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Other Collection Divisions: Cinema Lobby Cards

The following information is provided, when available or appropriate, for each lobby card: (1) box number, (2) folder number, (3) title of motion picture, (4) number of cards in the collection, (5) the name of the motion picture company that released the film, (6) and the name of star in the film.

Box Folder Title Company Star
1 1 Anne of Green Gables (2) Realart Mary Miles Minter
    Arizona Manhunt (3) Republic Michael Chapin
    At the End of the World (1) Paramount Betty Compson
    Back Door to Heaven (5) Paramount Wallace Ford
    Blazing Trail, The (3) Universal Frank Mayo
    Boy Trouble (8) Paramount Charlie Ruggles
  2 Can't Help Singing (8) Universal Deanna Durbin
    Cheater, The (1) Metro May Allison
    Children of Destiny (2) Republic Edith Hallor
    Climax, The (8) Universal Boris Karloff
    Clover's Rebellion (2)   Anita Stewart
    Cock of the Air (1) United Artists Chester Morris
    Common Property (1) Universal  
  3 Crime of the Century, The (11) Paramount Jean Hersholt
    Day She Paid, The (3) Universal Francelia Billington
    Dead Reckoning (8) Columbia Humphrey Bogart
  4 Desperate Youth (3) Universal Gladys Walton
    Devil's Pass Key, The (1) Universal Von Stroheim
    Diamond Trail (1) Monogram Rex Bell
    Down on the Farm (4)   Mack Sennett's
    Eyes of the Heart (3) Realart Mary Miles Minter
    Fools Gold (3)   Mitchell Lewis
  5 French Heels (4) Hodgkinson Irene Castle
    Front Page, The (6) United Artists Adolphe Menjou
    Frontier Scout (1) United Artists Tony Martin
    Garden of Eden, The (8) United Artists Corinne Griffith
  6 Gilded Dream, The (3) Universal Carmel Myers
    Great Air Robbery, The (3) Universal Lockbar
    Great Jasper, The (10) Radio Richard Dix
  7 Hello, Everybody (1) Paramount Kate Smith
    Hero Land (1)    
    His Divorced Wife (4)   Monroe Salsbury
    Humoresque (5) Paramount Alma Rubens
  6 Iron Mask, The (5) United Artist Douglas Fairbanks
    Jenny Be Good (6) Realart Mary Miles Minter
2 1 Jungle Bride (1) Monogram Anita Page
    King of the Circus (8) Universal Eddie Polo
    Lawless Breed, The (2) Universal Rock Hudson
    Little Lord Fauntleroy (8)   Mary Pickford
  2 The Lone Defender (7) Mascot Rin-Tin-Tin
    Love Flower, The (7)    
    Love's Flame (4) Fidelity Thomas Carrigan
    Magic Cup, The (2) Realart Constance Binney
    Mark of Zorro, The (4)   Douglas Fairbanks
  3 Mollycoddle, The (3) United Artists Douglas Fairbanks
    My Best Girl (7) United Artists Mary Pickford
    Night of Love, The (6) Unknown Ronald Colman
    Night Work (6) Paramount Mary Boland
  4 Nine Days a Queen (1)   Cedric Hardwicke
    On Such a Night (8) Grant Richards Grant Richards
    One Hour Before Dawn (3) Pathe' H. B. Warner
    Outside Woman, The (3) Real Art Wanda Hawley
    Passers By (3) Pathe' Herbert Rawlinson
  5 Phantom of the Opera (8) Universal Nelson Eddy
    Prisoner of Zenda, The (1) MGM  
    Rouge and Riches (2)   Mary McLaren
  6 Sailor Be Good (1) Radio Jack Oakie
    She Wouldn't Say Yes (11) Columbia Lee Bowman
    Sheik, The (1) Paramount Rudolph Valentino
    Sky Devils (4) United Artists Spencer Tracy
  7 Sons of the Legion (8) Paramount Lynn Overman
    Son, The of the Sheik (3) United Artist Rudolph Valentino
    Sparrows (7) United Artist Mary Pickford
    Spite Bride, The (5) Selznick Olive Thomas
3 1 Strictly Personal (25) Paramount Majorie Rambeau
  2 Tess of the Storm Country (7)   Mary Pickford
    Too Much Speed (1) Paramount Wallace Reed
    Triflers, The (1) Universal Edith Roberts
    Two Lovers (3) Samuel Goldwyn Ronald Colman
    Under Crimson Skies (4) Universal Elmo Lincoln
    Under Suspicion (2)   Ora Carew
    Virgin, The of Stamboul (6)   Priscilla Dean
  3 Wallop, The (2) Universal Harry Carey
    When the Clouds Roll By (6)   Douglas Fairbanks
    Woman's Secret, A (8) Allied Productions Mae Marsh
    Wolves of the North (3)   Eva Novak

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Revised: December 27, 2002