwalk, CT.

Michigan Manufacturing tricks for magic trade; entertainment. Abbott's House of Magic, Colon, MI.

Pennsylvania Making wetting agent to fight dust in industry; clean air. Johnson-March Corp., Philadelphia, PA.

Ohio A secretary, Mary Smith, gets patent on supply drawer that fits under typewriter shelf. Idea incorporated into assembly line of office furniture manufacturer. Woman inventor. Globe Wernicke, Cincinnati, OH.

No Reel #360

Reel #361 (9/14/57) [RV 507.361]

California Shipping wood pulp from British Columbia by tanker built by National Bulk Carriers. Water used to force pulp from ship into storage tanks. Paper making machines. Crown Zellerbach, Antioch, CA.

Maryland Developing truck body for use with front wheel drive. Height of body can be adjusted to loading dock for quicker loading. Thompson Trailer Co., Pikesville, MD.

Louisiana Processing shrimp at a cannery where catch is cleaned, cooked, canned, and sterilized by machines; food industry. Robinson Canning Co., Westwego, LA.

New Jersey Developing machine process that cuts the cost of diamond tipped phonograph needles. Walco Products, Inc., East Orange, NJ.

Reel #362 (9/21/57)

Florida Missiles radio to earth information about atmospheric conditions. Equipment takes readings and measurements and converts data into radio signals. New science called telemetry. Telemetry van travels to pick up remote signals. Radiation, Inc., Melbourne, FL.

North Carolina Studying how and why salt water and salt air corrode industrial products. Products including woods, metals, and fibers immersed in the ocean and then analyzed in a laboratory. International Nickel Co., Kure Beach, NC.

Illinois Developing automatic tea-making machine, the Teamaker, that makes a uniform product meeting specifications of the National Restaurant Association and Tea Council of the U.S.A. Food Machinery and Chemical Corp., Hoopeston, IL.

New York Woman artist uses power tools as paint brushes and stainless steel as a canvas to create murals. Murals created for General Motors Technical Center in Warren, MI, National Carbon Co., in Parma, OH, and Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, NY. Mrs. Buell Mullen (artist), New York, NY.

Reel #363 (9/28/57)

Illinois Light rays strike photo-electric cell, automatically adjusting exposure of a camera. Bell and Howell, Chicago, IL.

Louisiana Steel railway rails welded together to create a "long rail." Reduces maintenance costs. Southern Pacific, Lafayette, LA.

Michigan Advice on how to take care of a car and make it last longer. Automobile Manufacturers' Association, Detroit, MI.

California Barbara and Donn Sigerson, industrial designer and engineer, designed a dish-like metal toy called the "Tumble Top." The steps required to get product mass produced and distributed. Allwork, Inc., Oakland, CA.

Reel #364 (10/5/57)

Florida Mining phosphate at the Noralyn mine. Phosphate used as fertilizer, livestock feed, and in chemical laboratories. International Minerals and Chemical Corp., Bartow, FL.

Illinois Engraving music and then printing it through process called offset lithography. Rayner, Dalheim Co., Chicago, IL.

Ohio Developing tires that are 100% Butyl, a synthetic rubber. Pennsylvania Tire Co. Mansfield, OH and Esso Research and Engineering Co., San Antonio, TX.

New York Reopening and deepening channels with dredges. Creating usable land by pumping silt and sand into marshes; environment. Ellicott Machine Corp., Shinnecock Bay, NY.

Reel #365 (10/12/57)

Massachusetts Research to improve intercontinental missile re-entry through use of a shock tube that simulates conditions. Avco Research Laboratory, Everett, MA.

Indiana Making mats of horse, cow, and hog hair to be used in upholstering furniture. Blocksom and Co., Michigan City, IN.

California Inventing and manufacturing the "Dialaphone," an automatic dialing machine using punched holes. James Kilburg (inventor), San Mateo, CA.

North Carolina Outdoor laboratory experiments with lights for roadways. Included are filament lights, mercury lights, and flourescent lights. General Electric Co., Hendersonville, NC.

Reel #366 [RV 507.366]

California "House of the Future" at Disneyland shows how plastics will change our lives. Dishwasher cleans by high frequency radio waves; watchdog television cameras to introduce visitors. Monsanto Chemical Co., Anaheim, CA.

New York An ingot of special alloy steel is made stronger by electrode process where impurities are removed. Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Watervliet, NY.

Minnesota Salting peanuts inside the shell by forcing vaporized salt water through the shell; food industry. Fisher Nut Co., St. Paul, MN.

New Jersey Assembling Edsels, an automobile, using sign language to communicate over the noise. Ford Assembly Plant, Mahwah, NJ.

Reel #367 (10/26/57)

Minnesota Milling limestone. Using stone facades in construction. Synchronizing work at mill and home site. Babcock Co., Kasota, MN.

Connecticut Installing adequate electrical wiring in homes. New Canaan, CT.

New Jersey "Cross-dyeing" technique in which cloth dyed in various colors and patterns in one operation. Finishing processes of textiles. Fairlawn-Richmond Finishing Co., Fairlawn, NJ.

North Carolina Civic improvements, including new Presbyterian College, hospital, and community swimming pool, through voluntary contributions. Laurinburg, NC.

Reel #368 (11/2/57)

Arizona Developing an air motor powered by jet exhaust to reduce jet speed after landing. Airsearch Division, Garrett Corp., Phoenix, AZ.

South Carolina A cafeteria on wheels, a "Mobilteria," used to deliver meals to hospital patients. Developed by staff of McLeod Infirmary. Hood Gardner Hotel Supply Corp., Florence, SC.

Minnesota Assemblying fishing rods using parts manufactured by other firms. Subcontracting to other small businesses. Denison-Johnson, Mankato, MN.

Connecticut Welcoming families to new community and company. Company hostesses greet wives and help locate babysitters and laudromats. Electric Boat Division, General Dynaics Corp., Groton, CT.

Reel #369 (11/9/57)

Massachusetts Using electronic membrane systems to purify salt water. Ionics, Inc., Cambridge, MA.

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce helps companies expand and encourages new businesses to settle in the town. Jobs Building, Inc., Albert Lea, MN.

Washington Tips on buying houses; construction. National Association of Home Building, Washington, DC.

Indiana Harry Randall makes harpsichords as a hobby. H. and A. Selmer, Inc., Elkhart, IN.

Reel #370 (11/17/57)

California Machining metal by chemical milling. United States Chemical Milling Co., Manhattan Beach, CA.

New York Recycling scrap paper into boxboard. Columbia Boxboard, Inc., Chatham, NY.

Massachusetts Making Necco wafers candy; food industry. New England Confectionary Co., Cambridge, MA.

Texas Lee Simpson invents a robot motor boat called a "Ski-Horse" controlled by the water skier. Lake Austin, TX.

Reel #371 (11/23/57) [RV 507.371]

Ohio Foreign visitors study U.S. tools, techniques, and lifestyle. Armco Steel Corp., Middletown, OH.

Iowa Producing spray nozzles and related parts. Delavan Manufacturing Co., Des Moines, IA.

New Jersey Making street signs. Traffic and Street Sign Co., Newark, NJ.

Minnesota Making "Scotchguard," a compound that makes fabrics stain resistant. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., St. Paul, MN.

Reel #372 (11/30/57)

New York Designing and building refineries and petrochemical plants around the world. Electronic computers perform calculations in minutes. Scale models for testing purposes. M. W. Kellogg Co., New York, NY.

Indiana Making saxophones with customized engraving. H. and A. Selmer, Inc., Elkhart, IN.

Texas Donald Mitchell invented a lightweight automatic pilot, the Airboy Co-pilot, for small planes. Mineral Wells, TX.

Minnesota Manufacturing, testing, and improving outboard boat motors. Scott Atwater Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, MN.

Reel #373 (12/7/57)

Oregon Building log cabins for hunters and fishermen in the Wallowa Country with the help of a McCulloch chain saw. La Grande, OR.

Texas Making building blocks from crushed shale treated with high temperatures. Texcrete Division, Texas Industries, Dallas, TX.

Pennsylvania Scientists study chips of hardwood logs and discover different types of pulp that can be made into high quality paper. Hammermill Paper Co., Erie, PA.

Texas P. J. Norris, a blind man, manufactures cleaning plugs for oil well pipes. He and his wife live independently; disabilities. Petroleum Industry Equipment Division, Alco Products, Port Arthur, TX.

Reel #374 (12/14/57)

Wisconsin Making tractors with diesel engines; agriculture. J.I. Case Co., Racine, WI.

Texas Making customized jail cells; prisons. More light and air make cells more humane. Southern Steel Co., San Antonio, TX.

Indiana Uniform painting of bicycles and other objects using a disc atomizer and an electrostatic charge. Ransburg Electro-Coating Corp., Indianapolis, IN.

Pennsylvania Making Stetson cowboy hats that protect eyes, keep dust out of hair, and can even be used as a horse feedbag. John B. Stetson Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Reel #375 (12/21/57) [RV 507.375]

New Jersey Using ultrasonic waves in industry. Ultrasonic soldering irons fuse aluminum or magnesium without flux or special surface treatment. Drilling holes in hard materials. Cleaning objects immersed in water by sound waves. Gulton Industries, Inc., Metuchen, NJ.

New York Manufacturing railroad equipment for use overseas, especially India. Diesel locomotive school. Alco Products, Inc., Schenectady, NY.

Texas Making plastic that can withstand high temperatures produced by natural gas. New product is called Marlex 50 and is a polyethelyne. Phillips Chemical Co., of Phillips Petroleum, Pasadena,TX.

California Invention allows drivers, particularly policemen and taxi drivers, to read and write while driving. Patrolman Gale Wilson, inventor. Car Desk Co., Vernon, CA.

Reel #376 (12/28/57)

California Improving company morale through employee opinion surveys. Polling conducted by Psychological Services, Inc., Garrett Corp., Los Angeles, CA.

West Virginia Steel used in manufacturing chimney corsets which hold together tall smoke stacks. Reich-Huntington Iron Works, Huntington, West Virginia.

Texas Unique building roofed with a series of hyperbolic paraboloids made in concrete. Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX.

Maryland Making "straw" Panama hats out of Dynel, a plastic. Hopkins Hats, Baltimore, MD.

Reel #377 (1/4/58) [RV 507.377]

How industry and private citizens prepare for and cope with both natural disasters as well as those man has brought upon himself as a price of progress. Kanawha Valley Industry Emergency Council, WV, formed by industrial directors to prevent avoidable disasasters. Industry goes beyond legal requirements in its concern for public health and safety.

No Reels #378-380

Reel #381 (2/l/58) [RV 507.381]

Science and Youth Preparing today's youth to become tomorrow's scientists. Oklahoma oil company allows employees' children to use its laboratories to carry out science projects. Radiation, Inc., of Orlando, FL, has a program of summer jobs for high school students and provides scholarships. Science Electronics, Inc., makes chemistry and electronic sets as toys. Carle Place High School parents' science council helps school acquire scientific equipment. Arthur D. Little Co. of Cambridge, MA, hires two employees to share duties, one working in the laboratory while the other teaches.

No Reels #382-384

Reel #385 (3/l/58) [RV 507.385]

Billion Dollar Breakfast American industry improves the quality, variety, and freshness of food resulting in nutritious breakfasts. Development of toasters, heat controls for stoves, safe milk, instant coffee, cereal shot from guns, and eggs with harder shells less likely to break. Mass production brings price down. Filmed at: Robertshaw Fulton Controls Co., Irwin, PA; Pepperidge Farm, Inc., Norwalk, CT; Brown & Secomb Fruit Auction, New York, NY; Quaker Oats, Inc., Cedar Rapids, IA; Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co., Philadelphia, PA; Beacon Milling Co., Cayuga, NY; Onondaga Pottery Co., Syracuse, NY; Nestle Co., Freehold, NJ.

No Reel #386

Reel #387 (3/15/58)

The Welcome Mat Americans are on the move from one section of the country to another. Small towns need to persuade new industries to locate there while other communities campaign to dissuade settled industries from moving.. Developing selling points such as man-made lakes, dredged channels, improved highways, and up-to-date police and fire service. Filmed at: Washee Development Corp., Reno, NV; Jobs Building, Inc., Albert Lea, MN; Armco Steel, Middletown, OH; Good Roads Association, Batavia, NY; Kawneer Co., Niles, MI; Georgia Power Co., Manchester, GA; Franklin Development, Inc., Franklin, NH; Magnavox, Greenville, TN; and American Safety Razor, Staunton, VA.

No Reel #388-390

Reel #391 (4/12/58)

Quest for Oil America imports a million gallons of oil daily, a complicated and costly proposition. America requires petroleum for fuel and lubricants and for by-products such as mineral oil, asphalt, paraffin, plastics, synthetic fibers, and synthetic rubber. New oil reserves sought worldwide. Filmed at: Phillips Petroleum, Pasadena, TX; Aero Service, Inc., Philadelphia, PA; L. Sonneborne Sons, Inc., Petrolia, PA; Creole Petroleum Corp., Maracaibo, Venezuela; Shell Development Co., National Lead Co., (Baroid Division) and Houston Oil Field Material Co., Houston, TX; Sure Seal Wax, Bountiful, UT; and Century Geophysical Corp., Tulsa, OK.

No Reels #392-395

Reel #396 (5/17/58)

The Long Haul The railroad opened the West by connecting communities and transporting agricultural and industrial products. New diesel locomotives, improved springs on freight cars, welded rails, and improved methods of freight handling. Shipping coal and other mine products, forest and agricultural products (including animals), and manufactured goods. Filmed at: Pennsylvania Railroad, New York, NY; Evans Product Co., Plymouth, MI; Union Pacific Railroad, Cheyenne, WY; Southern Pacific Co., Lafayette, LA; Pullman-Standard Mfg. Co., Chicago, IL; American Car & Foundry, Huntington, WV; Paxton Mitchell Co., Omaha, NE; Erie Railroad, Cleveland, OH; Great Northern Railroad, Duluth, MN, and Westinghouse Air Brake Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

Reel #397 (5/24/58) [RV 507.397]

Looking at Glass Modern technology allows for a new range of glass items that can be used in industry. Plate glass used in new construction, hand shaped glass used to make laboratory implements for chemical industry, and Pyrex and fiberglass used increasingly in factories and homes. Mass production allows millions of incandescent light bulbs to be made in a day. Radiant glass panels may heat the home of tomorrow. Filmed at: Corning Corp., Pittsburgh, PA; Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY; Anchor Hocking Glass Corp., Lancaster, OH; Continental Radiant Glass Heating Corp., New York, NY; American Air Filter Co., Inc., Louisville, KY; Macalaster-Bicknell Co., New Haven, CT; Pfaudler Co., Rochester, NY; Blenko Glass Co., Milton, WV; and H. Koch & Sons, Corte Madera, CA.

Reel #398 (5/31/58)

Improving on Nature Industrial conservation. Re-forestation program. Using hardwood for crates and veneer and laminated wood for ships, church arches, baseball bats, bowling pins, and water skis. Timber Structures Corp., Portland, OR; Western Pine Association.

Reel #399 (6/7/58) [RV 507.399]

The Tools of Medicine Researching and producing medical equipment, such as operating tables and lights, sterilizers, X-ray machines, surgical instruments, contact lenses, artificial lungs, crutches, respirators, bandages, and even a "radio pill" with a tiny FM transmitter. Filmed at: House of Pilling, Philadelphia, PA; Henniker Crutch Co., Warner, NH; Obrig Laboratories, New York, NY; Chesebrough-Pond's, Inc., McKee's Rock, PA; Hood-Gardner Hotel Supply Co., Charlotte, NC; General Electric X-Ray Department, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, NY; Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL; American Sterilizer Co., Erie, PA; The Maico Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN; and J. J. Monaghan Co., Denver, CO.

No Reel #400

Reel #401 (6/21/58)

Beauty on the Production Line American women and their appearance; accessories help her "feel like a million dollars." View of industries that create diamond and costume jewelry, shoes, hats, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, and eyeglass frames. Filmed at: Vogue Patterns, New York, NY; Pioneer Suspender Co., Darby, PA; Lilly Dache Hats, New York, NY; May Manufacturing Co., Woodside, LI, NY; Avon Products, New York, NY; Kaibab Buckskin, Inc., Tucson, AZ; Harry Winston, Inc., New York, NY; Elgin National Watch Co., Elgin, IL; and Singer Sewing Machine Co., New York, NY.

No Reels #402-404

Reel #405 (7/12/58) [RV507.405]

Power in the Yard Increased leisure allows more time for yard care. Manufacturing power tools to ease once tiring jobs. Industry has developed the power handle, power lawn mowers, garden tractors for fertilizing, sprinklers, home snowplows, and radio controlled garage doors. Swimming pools are now a do-in-yourself possibility. Filmed at: Rowco Mfg. Co., Inc., Keene, NH; Porter Cable Co., Syracuse, NY; Hiller Engineering Corp., Redwood City, CA; Toro Manufacturing Corp., Minneapolis, MN; Choremaster, Cincinnati, OH; and Asplundh Tree Expert Co., Jenkintown, PA.

No Reel #406

Reel #407 (8/2/58)

Cotton Holds Its Own Growing cotton with new machines, fertilizers, and seeds. Cotton seed turned into oil and other products. Low-calorie flour from cotton-seed hulls. Fiber board and explosives are other uses of cotton. New treatments of cotton fibers result in wrinkle-resistant cloth with resistance to stains. Tufting machines produce cotton carpeting. Filmed at: E.T. Barwick Mills, Inc., Lafayette, GA; Delta & Pine Land Co., Scott, MS; National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN; W.B. Camp & Sons, Bakersfield, CA; Continental Diamond Fibre Co., Newark, DE; Treesdale Laboratories & Textile Processing Co., Pittsburgh, PA; Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co., St. Paul, MN; Wesson Oil & Snow Drift Co., New Orleans, LA; Dan River Mills, Inc., Danville, VA; BVD, New York, NY; Nutty Brown Mills, Cedar Valley, TX; and Fair Lawn Finishing Co., Fair Lawn, NY.

No Reels #408-415

Reel #416 (10/4/59)

The Science of Smallness Miniaturization of parts provides more function, service, and convenience. Smaller automatic pilots; gyroscopes made with tiny bearings; miniature devices in satellites; compact televisions; smaller computers or "electric brains;" smaller, more powerful automobile engines; hearing aids with microphones, receivers and amplifiers fit in eyeglass frames. Filmed at: Globe Union, Inc., Milwaukee, WI; Regency Radio, Indianapolis, IN; Miniature Precision Bearings, Keene, NH; U. S. Time Corporation, Waterbury, CT; Lear, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI; and Royal McBee Co., Port Chester, NY.

Reel #417 (10/11/58)

Waste Not, Want Not American industry saves natural resources by recycling. Timber company salvages charred logs after a forest fire in Tillamook, OR for cardboard and sawdust. Recycling paper and making boxboard. Making raw steel from scrap metal; slag treated to make rock-wool insulation. Using broken glass in air filters. Taking coal from a river, cleaning, and reclaiming it. Filmed at: Charmin Paper Mills, Green Bay, WI; Weyerhaeuser Timber Co, Tacoma, WA; Crosby Forest Products Co., Picayune, MS; W. A. Sheaffer Pen Co., Fort Madison, IA; Forest Fiber Products Co., Forest Grove, OR; Pennsylvania Water & Power Co., Baltimore, MD; Munford Co., Inc., Atlanta, GA; and American Air Filter Co., Louisville, KY.

No Reels #418-419

Reel #420

The Phantom Servants Gasses vital to the industrial economy. Oxygen used to refine steel in the Basic Oxygen Furnace and, with acetylene gas, used to cut steel. Using carbon dioxide in fire extinguishers, dry ice, and carbonated beverages. Ammonia used for fertilizer. Inert gasses used as propellant and in light bulbs. Propane gas for cooking and heating. Using chlorine in pools to purify water. Filmed at: Otto Bernz Co., Rochester, NY; Carbon Dioxice & Chemical Co., Wellington, UT; American Sign & Indicator, Spokane, WA; Southeastern Liquid Fertilizer Co., Albany, GA; Chemetron's National Cylinder Gas Division, Chicago, IL; and Ohio Fuel Gas Co., Columbus, OH.

No Reels #421-422

Reel #423 (11/25/58)

A Matter of Taste Producing flavoring for food. Tasters test coffee, tea, and wine. Producing pepper, salt, and mint in the U.S. and importing other spices. Making Tabasco sauce using old and new methods. Using fresh fruits as flavorings for soft drinks. Filmed at: McIlhenny Co., Avery Island, LA; Grace A. Rush, Inc., Cincinnati, OH; Spice Islands Co., South San Francisco, CA; McCormick & Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD; and Hoffman Beverage Co., Newark, NJ.

Reel #424 (11/29/58) [RV 507.424]

Baby Boom Babies and industry. Constructing homes for new families. Making baby food and producing food substitutes for babies with food allergies. Making stylish clothes, including hats for infants. Manufacturing baby powder, lotion, and oil. Making toys. Diaper services. Filmed at: Johnson and Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ; Gerber Products Co., Fremont, MI; Childhood Interests Inc., Roselle Park, NJ; Rempel Manufacturing, Inc., Akron, OH; Dy-Dee Service, Inc., Roxborough, PA; Tiny Tot Bonnet Co., Provo, UT; and Pyramid Rubber Co., Ravenna, OH.

Reel #425 (12/6/58)

Leveling Peaks to Fill Valleys How industry contends with seasonal slumps. Freezing and dehydrating fish allows food producers to sell all year. Candy sales no longer seasonal. Christmas trees cut in spring and stored. More sensitive film and flash cubes expand the photography business. Shipbuilders turn to making power shovels. Company produces fireplace equipment and lawn chairs to solve seasonal slumps. Vending machines make products available any time. Filmed at: Manitowoc Co., Manitowoc, WI; The Borden Co., New York, NY; Harris Seybold Co., Cleveland, OH; Halvorson Trees, Inc., Dululth, MN; Columbia River Packers Association, Astoria, OR; M & R Dietetic Laboratories, Inc., Columbus, OH; Basic Vegetable Products, Inc., San Francisco, CA; Ansco, Binghamton, NY; and Sky-Go Farms, Fulton, MO.

Reel #426 (12/13/58)

Joined in the Search Cooperative experiments between small companies for their mutual benefit and for benefit of the public. Fire resistant construction materials, electrical fixtures and connections, liquids, powders, and fibers. New uses and ways to improve physical properties of woods, textiles, and jewels. Safe disposal of waste products used to clean clothing. Sharing information from road-testing automobiles. Filmed at: Can Manufacturers Institute, New York, NY; Underwriters' Laboratories, Chicago, IL; Factory Mutual Laboratories, Norwood, MA; Western Pine Association, Portland, OR; Wood Technology Laboratory of University of Michigan and National Assn of Furniture Manufacturers, Ann Arbor, MI; Institue of Paper Chemistry, Appleton, WI; Gemological Institute of America, Los Angeles, CA; and American Institute of Laundering, Joliet, IL.

Reel #427 (12/20/58) [RV 507.427]

The Corporate Citizen Industry spends time and money on projects for the public interest in its role as Good Citizen. Preserving archeological sites while putting in pipeline. Logging and lumber companies have communication systems used by community. Employees volunteer as nurses' aides, community chest organizers, and coaches. Making games and toys for children with disabilities. Labor for park supplied by steel mill workers. Starting watermelon juice bank for people with nephritis; phamaceuticals. Businesses endow zoos, museums, and concert halls. Milwaukee County Park Comm., Milwaukee, WI; Children's Rehabilitation Institute, Reistertown, MD; Albany Felt Co., Albany, NY; El Paso Natural Gas Co., El Paso, TX; Northwestern Bank & Trust Co., St. Louis, MO; Columbia-Geneva Steel Division of U.S. Steel, San Francisco, CA; and Southern Oregon Conservation and Tree Farm Assn, Medford, OR.

Reel #428 (12/27/58)

Living with Our Climate Industry eliminating discomforts and inconveniences caused by climate. Air conditioning in houses, schools, offices, and factories. Textile manufacturers increase warmth of winter clothes and coolness of summer clothes. Removing odors using a vaporized counteractant rather than masking. Sewage disposal plants use neutralizers. Tractors have air-conditioning and radios. Researching ways to produce snow and rain by seeding clouds. Filmed at: The Kroger Co., Cincinnati, OH; The Trane Co., LaCrosse, WI; Airkem, Inc., New York, NY; Cockshutt Farm Equipment, Inc., Brantford, Ontario, Canada; and Jen-Cel-Lite Corp., Seattle, WA.

No Reel #429

Reel #430 (11/05/59) [RV 507.430]

No Room to Spare Innovative ways to save space. Skyscrapers made possible with steel and development of the elevator. Geodesic domes, hyperbolic parabaloids and hemispherical plastic tents create more space; construction. Movable furniture, compact storage devices, and microfilming save office space. Using natural underground areas for storage. Regulating climactic conditions in limestone mine used as chicken hatchery. Parking cars in space-saving ways.

Reel #431

Pumping Solids Using liquids to move solids. Transporting cherries, oranges, and shrimp with water is less expensive and causes less damage. Transporting wood by water; using water pumps to de-bark logs. Using water in pulp to make paper. Mining depends on water. Separating sand and phosphate with the help of water. Using paints and oils in factories. Making solutions to feed patients intravenously. Worthington Corp., Harrison, NJ; Abbot Laboratory; and International Minerals and Chemicals Corp.

No Reel #432

Reel #433 (1/31/59)

Animals and Industry Household pets, zoos, and aquariums fill valuable role. Conservation programs protect wildlife and provide animals for hunters. Hunting a major industry. Billions are invested in cattle and poultry that provide food and clothing. Laboratory animals used in researching drugs and medical techniques. Study of animal psychology has aided in evaluating mental processses of humans. Filmed at: Ducks Unlimited, Inc., New York, NY; Ocean Aquarium, Hermosa Beach, CA; Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc., Brooklyn, NY; and Animal Behavior Enterprises, Hot Springs, AR.

Reel #434 (2/7/59)

On the Map Accurate maps require constant revision. Making relief maps using better lenses in aerial cameras. Mass-producing models. Underground maps called seismographs used to find oil, coal, iron, and uranium. Geophones measure sound waves. Making maps of ocean floor with navigational device called Loran. Filmed at: H. M. Gousha Co., San Jose, CA; Rand McNally & Co., Skokie, IL; Sperry Gyroscope Co., Great Neck, NY; Century Geophysical Corp., Tulsa, OK; Aero Service Corp., Philadelphia, PA; and Bell & Howell, Chicago, IL.

Reel #435 (2/14/59) [RV 507.435]

Man-made Miracles Synthesis, or re-arranging atoms in a molecule, creates new substances. Transforming coal to synthetic plasma. Synthetic cortisone. Synthetic rubber frees nation of dependence on overseas supply. Making synthetic sapphires and diamonds for industrial processes. Synthetic crystals for sonar equipment. Plastics combine qualities never before found in the same material. Making high fashion clothing using synthetic materials. Filmed at: Mohasco Industries, Inc., Amsterdam, NY; Masland Duraleather Co., Philadelphia, PA; Schering Corp., Bloomfield, NJ; Linde Air Products Co., New York, NY; Bakelite Co., Bound Brook, NJ; General Electric Co., Detroit, MI; and General Tire & Rubber Co., Akron, OH.

No Reels #436-444

Reel #445 (4/25/59)

Quiet Please Campaign against unnecessary noise. Noise reduces efficiency and affects nervous system. Accoustical research uses sound chambers. Changes in tire tread design reduces whine. Muffling jet aircraft exhaust. Sound conditioning new office buildings, factories, schools, and apartments by installing acoustical tiles. United States Rubber Co., Detroit, MI; Walher Manufacturing Co., WI; Armour Research Foundation at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

No Reel #446

Reel #447 (5/9/59)

The Hidden Payroll Helping employees manage finances and understand value of fringe benefits such as paid vacations, pension plans, health insurance, and workmen's compensation. Employee financial security partially dependent upon the "hidden payroll." Modern plants and offices planned for beauty and comfort. Recreational facilities, nursery schools, books, college scholarships, and counselling provided by some employers. Giving employees stock in company.

No Reels #448-449

Reel #450 (5/30/59) [RV 507.450]

What's on Your Mind? Industry polls consumers to find how to best serve them. Selecting company name. Improvements in garden tools and washers and driers come from users. Opinion surveys ask questions ranging from products to politics. Filmed at: The Garrett Corp., Los Angeles, CA; Chemetron Corp., Chicago, IL; General Motors Appliance Division, Louisville, KY; Porter Cable Machine Co., Syracuse, NY; and Opinion Research Corp., Princeton, NJ.

Reel #451 (6/6/59)

Mother's Helpers Energy expended by a housewife doing family wash a half century ago compared with today. Making housework easier with paper plates and napkins, prepared baby foods, central heating, screens and storm windows. Experimenting with wash-and-wear products. New appliances and food products tested. Good Housekeeping Institute, New York, NY; The Borden Co., New York, NY; Iowa State University, Iowa City, IA.

Reel #452 (6/13/59)

Still Going Strong New ways of manufacturing and distributing old items, including wagon wheels, horseshoes, kerosene lamps for railroads and camping, candles, safety wooden matches, clothes pins, brooms from broom corn, and wooden barrels. Building log cabins with few nails.

Reel # 453 (6/20/59) [RV 507.453]

Setting the Standard America 's standard of living shown at international expositions. Free enterprise produces abundant supplies of food and clothing. More Americans own houses than do not. Leisure time for reading and attending concerts. Increasing church attendance demonstrates America's spiritual values.

No Reel #454

Reel #455 (7/4/59) [RV 507.455]

NO TITLE. Developing a car without wheels that slides on compressed air. Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, MI. Making space suits for U.S. Navy pilots. Testing in decompression chamber. B. F. Goodrich Co., PA. Making wire tires for use on rocket-powered aircraft. Wire tires withstand high temperatures and do not become flat. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, OH. Associations arrange for home repair companies to respond to emergency calls and make small repair jobs. Allied Home Owners Association, NY. Making paper plates with adhesive to prevent their blowing or sliding off. Superior Paper Products Co., IN. Manufacturing the first atomic merchant ship, Savannah, using uranium oxide pellets. Babcock & Wilcox Co., NJ.

Reel #456 (7/11/59) [RV 507.456]

How Are We Doing? Annual reports contain balance sheets, income statements, and describe new products and research projects. New style reports are graphically interesting. Committee of judges sponsored by Financial World magazine determine which annual reports win "Oscar" type award.

Reel #457 (7/18/59)

While a Nation Sleeps Many employees work the night shift including workers in theaters, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, newspapers, communications, milk industry, and shippers of agricultural produce. Steel made round the clock. The electric light has made it possible.

Reel #458 (7/25/59)

Making Contact Communication in industry. Car assembly plant uses sign language on assembly line. In-house radio, newspapers, and closed-circuit television keep workers in touch. Bulletin boards, suggestion boxes, and meetings still important. Wetherhead Co., Cleveland, OH; Robertshaw Fulton Controls Co., Long Beach, CA; Atlantic City Electric Co., Atlantic City, NJ; General Motors, Flint, MI; and C&O Railroad, Huntington, WV.

Reel #459 (8/1/59)

Keep It Clean America is the most hygienic nation. Sixty gallons of water used per day per person. Dry cleaning industry using improved chemicals. Manufacturing soap. Vacuum cleaners and plumbing fixtures are mass-produced. Good factory housekeeping important factor in safety record.

Reel #460 (8/8/59)

Food for the Future Applying industrial techniques to farming. Using waste products such as cotton seed hulls in food products. Synthesizing vitamins. Processing mesquite into cattle feed. Hydroponic plants for human and animal food. Algae may provide food source for extended stays in outer space. Studying growing food on the moon. Wesson Oil and Nutty Brown Farms, New Orleans, LA; University of California, Berkeley, CA; Republic Aviation, Farmingdale, NY; Rio Vista Ranch, TX; Buckey Incubator Co., Springfield, OH; and General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT.

No Reels #461-462

Reel #463 (8/29/59)

Selecting the Champion Developing prettier and stronger strains of roses through hybridization. Grafting hybrid onto old rose plant to gain strong roots; horticulture. New varieties can be patented under Plant Patent Act of 1930. All American Rose Selections gives awards to best new roses.

Reel #464 (9/5/59)

Big Little Businessman Small businessman, Francis J. Schuster, supplies home heating oil. Using up-to-date equipment and keeping good records assures supply to homeowners. Schuster is civic minded, a volunteer fireman and a devoted father. Troy Oil Co., Indianapolis, IN.

Reel #465

Threat or Opportunity? Importing inexpensive steel means competition for America. Japanese work for less money and have adapted our machines and methods; balance of payments. European factories destroyed by war rebuilt with modern equipment and American assistance. U.S. trained foreign executives and U.S. factories served as classrooms for foreigners. To be competitive, America must be more efficient and productive.

Reel #466 (9/19/59) [RV 507.466]

The Mighty Electron Innovations in the electronics industry include radar, sonar, radio, and television. Thousands of small businesses engaged in manufacturing electronic components. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles depend upon electronics as does space exploration. In the home, electronic systems open garage doors and cook food by microwave.

Reel #467 (9/26/59)

Grade A Citizens Nine men associated with dairy industry serve their communities in many ways, including rescuing children in a school fire, organizing ambulance service, serving as church elder, being mayor of San Francisco, coaching Little League, and working with Future Farmers of America. Casimir Janik, Chicago, IL; Norman Kaufman, Reading, PA; Thomas Talleur, Warwick, NY; Duane Bowman, Madison, WI; Dr. Milton Powell, Los Angeles, CA; George Christopher, San Francisco, CA; Ed Lybolt, Middletown, NY; Professor William E. Peterson, Chicago, IL; and Dolph Loucks, VT.

Reel #468 (10/3/59)

Mutual Attraction Developing new uses for magnets. Thermostats, radios, electric blankets, and electric trains depend on magnets. Magnetic toy blocks do not tumble when used by children with cerebral palsy. Using electromagnetic equipment to remove impurities from raw materials and to move heavy scrap metal. Recording dictation and music with magnetic tape. Video tape has made it possiible to record pictures and sound.

Reel #469 (10/10/59)

Surviving Crises Industry solves problems caused by natural disasters and other crises. With planning, industry can switch production or rebuild quickly. One company produces defense products and, in slow times, makes tin cans. Politics can cause problems. When trade with Communist China was suspended, hog bristles for paint brushes were unavailable, so synthetic variety developed. Developing molybdenum to replace Iron Curtain-bound tungsten.

Reel #470 (10/17/59)

Communists No More History of the Amana Society, Amana, IA, a religious community established in the 19th century. Society voted to abolish communism in 1932 and since then has prospered. They raise cattle and hogs, but manufacturing refrigerators brought prosperity. Young people stay because of better opportunites. Rejection of communism in favor of free enterprise.

Reel #471(10/24/59)

Nearest Thing to Nothing Industry's investment in research led to development of high vacuum equipment which led to the development of radio, television, and radar, and the splitting of the atom. Mass production of antibiotics requires vacuums. Vacuums used to extract water from paper pulp and in freeze-drying. X-ray tubes require a vacuum. Vacuum chambers used to test space suits. Molding decorative plastic coverings and making relief maps.

Reel #472 (10/31/59) [RV 507.472]

Refreshing Neighbors The soft drink industry consists primarily of small businesses. Bottling plants produce brand-name products, but the plant owner is a small businessman. Water is specially treated so taste is uniform. Wide distribution at peak efficiency keeps cost low per bottle and the drink accessible to even the lowest income group. Roanoke, VA.

Reel #473 [RV 507.473]

Time on Our Hand The development of timekeeping, from sundials to clocks, watches, chronometers and even atomic clocks has depended on advances in technology. Glass pitchers are formed and decorated on an assembly line; parts of furniture are cut by machine and then the craftsman puts the furniture together; quick drying lacquer on automobiles saves production time. Housewives save time by using kitchen appliances, especially a dishwasher. Through mechanization Americans have more leisure time and can enjoy such activities as riding the cog railroad to the top of Mount Washington, NH.

Reel #474

The Tools of Production Tools produce more at lower costs. Industry depends on tool-making machines. Good tools create high productivity, greater abundance, more jobs, and a higher standard of living.

Reel #475 (11/21/59)

The American Look Most American teenagers are dressed neatly and appropriately. High school students in Buffalo, NY, set up voluntary dress code, resulting in less horseplay and better attitudes. The USO staged fashion show to show GI's on leave in foreign countries how to dress. Good grooming on the job important to a man's success. Uniforms of blue collar workers are of a good quality and cut.

Reel #476 (11/28/59)

The Large and Small of It The interdependence of American enterprises. Large companies depend on small companies for tools and materials. Automobile assembly line uses components from six thousand firms. Some companies must be big because of costly facilities and equipment. Some businesses need to be small, such as highly specialized manufacturers.

Reel #477 (12/5/59)

On Their Way Industry invests heavily in training and trade education, apprentice programs, and on-the-job training. Women take part. One bank runs a "practice bank" for training. Teaching machines are programmed computers. Training helicopter mechanics; training in the leather, paper, furniture, and forestry industries.

No Reel #478

Reel #479 (12/19/59) [RV 507.479]

Luxuries or Necessities? Yesterday's luxuries are today's necessities. Cars, airplane travel, telephones, televisions, radio, and indoor plumbing once considered luxuries. Women can afford silk hosiery and cosmetics as prices decrease. Many senior citizens now have the luxury of financial security and comfortable retirement.

Reel #480 (12/26/59)

Growing with the Nation Industry grows because of growing markets. Light aircraft market expands. Merging small textile plants in Georgia and Alabama into one large company with expanded resources. "Vertical mergers" effected by acquiring competitors as well as manufacturers of essential components. Ink manufacturing company sells ink and ink pigments. Cessna Aircraft, Wichita, KS; West Point Manufacturing Co., West Point, GA; Sun Chemical Corp., NJ.

Reel #481 (1/2/60)

The Man Who Owns America Assets of life insurance companies and pension funds fuel industrial growth. Help build natural gas pipelines, atomic power plants, and plants producing weapons and ammunition. During WWII invested in Government bonds. Postwar housing developments pioneered by insurance companies. Mortgage loans help families buy houses.

Reel #482 (1/9/60)

Fairest in the Land Four factories selected by Factory Magazine for beauty and practicality. Kruschchev impressed by bakery where "electronic chef" automatically weighs and mixes flour, sugar, and chocolate. Aluminum plant carries production from raw ore through rolling mill. Paraboloid roofing units create pleasant place to work and stimulate creative research. Architect Edward Stone designed beautiful building which is also efficient for manufacturing pharmaceuticals; keeping employee morale high. National Biscuit Co., Fairlawn, NJ; Kaiser Aluminum, Ravenswood, WV; Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX; and The Stuart Co., Pasadena, CA.

Reel #483 (1/16/60)

The Happiest Business Industry makes holidays happy, safe, and memorable for children. Manufacturing Halloween costumes and masks, safer fireworks, Valentines, Easter bonnets and candy, displays for Thanksgiving parades, and Christmas ornaments and toys.

No Reel #484

Reel #485 (1/30/60)

Environment for Learning More children mean more schools. Constructing one-story schools that extend outward, not upward. Forest management meets demand for wood products. Wood siding, paneling, and flooring used in school construction.

Reel #486 (2/6/60) [RV. 507.486]

The Atom Shufflers History and production of synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber a result of atom shuffling. Combining raw materials, including petroleum, to produce synthetics. Rubber used in tires, railway components, moving sidewalks, and aircraft parts.

Reel #487 (2/13/60)

Weather or Not Air conditioning used in electronics, printing, candy making, television production, hospital operating rooms and gives architects more design freedom. National defense uses air conditioning in warning systems, missiles, rockets, and on atomic submarines.

No Reel#488

Reel #489 (7/16/60)

Living on Air Manufacturing foam rubber from liquid rubber and air. Used in innersoles for shoes, underlay for carpet, protective sports pads, upholstery cushioning, and mattresses. Hospitals use because it resists mold, mildew, and moisture, and can be sterilized. Used in seats and padding on trucks, buses, limousines, and airplanes.

Reel #490 (9/3/60)

The Defending Champion Invention of sewing machine changed role of women. Foreign lands now compete with American clothing manufacturers. To solve problem of increasing foreign dominance, U.S. manufacturers try to build better machines. America defends itself against foreign competition.

No Reel #491

Reel #492

Putting Sparkle in Our Lives Producing and bottling soft drinks; food industry.

Reel #493 [RV 507.493]

Quest for Perfection Manufacturing tires from synthetic rubber. Testing tires on rough roads and in laboratories. Tire safety tips.

Reel #494

Fabric Care Magic Laundry industry. Researching better ways to wash clothes. Testing shrinkage and resistance to sunlight. Replacing buttons and making minor repairs at the laundry. Dry cleaning services.

Reel #495

The Flame of the Future Using gas in synthetics. Infrared is a new innovation. Using natural gas to heat and cool buildings gives architects more design freedom. Using gas to dry printing ink. Making natural chemicals and synthetic rubber.

Reel #496 [RV 507.496]

Design for Highway Safety Driving classes teach safety on and off the job. Developing better roads and road services to increase driver safety. Testing cars and their components.

Reel #497 [RV 507.497]

The Tree Farm Harvesting trees on tree farms; Christmas trees. Forest products used to make paper. Scientific forestry management helps wood industry. Hybrids yield better strains.

Reel #498

The Information Logjam Different forms of communication including, telephone, radio, computers, television, telemetry. Using radio communication in large factories. Using telecommunications in disasters such as forest fires to coordinate land and sky crews.

Reel #499

To Clothe a Nation Apparel manufacturing done by machines and by hand. Complex machines call for skilled repairmen. Using computers to make patterns and predict future trends.

No Reel #500

Reel #501 [RV 507.501]

What's in a Package? Food weighed and packaged. Different types of packaging and their functions. Packaging makes more foods available, including various dairy products. Winn-Dixie store. Country store in Weston, VT.

Reel #502 &  #503 

In Trust for Tomorrow Retirement and pension plans. Taking care of workers through benefits; counseling for retirees. Administering pension plans under government regulations. 


Revised: December 24, 2002