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Series 4: Songwriters, 1847-1975

by: Robert S. Harding & Cooby Greenway, 1994

Subseries 4.118: Wendell Woods Hall, 1903-1950

Box 167


    A-F -- General Songs, 1903-1945, not related to stage, screen, or other topical categories.

    A-D -- Songs Written Alone, 1903-1945

    A -- 1903-1945:

    Includes: "Lulu Lou," "Memories of You" (aka "Whispering Trees") and "We're Gonna Have Weather."  (36 items)

    B -- 1922:

    Multiple editions of "Mellow Moon."  (14 items)

    C -- 1923; 1950:

    Multiple editions of "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'."  (21 items)

    D -- 1924:

    Multiple editions of "Land of My Sunset Dreams."   (14 items)

    E-F -- Collaboration with Others, 1924-1932

    E -- 1924-1932:

    Includes: "Blue Bird Blues," and "7 Times 7 is 49."  (12 items)

    F -- 1925:

    Multiple editions of "Hokey Pokey Diddle Dee Rum."  (5 items)

    G -- African American Songs, 1922-1927

    Contains "Headin' Home" and "Pickaninny Lullaby."  (4 items)

    H -- Armed Conflict Song, 1942, "Keep Pitching, America."  (1 item)

    I -- Chicago Song, 1937, "The Rhythm of State Street."  (1 item)

Box 168


    J -- Songs by Others, 1925-1943, with Hall's photo on the covers.

    Includes: "Home on the Range," "The Old Spinning Wheel," and "Try Dancing"
    (dedicated to the Dancing Masters of America).  (16 items)

    K -- Professional/Artist Copies, 1923-1947

    Includes: "Elevator Man's Ball," "Hot Feet," and "Spank It, Frank!"  (33 items)

    L -- Folios, 1924-1946, n.d.

    Includes: "Southern Songs and Spirituals" and "10 Original Comic Songs."  
    (9 items)

Subseries 4.14: Oscar Hammerstein, Oscar Hammerstein II, Arthur Hammerstein, Lorenz Hart, and Richard Rodgers, 1896-1965

Box 44


    A -- Musical Theater Productions, 1896-1941, by Oscar Hammerstein, 
            Oscar Hammerstein II, and Arthur Hammerstein, with others.

      "Because of You," 1940, I WAS AN AMERICAN SPY
      "Dawn," 1925, GOLDEN DAWN
      "Here in the Dark," 1927, GOLDEN DAWN
      "I Wonder Why the Glow Worm Winks His Eye at Me," 1923, HAMMERSTEIN'S 9
          O'CLOCK REVIEW
      "If a Wish Could Make It So," 1920, TICKLE ME
      "I'll Build a Bungalow," 1922, DAFFY DILL
      "Indian Love Call," 1924, ROSE-MARIE
      "Jimmie," 1920, JIMMIE
      "One Day When We Were Young," 1938; 1939,THE GREAT WALTZ
      "Pousse Cafe," 1920, JOAN OF ARKANSAW
      "A Mist Is Over the Moon," 1938, THE LADY OBJECTS
      "Santa Maria, My Joy, My Pride," 1896, SANTA MARIA
      "Tom-Tom," 1922, QUEEN OF HEARTS
      "Why Shouldn't We," 1924, ROSE-MARIE.
      "You Need Someone, Someone Needs You," 1922, QUEEN OF HEARTS
      (20 items)

    B -- Oscar Hammerstein II and Sigmund Romberg, 1941

      Contains: five songs from the musical SUNNY RIVER. (5 items)

    C -- Arthur and Oscar Hammerstein II, Professional/Artist Copies, 1936-1940

      Includes: four songs from the Paramount film, GIVE US THIS NIGHT, and one from THE LADY OBJECTS. (8 items)

    D -- Lorenz Hart, Miscellaneous Songs, 1922-1934

      "Chloe Cling to Me," 1922, RE-UNITED
      "Girls, Girls, Girls!," 1934, THE MERRY WIDOW
      "Merry Widow Waltz," 1934, THE MERRY WIDOW
      "Vilia," 1934, THE MERRY WIDOW
      (4 items)

    E -- Richard Rodgers, Miscellaneous Theater Songs, 1962-1965

      "Do I Hear a Waltz?" 1965, DO I HEAR A WALTZ?
      "The Sweetest Sounds," 1962, NO STRINGS
      (2 items)

    F -- Rodgers and Hart Songs, 1933-1945, not written for stage or screen

      Contains: "Blue Moon," "Lover," and "You Are Too Beautiful." (11 items)

    G-N -- Rodgers and Hart, Musical Theater Productions, 1919-1945

    G -- DEAREST ENEMY, 1925:

      Contains: "Bye and Bye" and "Here's a Kiss." (3 items)

      BETSY, 1926:

      Contains: "Sing," "Stonewall Moskowitz March," and "This Funny World." 
      (3 items)

      PEGGY ANN, 1926:

      Contains: "Maybe It's Me," "A Tree in the Park," and "Where's That Rainbow?" (2 items)

    H -- GARRICK GAIETIES, 1925-1926:

      Contains: "April Fool," "Do You Love Me (I Wonder)," "A Little Souvenir," "Manhattan," "Mountain Greenery," "Old Fashioned Girl," and "Sentimental Me." (8 items)

    I -- THE GIRL FRIEND, 1926:

      Contains: "The Blue Room," "The Girl Friend," and "Sleepy Head." (8 items)

    J -- A CONNECTICUT YANKEE, 1927-1943:

      Contains: "Can't You Do a Friend a Favor," "I Blush," "I Feel at Home with You," "My Heart Stood Still," "Someone Should Tell Them," and "Thou Swell." (12 items)

    K -- SHE'S MY BABY, 1928:

      Contains: "A Baby's Best Friend," and "You're What I Need." (4 items)

      SPRING IS HERE, 1929:

      Contains: "Baby's Awake Now," "With a Song in My Heart," and "Yours Sincerely." (5 items)

      SIMPLE SIMON, 1930:

      Contains: "He Dances on My Ceiling" and "Send for Me." (2 items)

    L -- JUMBO, 1935:

      Includes: "Little Girl Blue," "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," and "My Romance." (6 items)

      ON YOUR TOES, 1936:

      Contains: "There's a Small Hotel" and the instrumental, "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue." (6 items)

      BABES IN ARMS, 1937:

      Includes: "The Lady Is a Tramp," "Where or When," and "I Wish I Were in Love Again."  (6 items)

Box 45



      Contains: "Falling in Love with Love" and "This Can't Be Love." (3 items)

      I MARRIED AN ANGEL, 1938:

      Contains: "I Married an Angel" and "Spring Is Here." (2 items)

      TOO MANY GIRLS, 1939:

      Contains: "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" and "I Like to Recognize the Tune." (2 items)

      BY JUPITER (original title: ALL'S FAIR), 1942:

      Contains: "Careless Rhapsody," "Ev'rything I've Got," "Jupiter Forbid," and "Nobody's Heart." (5 items)

    N -- Musical Theater Productions, Miscellaneous, 1919-1941:

      "Any Old Place with You," 1919, A LONELY ROMEO
      "Bewitched," 1941, PAL JOEY
      "Dancing on the Ceiling," 1930, EVERGREEN
      "From Another World," 1940, HIGHER AND HIGHER
      "I've Got Five Dollars," 1931, AMERICA'S SWEETHEART
      "Moon of My Delight," 1928, CHEE-CHEE
      "Why Do You Suppose?" 1929, HEADS UP!
      "You Took Advantage of Me," 1928, PRESENT ARMS
      (10 items)

    O -- Rodgers and Hart, Motion Picture Productions, Miscellaneous, 1929-1941

      "Bewitched," 1941, PAL JOEY
      "Blue Moon," 1934, WORDS AND MUSIC (a film about Rodgers and Hart)
      "Have You Met Miss Jones?" 1937, GENTLEMEN PREFER BRUNETTES
      "My Funny Valentine," 1937, GENTLEMEN PREFER BRUNETTES
      "I Could Write a Book," 1940, PAL JOEY
      "Johnny One Note," 1937, WORDS AND MUSIC
      "Love Me Tonight," 1932, LOVE ME TONIGHT
      "The Lady Is a Tramp," 1937, WORDS AND MUSIC "That's Love," 1934, NANA
      "When You Are Dancing the Waltz," 1936, DANCING PIRATE
      "Where or When," 1937, WORDS AND MUSIC
      "With a Song in My Heart," 1929, WITH A SONG IN MY HEART
      "You're Nearer," 1940, TOO MANY GIRLS
      (12 items)

    P -- Rodgers and Hart, Professional/Artist Copies, 1925-1940 (37 items)

    Q -- Rodgers and Hart, Folios, 1946

      Contains: two collections of favorite Rodgers and Hart songs. One folio is undated. (2 items)

    R -- Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Armed Conflict Song, 1941 "We're On Our Way." (1 item)

    S-V -- Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Musical Theater Productions, 1943-1959

    S -- OKLAHOMA, 1943:

      Contains: "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning," "Oklahoma," "Out of My Dreams, and "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top." (9 items)

      CAROUSEL, 1945:

      Contains: "If I Loved You," "June Is Busting Out All Over," "Soliloquy," and
      "You'll Never Walk Alone." (11 items)

    T -- ALLEGRO, 1947:

      Contains: "A Fellow Needs a Girl" and "So Far." (4 items)

      SOUTH PACIFIC, 1949:

      Contains: "A Wonderful Guy," "Bali Ha'i," "Honey Bun," "Some Enchanted Evening." (including a piano arrangement), "There Is Nothin' Like a Dame," and "Younger Than Springtime." (17 items)

Box 46


    U -- THE KING AND I, 1951:

      ME AND JULIET, 1953:

      Contains: "I'm Your Girl," "Keep It Gay," and "No Other Love." (4 items)

      PIPE DREAM, 1955:

      Contains: "All at Once You Love Her" and "Everybody's Got a Home." (2 items)

    V -- FLOWER DRUM SONG, 1958:

      Contains: "I Enjoy Being a Girl," "Love, Look Away," and "You Are Beautiful." (4 items)

      THE SOUND OF MUSIC, 1959:

      Contains: "Climb Every Mountain" and "Do-Re-Mi." (4 items)

    W-Y -- Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Motion Picture Productions, 1945-1965:
                (The following productions' dates refer to the year the film was released 
                 and not the copyright date of the music, with the exception  of STATE 
                 FAIR, which was written for film only.)

    W -- STATE FAIR, 1945; 1962:

      Contains: "Isn't It Kinda Fun," "It Might As Well Be Spring," "It's a Grand Night for Singing," "That's for Me," and "Our State Fair." Two different movie versions are represented. (6 items)

      OKLAHOMA (1955):

      Contains: five songs and a vocal collection. (6 items)

    X -- CAROUSEL (1956):

      Contains: five songs and two vocal collections. (7 items)

      THE KING AND I (1956):

      Contains "Getting to Know You," "I Have Dreamed," and vocal collections. 
      (4 items)

    Y -- SOUTH PACIFIC (1958):

      Contains: "Bali Ha'i," "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair," and
      "There's Nothing Like a Dame." (3 items)

      THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965):

      Contains: "Edelweiss," "An Ordinary Couple," and "Sixteen Going on Seventeen;" also one piano selection and one vocal collection. (5 items)

    Z -- Rodgers and Hammerstein, Television Production, 1957 "Ten Minutes Ago,"
            CINDERELLA. (1 item)

    AA -- Rodgers and Hammerstein, Professional/Artist Copies, 1945-1953 
              (21 items)

    BB -- Rodgers and Hammerstein, Folio, 1954

      Contains: one folio with arrangements of favorite songs, for small dance orchestra. (1 item)

Subseries 4.119: James F. Hanley, 1915-1939; 1965

Box 168


    A-C -- General Songs, 1915-1932, not related to stage, screen, or other topical categories.

    A  --  1915-1932:

    Includes: "In the Evening," "Lost (A Wonderful Girl)," and "There's a Vacant Chair at Home Sweet Home."   (33 items)

    B -- 1922-1925:

    Multiple editions of "At the End of the Road," "Gee! But I Hate To Go Home Alone," and "Just a Cottage Small by a Waterfall."  (22 items)

    C -- 1917; 1944:

    Multiple editions of "Indiana" ("Back Home Again in Indiana"). (23 items)

Box 167


    D -- Ethnic Songs, Miscellaneous, 1917-1930

    Contains: "Sing Song Girl" (Chinese) and "That's What Ireland Means to Me."  
    (3 items)

    E -- Armed Conflict, 1917-1918; n.d.

    Includes: "The Ragtime Volunteers Are off to War" and "Three Wonderful Letters from Home."  (10 items)

    F-G -- Musical Theater Productions, 1915-1935


    Contains: Just a Little Smile from You," "Play-ground in the Sky," and "Wherever You Are."  (4 items)
    THUMBS UP!  1934-1935
    Contains: "Continental Honeymoon," "Gotta See a Man About His Daughter," and "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart."  (3 items)

    G -- Musical Theater Productions, Miscellaneous, 1915-1926

    "The Gold Digger," 1923, GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS OF 1923
    "Half a Moon," 1926, HONEYMOON LANE
    "I Don't Want to Be Loved a Little by a Lot of the Boys," 1917, 
    "I'm a Lonesome Little Rain Drop," 1920, GREENWICH VILLAGE 
       FOLLIES OF 1920
    "Jungle Bungalow," 1922, PINS AND NEEDLES
    "The Little Tin Soldier," 1921, PINS AND NEEDLES
    "The Little White House," 1926, HONEYMOON LANE
    "The Magic Kiss," 1920, JIM JAM JEMS
    "My Rose of Tipperary," 1915, ZIEGFELD'S FOLLIES
    "No Foolin'," 1926, ZIEGFELD'S AMERICAN REVUE OF 1926
    "Rose of Washington Square," 1920, ZIEGFELD MIDNIGHT FROLIC
    "Second Hand Rose," 1921, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1921
    "Stingo Stungo," 1923, GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS OF 1923
    "Who Do You Love?" 1918, THE COHAN REVIEW OF 1918 
    (20 items)

    H-I -- Motion Picture Productions, 1921-1935; 1965

    H -- THE RAINBOW MAN, 1929

    Contains: "Little Pal," "Rainbow Man," and "Sleepy Valley."  (11 items)

    I -- Motion Picture Productions, Miscellaneous, 1921-1935; 1965

    "Look, Here Comes a Rainbow," 1932, STEPPING SISTERS
    "Second Hand Rose," 1921; 1965, FUNNY GIRL and SECOND HAND ROSE
    "Twenty-four Hours a Day," 1935, SWEET SURRENDER
    "The World Is Yours and Mine," 1929, MOTHER'S BOY  
    (6 items)

    J -- Professional/Artist Copies, 1919-1939

    Includes: "Gotta Get Home" (band arrangements) and "Rackety Rax." (18 items)

Subseries 4.15: Charles K. Harris, 1891-1954

Box 47


    A-R -- General Songs, 1891-1954, not related to stage, screen, or other topical categories.

    A -- 1891:

      Multiple editions of "Kiss and Let's Make Up." (5 items)

    B -- 1891-1895:

      Includes: "Don't Forget to Tell Me That You Loves Me Honey," "Fallen by the Wayside," and "Mud-Pie Days." (19 items)

    C -- 1892-1893; 1954:

    D -- 1894:

      Multiple editions of "While the Dance Goes On," "There'll Come a Time," and "Better Than Gold" (or "Three Wishes"). (14 items)

    E -- 1896-1899:

      Includes: "Just behind the Times," and "Ma Filipino Babe," 1898, published as a musical supplement to the Sunday Chronicle, Chicago, March 24, 1901. 
      (15 items)

Box 48


    F -- 1898-1899; 1903:

      Multiple editions of "Mid the Green Fields of Virginia," "Without Your Love, Ah! Let Me Die," (including the musical supplement edition of Hearst's Chicago American, Sunday, January 25, 1903), and "One Night in June." (19 items)

    G -- 1900:

      Multiple editions of "For Old Time's Sake" and "What Is a Home without Love." (10 items)

    H -- 1900-1905; 1937:

      Includes: "For Sale--A Baby" and "I've Got a Longing in My Heart for You, Louise."  One edition of "Just One Kiss" has a possible Harris signature. 
      (32 items)

    I -- 1902:

      Multiple editions of "I'm Wearing My Heart Away for You." (11 items)

    J -- 1903:

      Multiple editions of "Always in the Way." (11 items)

Box 49


    K -- 1904; 1933:

      Multiple editions of "I'm Trying So Hard To Forget You" and "Why Don't They Play with Me." (10 items)

    L -- 1905:

      Multiple editions of "Dreaming Love of You" and "Would You Care." (12 items)

    M -- 1906:

      Multiple editions of "Somewhere." (9 items)

    N -- 1906-1910:

      Includes: "All I Want Is You," "Don't Give Me Diamonds," "It's Always June When You're in Love," and "Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares." Also: "The Belle of the Ball" as printed in the music section of the Chicago Examiner, Sunday, April 14, 1907. (37 items)

    O -- 1911:

      Multiple editions of "Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven" and "Fairy Moon." 
      (9 items)

    P -- 1911-1914:

      Includes: "Climb a Tree with Me," "No One Else Can Take Your Place," "Won't You Come to Dolly's Party?" and "When Did You Write to Mother Last?" 
      (26 items)

Box 50


    Q -- 1915-1918:

      Includes: "Thou Shalt Not Steal," and "When It Strikes Home," title song of a 'motion photo play.' (18 items)

    R -- 1919-1928:

      Includes: "Back Home and Broke," title song of a Paramount Picture, "Break Her Heart," "I Want You," and "Slim Shoulders," from SLIM SHOULDERS. 
      (17 items)

    S -- African American Songs, 1917-1920

    Contains: "Ma Mississippi Babe" and "A Study in Black and White." (2 items)

    T -- Instrumental Arrangements and Compositions, 1893-1914

      Includes: "After the Ball," arranged by Joseph Clauder, "The Isle of Dreams," and "Harris' Waltz Medley." (17 items)

    U-V -- Armed Conflict Songs, 1897-1924

    U -- 1897; 1924:

      Multiple editions of "Break the News to Mother." (13 items)

    V -- Patriotic and War Songs, 1898-1918:

      Includes: "I'll See You Later, Yankeeland," "Is There a Letter for Me," and "There Is No Flag Like the Red, White and Blue." (7 items)

    W -- Professional Copies, 1899-1913 (12 items)

    X -- Folios, 1891-1943

      Contains: two dance albums of popular hits (not all by Harris), Cavalcade of Songs, featuring thirty-nine Harris songs, and a folio of three songs. (4 items)

Subseries 4.120: Annie Fortescue Harrison, 1882; 1909; 1935

Box 170


    A -- General Song, 1882; 1909; 1935, "In the Gloaming."  (15 items)

Subseries 4.121: Will S. Hays, 1858-1888; 1910; 1935

Box 171


    A-F -- General Songs, 1858-1887, not related to stage, screen, or other topical categories.

    A -- 1858-1866:

    Includes: "Mary's Waiting at the Window" and   "The Refugee."  (18 items)

    B -- 1864:

    Multiple editions of "Evangeline."  (7 items)

    C -- 1866:

    Multiple editions of "Nora O'Neal," "We Parted by the Riverside," and
    "Write Me a Letter from Home."  (17 items)

    D -- 1867-1870:

    Includes: "Beautiful Girl of the South," "I'll Remember You in My Prayers," and
    "I'm Still a Friend to You."  (20 items)

    E -- 1869-1871; 1910; 1935:

    Multiple editions of "Driven from Home," "Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane," and "Mollie Darling."  (21 items)

    F -- 1871-1887:

    Includes: "I Have No Home" and "Papa, Stay Home, I'm Motherless Now."  
    (15 items)

    G -- African American Songs, 1878-1887

    Contains: "De Ole Log Cabin" and "Keep in de Middle ob de Road." (2 items)

    H -- Sacred Song, 1888, "Enter In."   (1 item)

    I -- Companion/Answer Songs, 1873, written by others.

    Contains: "Mollie's Answer" and "What Mollie Said."  (3 items)

    J -- Instrumental Compositions, 1860-1873

    Contains: "Laura Lee," "Mollie Darling," and "Ray of Love Polka."   (4 items)

    K -- Folio, 1870-1876

    Peter's Selected Catalogue of Popular Music
    , includes one Hays song,
    "I Wish I Had a Home," and  Golden Leaves, First Part twenty-five songs by Hays.   (2 items)

Subseries 4.122: Felicia Dorothea Hemans, 1828-1871

Box 171


    A-B -- General Songs, 1828-1871, n.d., not related to stage, screen or other topical categories.

    A -- 1828-1871:

    Includes: "Bring Flowers," "'Tis Lone on the Waters," and "The Tyrolese
    Evening Hymn."  (28 items)

    B -- n.d.:

    Includes: "The Better Land," "The Child's First Grief," and "Evening Song
    to the Virgin at Sea."  (16 items)

Subseries 4.16: Victor Herbert, 1895-1955

Box 51


    A-C -- General Songs, 1895-1955, not related to stage, screen or other topical categories.

    A -- General Songs, 1896-1940:

      Contains "Cupid and I," "Dream On," "In Dreamland" (missing cover), "Some One I Love," "Sweet Harp of the Days That Are Gone," and "Yesterthoughts." 
      (7 items)

    B -- 1915:

      Multiple Editions of "Kiss Me Again," 1915, the musical theme is from "If I Were on the Stage," MLLE. MODISTE (Folder I). (21 items)

    C -- 1919-1939:

      Multiple editions of "Indian Summer," one edition with French lyrics, titled "Ete de la St. Martin." (10 items)

    D -- Instrumental Compositions, 1895-1955

      Includes: "Badinage" and "Punchinello." (15 items)

    E-Y -- Operettas, 1895-1950

    E -- THE FORTUNE TELLER, 1898; 1923:

      Contains: "Always Do As People Say You Should," "Gypsy Jan," four-part arrangement for "Romany Life," and selections for voice and piano. (6 items)

    F -- "Gypsy Love Song," 1898, 1926, 1943: the two later dates are 
            instrumental piano editions.
            (32 items)

    G -- BABES IN TOYLAND, 1903; 1944; 1950

      Includes: "Floretta," "I Can't Do the Sum," "March of the Toys," "Never Mind, Bo Peep, We Will Find Your Sheep," and "Toyland" (including one edition with French text, titled "Jeunesse"), and several instrumental arrangements. (15 items)


      Contains: "Absinthe Frappe," "A Knot of Blue," "The Jack O'Lantern Girl" as the music supplement of The Chicago Sunday American, Sunday, March 12, 1905, and "A Little Class of One," and "Al Fresco-Intermezzo," an instrumental piece. (8 items)

    I -- MLLE. MODISTE, 1905

      Contains: "Hats Make the Woman," "I Want What I Want When I Want It," "If I Were on the Stage" (see also: "Kiss Me Again," in Folder B), "The Mascot of the Troop," "The Time, the Place and the Girl," and "Ze English Language." (9 items)

    J -- THE RED MILL, Libretto, 1906. (1 item)

    K -- Songs, 1906-1928:

      Contains: "Because You're You," "Every Day Is Ladies' Day with Me," "Good-a-bye, John!," "In the Isle of Our Dreams," "Moonbeams," "The Streets of New York," "Whistle It," and an instrumental selection. (18 items)

    L -- LITTLE NEMO, 1908

      Contains: "The Happy Land of Once Upon a Time," "Won't You Be My Playmate," and "Won't You Be My Valentine." (4 items)


      Contains: "The Wild Rose" ("I Want to Be a Wild, Wild Rose"), and the Libretto. (3 items)

    N -- NAUGHTY MARIETTA, 1910-1921

      Contains: "I'm Falling in Love with Someone," "Italian Street Song" (including arrangement for soprano and mixed chorus), "Naughty Marietta," "'Neath the Southern Moon," "Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!" and two instrumental arrangements. (20 items)

    O --

    Multiple editions of "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life," 1910-1944, includes two instrumental editions. (32 items)

Box 53


    P -- THE MADCAP DUCHESS, Libretto, 1913 (1 item)

    Q -- THE ONLY GIRL, 1914

      Contains: "Be Happy, Boys, To-Night," "Here's to the Land We Love, Boys," "The More I See of Others Dear, the Better I Like You," "Personality" (cover missing), "When You're Away," "When You're Wearing the Ball and Chain," and two instrumental selections. (12 items)

    R -- THE PRINCESS 'PAT,' 1915 (and 1990, sic):

      Contains: "All for You," "Flirting," "I Need Affection," "I Wish I Was an Island in an Ocean of Girls," "Love Is the Best of All," and "Neapolitan Love Song (T'Amo)," also titled "Sweet One! How My Heart is Yearning." (The copyright date on three later editions appear to be printing errors.) (11 items)

    S -- EILEEN, 1917-1929

      Contains: "Thine Alone," and "The Irish Have a Great Day Tonight." (8 items)

    T -- ANGEL FACE, 1919

      Contains: "I Might Be Your Choice Once in a While" and "Some One Like You." (8 items)

    U -- MY GOLDEN GIRL, 1919

      Contains: "I Want You," "A Little Nest for Two," "My Golden Girl," and 
      "A Song without (Many) Words."
      (4 items)

    V -- THE VELVET LADY, 1919

      Contains: "Come Be My Wife," "Life and Love," "Spooky Ookum," "There's Nothing Too Fine for the Finest," and "What a Position for Me." (5 items)

    W -- ORANGE BLOSSOMS, 1922

    Contains: "A Kiss in the Dark" and "The Lonely Nest." (20 items)

    X -- Musical Theater Productions, Miscellaneous,  1895-1909:

      "Dreaming, Dreaming," 1897, THE SERENADE
      "Fairy Tales," 1897, THE IDOL'S EYE
      "I Love Thee, I Adore Thee," 1897, THE SERENADE
      "I Want a Man to Love Me," 1909, OLD DUTCH
      "If Only You Were Mine," 1900, THE SINGING GIRL
      "I'll Dream of Thee," 1908, ALGERIA
      "March," 1899, instrumental, THE SINGING GIRL
      "March," 1900, instrumental, THE VICEROY
      "My Gypsy Sweetheart," 1909, OLD DUTCH
      "Nancy, I Fancy You," 1906, DREAM CITY-THE MAGIC KNIGHT
      "Only One of Anything," 1908, ALGERIA
      "The Only One," 1905, WONDERLAND
      "The Serenade," 1897, instrumental, THE SERENADE
      "A Soldier's Love," 1908, THE PRIMA DONNA
      "Star Light, Star Bright," 1895, THE WIZARD OF THE NILE
      "Tony, the Peddler," 1903, BABETTE
      "Waltzes," 1895, instrumental, THE WIZARD OF THE NILE
      "Waltzes," 1899, instrumental, THE SINGING GIRL
      "When the Bugles Are Calling," 1895, THE WIZARD OF THE NILE.
      (21 items)

Box 54


    Y -- Miscellaneous Operettas, 1911-1944

    "The Bubble Song," 1924, THE DREAM GIRL
    "The Century Girl," 1916, THE CENTURY GIRL
    "The Cricket on the Hearth," 1913, SWEETHEARTS
    "Cupid Tell Me Why," 1911, MLLE. ROSITA
    "Dagger Dance," 1911, instrumental, NATOMA
    "God Shall Guide Us," 1944, THE CALL TO FREEDOM
    "I Cannot Sleep without Dreaming of You," 1920, THE GIRL 
    "A Little Girl at Home," 1912, THE LADY OF THE SLIPPER
    "Little Old New York," 1923, LITTLE OLD NEW YORK
    "My Dream Girl," 1924, THE DREAM GIRL
    "Out of His Heart He Builds a Home," 1916, THE CINDERELLA MAN
    "Princess of Far Away" 1912, THE LADY OF THE SLIPPER
    "Soldier Men," 1917, HER REGIMENT
    "Someday," n.d., HER REGIMENT
    "To the Land of My Own Romance," 1911, THE ENCHANTRESS
    "There's a Tender Look in Your Eyes," 1920, THE GIRL IN THE SPOTLIGHT
    "What's the Use of Moonlight?," 1911, THE ROSE SHOP
    "The Wooing of the Violin," 1920, OUI MADAME 
    Instrumental Selection, 1920, THE GIRL IN THE SPOTLIGHT
    (25 items)

    Z -- ZIEGFELD FOLLIES, 1920-1923

      Contains: "The Legend of the Golden Tree," "The Love Boat," "I'd Love to Waltz through Life with You," "Weaving My Dreams," and "When the Right One Comes Along." (5 items)

    AA-BB -- Motion Picture Productions, 1903-1944

    AA -- SWEETHEARTS, 1913-1938:

      Includes: "Pretty as a Picture" and "Sweethearts." (8 items)

    BB -- Motion Picture Productions, Miscellaneous, 1903-1944:

      "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life," 1944, NAUGHTY MARIETTA
      "I'm Falling in Love with Someone," 1910, NAUGHTY MARIETTA
      "Italian Street Song," 1921, NAUGHTY MARIETTA
      "A Kiss in the Dark," 1922, from THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT
      "Kiss Me Again," 1915, KISS ME AGAIN
      "March of the Toys," 1903, BABES IN TOYLAND
      "'Neath the Southern Moon," 1910, NAUGHTY MARIETTA
      "Rose of the World," 1940, THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT
      "Thine Alone," 1929, THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT
      "When Knighthood Was in Flower," 1922, WHEN KNIGHTHOOD 
          WAS IN FLOWER
      "When You're Away," 1914, HIS BUTLER'S SISTER
      (11 items)

    CC -- Professional/Artist Copies, 1910; 1940,

      Includes: "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" and "Rose of the World." (6 items)

    DD -- Folios, Vocal, 1927-1945

      Includes incomplete items. (7 items)

    EE -- Folios, Instrumental Arrangements, 1911-1948

      Includes incomplete items. (7 items)

Subseries 4.123:  Billy Hill and DeDette Lee Hill, 1921-1946

Box 172


    A-G -- General Songs, 1921-1946, not related to stage, screen or other topical categories.

                 Hill also used the pseudonym  George Brown.

    A-B -- Collaboration with Larry Yoell, 1921-1925

    A -- 1921-1925:

    Includes: "Tennessee Moon" and "Then You'll Understand."  (8 items)

    B -- 1922-1923:

    Multiple editions of "Rock-A-Bye My Baby Blues" and "The West, a Nest, and You" (one edition includes lyrics for radio).   (13 items)

    C-I --  Songs, 1921-1938, written exclusively by Hill.

    C -- 1921-1936:

    Includes: "The Call of the Canyon," "The Old Covered Bridge,"  and "On a Little
    Dream Ranch."  (24 items)

    D -- 1933-1935:

    Multiple editions of "The Old Spinning Wheel," "There's a Cabin in the Pines," and "Lights Out."   (35 items)

    E -- 1936-1938:

    Multiple editions of  "All Ashore," "The Glory of Love," and   "In the Chapel in the Moonlight."   (24 items)

    F-G -- Collaboration with Others, 1921-1946

    F -- 1921-1946:

    Includes: "In the Dark," "In the Mission by the Sea" (different tune and
    lyrics than same title in Folder O), "Sleepy Head," and "Timber."  
    (25 items)

    G -- 1929-1936:

    Multiple editions of "Alone at a Table for Two," "The Miller's Daughter
    Marianne," "Rock Me to Sleep in My Rocky Mountain Home," and "They
    Cut Down the Old Pine Tree."  (25 items)

    H-I -- Songs, 1928-1933, written exclusively by Hill, as George Brown.

Box 173


    H  -- 1928:

    Multiple editions of "Dream River."  (5 items)

    I -- 1928-1933:

    Includes: "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By," "Little Sweetheart of the Prairie,"
    "The Old Man of the Mountain," and "When I Was a Boy from the Mountains." 
    (24 items)

    J-K -- Collaboration with Peter De Rose, 1933-1938

    J -- 1933-1934:

    Multiple editions of "Have You Ever Been Lonely?" and "Rain."  (15 items)

    K -- 1933-1938:

    Includes: "In the Mission by the Sea" (different tune and lyrics than same title in Folder F), "Louisville Lady," "The Oregon Trail," "Rollin' Home," and "There's a Home in Wyomin'." 
    (30 items)

    L -- Collaboration with DeDette Lee Hill, 1938-1941

    Includes: "Put on an Old Pair of Shoes" and "There's a Little Box of Pine on the 7:29."  Also three songs by DeDette Lee Hill, Willard Robison, and Johnny Marks, without Hill. 
    (8 items)

    M -- Musical Theater Productions, Miscellaneous, 1933-1936

    "The Last Round-Up," 1933, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES
    "The Scene Changes," 1936, A PRIVATE AFFAIR
    "Something to Remember," 1933; 1935, PETTICOAT FEVER 
    (9 items)

    N -- Motion Picture Production, 1936, "Empty Saddles," RHYTHM ON THE
           RANGE.  (1 item)

    O-Q -- Professional/Artist Copies, 1929-1941

    O -- 1929-1940, as "George Brown":

    Includes: "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By," "The Song of the River," and 
    "They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree."  (14 items)

    P -- 1933-1940, as Billy Hill:

    Includes: "Alone at a Table for Two," with violin and piano arrangements, "Colorado Memories" and several other standards with piano arrangements, and "Timber," with arrangement for male quartette.  (60 items)

    Q -- 1935-1941,  DeDette Lee Hill, with Billy Hill and "George Brown,":

    Includes: "Address Unknown," "Old Folks," and "Who Calls?"  (5 items)

    R -- Folios, 1934-1935

    Contains: Billy Hill's American Home Songs and The Gem Dance Folio for 1935.  (5 items)

Subseries 4.124: Bob Hilliard, 1941-1960

Box 174


    A -- General Songs, 1947-1960, not related to stage, screen, or other topical categories.

            Includes: "Be My Life's Companion" and "My Little Corner of the World." 
            (10 items)

    B -- Ethnic Songs, Miscellaneous, 1947-1953; 1954

    Contains:  "Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)" and "Somebody Bad Stole de Wedding Bell."   (3 items)

    C -- Professional/Artist Copies, 1941-1950

    Contains: "Be My Life's Companion" and "Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume."  (5 items)

Subseries 4.125: Joseph E. Howard, 1896-1942; 1947

Box 174


    A-B -- General Songs, 1899-1937, not related to stage, screen, or other topical categories.

    A -- 1899-1937:

    Includes: "An Echo of Her Smile," "Good-Bye My Lady Love," and "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now."  "Hello, Ma Baby" is missing covers.  (29 items)

    B -- 1911:

    Multiple editions of "Just a Little Smile."   (5 items)

    C -- Ethnic Songs, Miscellaneous, 1903-1941

    Contains American Indian, African American, and Chinese subjects.  (3 items)

    D-E -- Armed Conflict Songs, 1917-1942

    D -- 1917:

    Multiple editions of "Somewhere in France Is a Lily."  (11 items)

    E -- 1917-1942:

    Includes: "Let's Stay Over Here."  (3 items)

    F -- Instrumental Composition, 1896, "The Howard Two-Step."  (2 items)

    G-M -- Musical Theater Productions, 1905-1924

    G -- 1905; 1906:

    Contains songs from THE DISTRICT LEADER and THE UMPIRE. (16 items)

    H  -- 1906; 1907:

    Contains songs from THE FLOWER OF THE RANCH and THE TIME, THE PLACE, AND THE GIRL .  (30 items)

Box 175


    I -- 1907; 1909:

    Contains songs from THE GIRL QUESTION and THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY.  (23 items)

    J -- 1908:

    Contains songs from HONEYMOON TRAIL and A STUBBORN CINDERELLA.  (15 items)

    K -- 1909:

    OF TONIGHT.  (25 items)

    L -- 1910-1920:

    Contains songs from CHIN TOY, MISS NOBODY FROM STARLAND, and THE SWEETEST GIRL IN PARIS.  (19 items)

Box 176


    M -- Musical Theater Productions, Miscellaneous, 1902-1924; n.d.:

    "Cinderella," 1905, THE LAND OF NOD
    "Drink to the Glorious Night," 1904, HIS HIGHNESS THE BEY
    "I'm Lonesome for You," 1905, THE ISLE OF BONG-BONG
    "Just a Little Smile," 1911, LOVE AND POLITICS
    "Just for You," 1911, LOVE AND POLITICS
    "Levee Lou," 1924, THE TOY SHOP
    "Lindy Come Along," 1911, LOVE AND POLITICS
    "Louie," 1904, HIS HIGHNESS THE BEY
    "Love for a Day," 1912, FRIVOLOUS GERALDINE
    "Love Me All the Time," 1909, THE BLUE MOUSE
    "Same Old Moon," 1905, THE LAND OF NOD
    "Sara Sunshine," 1902, THE PARADERS
    "Some of These Nights," 1915, THE GIRL OF TOMORROW
    "Sweethearts of Boyhood Days," 1904, HIS HIGHNESS THE BEY
    "When It's Honeysuckle Time Way Down in Georgia," n.d., REVUE
    (20 items)

    N -- Motion Picture Productions, Miscellaneous, 1904-1909; 1947

    Contains songs from I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW.   "Honeymoon" was also in TIME, PLACE, AND THE GIRL.  (7 items)

    O -- Professional/Artist Copies, 1899-1934; 1937

    Includes: "I Don't Like Your Family" and "You Look Awfully Good to Father."  (15 items)




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