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Other Collection Divisions: Stereographs, 1865-1931

(4 cu. ft.: 11 stereograph boxes)

by: Jennifer Songster and David Haberstich, 1991, revised 2002


A stereograph consists of two nearly identical images, generally photographs, exposed as a rule simultaneously and from a distance separation of approximately two-and-one-half inches, mounted on a card and viewed, with or without the aid of a binocular viewer, to produce the simulation of three dimensions. The subject of the stereograph and its waves of popularity in the United States and elsewhere is treated in a number of books, but authoritatively and exhaustively in William Culp Darrah's monumental book, The World of the Stereograph.(1) Stereographs were manufactured and distributed commercially in large quantities by publishers for mass markets as objects of both entertainment and education, but they were also produced in smaller quantities for specialized markets. The stereograph was the dominant form of photography in the nineteenth century. Its immense popularity lasted approximately until the cinema and halftone-illustrated print media sent it into eclipse after World War I..(2)

(1)William C. Darrah's The World of the Stereograph (self-published, 1977), the most authoritative reference in stereography but long out of print, is again available, in a reprint edition issued by J. Richiuso of Land Yacht Press, Nashville, 1998.

(2)Melody D. Davis, "An essential reprint in stereography (William C. Darrah’s ‘The World of Stereographs’)," Art Journal, Fall 1998.

Scope and Content

Over two thousand stereographs (or stereoscopic photographs) are among the estimated two million documents and items of business ephemera in the Warshaw Collection. It is likely that Isadore Warshaw collected the stereographs both as examples of business advertising and as pictorial representations of commercial products, historical themes, and other subjects. Many of these stereographs contain advertisements for non-photographic businesses, as well as imprints of photographers' names and studio locations. There is also a substantial minority of items which bear no identification at all.

One group of images deserves particular note: In the section headed "New York-Albany" are approximately 125 stereographs from the Julius Wendt and Wendt Bros. studios located in Albany at the turn of the twentieth century. The subjects include street scenes, Washington Park, the state capitol building, and citizens of the area. Many of the stereographs of people in this group have biographical newspaper clippings affixed to the versos. A large number of stereographs from one studio is significant, and these images provide a fascinating document of Albany and its citizens from 1900 to 1905. Another stereograph of special interest is an advertisement for the stereoscopic photographer T. F. M. White of New Bedford, Mass., which was located in the "photography" category. This view contains text and an image, both of which yield a three-dimensional effect when viewed through a stereoscope. While these examples stand out as highlights of the collection, there are other excellent examples of the form from the 1860s through the early 1900s. Much subject matter is fairly typical of stereographs, including views of Western scenery, railroads, resorts, bridges, and street scenes. The quality of the compositions and the condition of the cards varies widely. Currently there are eleven boxes of images and over one hundred categories, as described in the Container List. More stereographs may be added if they are found elsewhere in the Warshaw Collection, and this inventory will be updated accordingly.

The stereographs are the work of many photographers and publishers from the 1860s to the 1920s; they are primarily American views of American scenes, although there is also a section of foreign views. As mentioned above, they are filed in the stereograph boxes according to their original business ephemera locations, whether in the topical or geographical series. Some categories contain only a single item, others contain many.

The Container List and the automated SIRIS catalogue of these stereographs are controlled at the sub-series level, by category title; but when there are many items in a category, the more notable images and better-known makers are identified. Most early images are silver albumen and later views are silver gelatin unless otherwise noted; "lithoprints" are photomechanical. The "See also" references indicate related images in other categories.


Warshaw presumably collected these stereographs from a variety of sources. Many, however, are rubber-stamped on the verso, "Given Feb. 28, 1927 / by Wm. S. Appleton" or "Given Feb. 28, 1928 / by Wm. S. Appleton." These marks may indicate that the material may have resided in a public collection or library of some sort prior to Warshaw's acquisition of them.

Reorganization Notes

Originally, these stereographs were interfiled with other materials in the Warshaw Collection. It was felt that this arrangement could be damaging to the stereographs and appeared in many instances to be haphazard. Therefore, in 1991 they were rehoused to ensure their preservation, and reorganized to better facilitate their use as research tools. Whenever possible, categories from the primary Warshaw materials have been retained; however, new categories which matched typical or traditional stereograph subject arrangement were added. This method created some overlap among categories, so it is suggested that a researcher follow "see also" terms within the section descriptions. The stereographs are now organized by topical and geographical categories. Selected photographers have been indexed as well.

It may seem strange that portions of a collection should be removed from their original context, consolidated, and separated from the rest of the collection, but this was done to make the Warshaw stereographs more accessible to photographic historians and others interested primarily in documentary photographic evidence, rather than advertising imagery, trade literature, and text materials. Also, storage of the stereographs in standard document boxes posed a hazard to the material because of their size and form, especially prints on curved or "warped" mounts, which might be crushed or mishandled if filed with other items in disparate formats and sizes. Jennifer Songster-Burnett located, organized, and catalogued the majority of these stereographs as an internship project in spring 1991. The prior association of these images with Warshaw Collection topical categories was retained to ensure their continued availability to users of the Business Ephemera Vertical Files. Often cross- reference copies have been placed in the Business Ephemera boxes to indicate specific images which were refiled, and many cards are arranged according to the original category titles. A researcher with citations to stereographs in their original locations can relocate them easily in the parallel arrangement of the stereographs.

The consolidation of stereographs from all categories should enhance their utility for scholars seeking specifically photographic documentation of objects, places, and events. In the original vertical files, the stereographs' multiple topical and thematic associations were often obscured. A stereograph from the "Insurance" category, for example, depicts an architecturally distinguished insurance company building in Milwaukee, but the architectural historian might not search that category for views of buildings: among the stereographs, even the accidental or serendipitous finding of this image will be faster and easier. The project also facilitated more detailed cataloguing of these images, with considerable cross- referencing and subject descriptors in the automated database (SIRIS): for example, the insurance building, the only item in the "Insurance" category of the stereographs subdivision, has been cross-referenced under architectural descriptors, and can be accessed in this manner as well.


Box Date Range and Number Description (Most early images are silver albumen and later views are silver gelatin unless otherwise noted; "lithoprints" are photomechanical)


1 Ca.1875-1902


Afro-Americans (non-stereotyped images of African Americans): man picking figs, by Havens (Savannah, Ga.); dilapidated house, by A. F. Styles (Burlington, Vt.) from "Scenes in Florida"(#635); and "Little Tea Pickers" by Underwood & Underwood.

See also: Agriculture, Cotton, Foreign, Groups, Houses, New York--Albany, Racial Stereotypes, Saloons, Taxidermy

1 Ca.1868-1905


Agriculture: Several are fruit trees (orange, coconut, pomegranate, and apple), and fields of corn and rice, also images of haying and plowing. Three lithographic cards, and views by Nowack and John P. Soule.

See also: African-Americans, California, Cotton, Dakota Territory, Horses, Livestock, Mammoth Trees, Massachusetts, Plants, Railroad, World Expositions

1 1896- ca.1903


Animals (pets, wild, and in zoos, but no livestock, birds, or horses): including two of "Alligators in Central Park" published by Alfred S. Campbell, with advertisement for the American Tobacco Co. on the verso; an Alaskan wolf; two donkeys; a cat, printed by Wendt Bros., Albany, N.Y.; and a lithoprint of "Romey," hero dog of the Great Johnstown Flood.

See also: Disasters, Foreign, Gardens and Parks, Horses, Hunting and Fishing, Livestock, New York--Albany, World Expositions

1 Ca.1875-1885


Bandstands: "The Musicians' Pagoda," title on verso; and the "Music Stand in Washington Square" [New York City] from the American Scenery, New York City series.

See also: Gardens and Parks

1 1897-1901 (5) Beaches: including people in bathing attire on beaches and in the water at Atlantic City and Asbury Park, N.J., and Narragansett, Mass., by B. W. Kilburn, C. H. Graves, and unidentified photographers.

See also: Boats and Boating, California, Groups, Hotels, Landscapes, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York--Albany

1 1883-1898 (6) Bicycles, bicycle clubs, bicycle races: including two humorous views, a bicycle club at the World's Fair Dedication Parade, and an amateur image of a boy with a bicycle in a yard.

See also: Comic and Genre, Electricity, Houses, New York--Albany, Ohio, Parades, Streetcars and Subways, World Expositions

1 Ca.1876-1885


Birds: including the bald eagle, "Old Abe," the Live Wisconsin War Eagle.

See also: Civil War, World Expositions

1 Ca.1870-1913


Boats and Boating (mostly recreational, plus steamboats and ships): including the Dell Queen in the Wisconsin Dells, several of ferries, rowboats; a view of Pontoosuc[?] Lake (1913), printed by Julius Wendt; and a view of two sailors seated on a boat behind whom is a sign, "Standard Oil Company/Dock".

See also: Beaches; Florida; Foreign; Houses; Illinois; New Jersey; New York--Albany; --Lake George; --Niagara Falls; --Saratoga Springs, --Thousand Islands, Railroads, Ships, Steamboats, World Expositions

1 Ca.1868-1902


Bridges, including Niagara Falls suspension bridge (seven); Great Kinzua Bridge under construction near Alton, Pa. (two); an unidentified covered bridge; Brooklyn Bridge; views by Chas. Bierstadt, John P. Soule; others.

See also: Colorado, Foreign, Houses, Hunting and Fishing, Kansas, Landscapes, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York City, New York--Albany, --Niagara Falls, --Watkins Glen, Pennsylvania, Railroads, Steamboats, World Expositions

1 1905


Butterflies: a man with a butterfly net in a garden (possibly printed by Wendt Bros., Albany, N.Y.), titled on verso, "Papa's Pastime at Peekskill," 1905.

See also: Gardens and Parks

1 Ca.1897


Camps and Camping: Three men at a campsite, titled "Camping in a Palmetto Forest, Fla." (duplicates), published by Littleton View Co.

See also: Florida, Hunting and Fishing, Religion, Wyoming

1 Ca.1870s-1905


Cemeteries (and headstones), most by unidentified photographers, including: a view of the National Cemetery at Richmond; an unidentified headstone monument, by J. J. Hawes; two sets of duplicates of people posed with headstones; and a series of three of the Laurel Glen Mausoleum (Bowman Family), Cuttingsville, Vermont, including one with the photographer's camera visible in a mirror; and one (printed by Julius Wendt) of the "Lathrop Monument at Rural Cemetery" [Albany, N.Y.?].

See also: Churches, Foreign, Fountains, Groups, Landscapes, Marble, Massachusetts, Monuments and Sculpture, New York--Albany, Ohio, Photography, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

2 Ca.1865-1885


Churches: two groups, "Exteriors" and "Interiors," the majority being unidentified views of altars and sanctuaries, including two exteriors by Thomas Houseworth & Co. (San Francisco). Other photographers include Webber, Wade, Geo. Pine.

See also: California, California--San Francisco, Cemeteries, Disasters, Foreign, Georgia, Groups, Interiors, Landscapes, Louisi- ana, Massachusetts, New York City--Streets, New York--Albany, --Niagara Falls, Religion, Utah

2 Ca.1868-1900


Cities and Towns: unidentified city street scenes, photographers unidentified, including one with Consolidated Towel Co. wagon in prominent view.

See also: Industry, Landscapes, Streetcars and Subways, Wagons

2 Ca.1870-1890


Civil War: mostly Gettysburg, including three copies of etchings titled "First Day's Fight," "Second Day's Fight," and "Battle of Gettysburg--3rd day"; and a pirated copy of the famous Gardner image of dead on the battlefield, titled "Dead on Culp's Hill"; several stamped on verso as from the Battlefield Museum at Gettysburg.

See also: Birds, California--San Francisco, Military, Monuments and Sculpture, Navy, Parades, Pennsylvania

2 Ca.1870-1900


Comic and Genre: humorous and exaggerated subjects, including F. G. Weller's "A Muss in the Band" and the Geo. Barker image (published by Strohmeyer & Wyman, sold by Underwood & Underwood) "Perils of the Wilderness--A Fight for Life."

See also: Bicycles, Hotels, Marriage, Musical Instruments

2 Ca.1880-1895


Cotton: people picking cotton (three views), cotton plantation in Arkansas (one); two are by Underwood & Underwood, one by B.W. Kilburn, and one unidentified.

See also: Afro-Americans, Agriculture, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana

2 Ca.1880-1906


Disasters: two lithographs from the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake Series; one of a church in Galveston, Texas after the Galveston Disaster; one unidentified view of a pile of rubble.

See also: Animals, California--San Francisco, Churches, Fires and Fire Fighting, Hotels, Texas

2 Ca.1870-1896


Education: two class portraits-one identified. as Willard School, the other unidentified; and "Cathedral Residence & School, Cleveland, O." by Alfred S. Campbell, Elizabeth, N.J.

See also: Churches, Groups, Streetcars and Subways

2 1901-1902 (5) Electricity: two of General Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y., printed by Julius Wendt (Albany); one by James M. Davis, published by B. W. Kilburn, copyright 1901, of the Electricity Building at the Paris Exposition; and two by Davis, copyright 1902 by Kilburn, of the Pan-American Exposition illuminated at night.

See also: Bicycles, New York--Albany, Railroad, World Expositions

2 Ca.1875-1880


Fires and Fire Fighting: apparently rubble after a fire; group portrait of the Woolsey [Fla..?] Fire Engine Company, No. 1, by John A. Walker, Pensacola, Fla.; the Conemaugh Boro Fire Engine, Johnstown, Pa.; and a horse-drawn engine racing down a street, with a nice motion effect, by unidentified maker.

See also: Disasters, Florida, Groups, Inventions, Stores

2 Ca. 1910 (1) Flour: lithoprint, flour piled on a sidewalk--image contains both wagons and automobiles.

See also: Wagons

2 Ca.1870-1879


Food: exterior view of the Boston Branch Grocery; and a still life of fruit and flowers by J.S. Moulton.

See also: Glassware, Wagons

2 Ca.1870-1900


Fountains: Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York; "The Fountain at Central Park, N.Y."; Bethesda Fountain with advertisement for Vail's Ideal Tooth Powder, Vail Bros. Ideal Series, Philadelphia; and an unidentified fountain.

See also: Cemeteries, Foreign, Gardens and Parks, New York City, New York--Albany

2 Ca.1875-1885


Fraternal Organizations: interior, Masonic Hall, St. Paul, Minn., by F.A. Taylor; unidentified altar-type arrangement.

See also: Interiors, Minnesota, Religion

2 Ca. 1860s? (1) Games: "Chess Playing," No. 416 from "Miscellaneous Groups" series, Flat card, yellow mount.
2 Ca.1870-1900


Gardens and Parks: mostly New York City parks (Central, Prospect, etc.), but also a few private gardens; Shaw's Missouri Botonical Garden, by Boehl & Koenig; and "public garden, Boston." Views by Chas. Pollack, C. Seaver, J. Hall, John S. Moulton, and Anthony.

See also: Animals, Bandstands, Butterflies, Fountains, Massachusetts, Missouri, Monuments and Sculpture, New York City, New York--Albany, Portraits, Wyoming

3 Ca.1875-1880


Glassware: glass pedestal bowl with oranges, by [George?] Bretz (blind-stamp on print).

See also: Food

3 Ca.1868-1900


Groups: unidentified groups of people, most posed, all but one taken outdoors. Includes images by S.F. Adams and G.W. Pach.

See also: Afro-Americans, Beaches, California--Yosemite Valley, Cemeteries, Dakota Territory, Education, Fires and Fire Fighting, Foreign, Hotels, Houses, Interiors, Landscapes, Mammoth Trees, Minnesota, Native Americans, New Jersey, New York City, New York--Albany, --Catskills, --Saratoga Springs, --Watkins Glen, Photography, Politics and Presidents, Portraits, Steamboats, Stores, Streetcars and Subways, Taxidermy, Texas, World Expositions

3 Ca.1900-1905


Hats: man wearing advertising sign for the Dollar Hat Store [Albany, N.Y.?], printed by Julius Wendt.

See also: Men's Clothing, New York--Albany

3 Ca.1870-1905


Horses: four views, two of stables, including Lady Fanny by Anthony; Topeka Bell by S. Towle; Vosburch's Wood Yard and Boarding Stable, printed by Julius Wendt; and the Palmer House Stables and the Leland Hotel Stables, Chicago.

See also: Agriculture, Animals, California--San Francisco, --Yosemite Valley, Foreign, Hotels, Houses, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York City--Streets, New York--Albany, --Saratoga Springs, Railroad, Wagons, Wyoming

3 Ca.1875-1885


Hospitals: a room for what appears to be a hospital bazaar, published by A. D. White.

See also: Florida, Interiors

3 Ca.1860-1905


Hotels: subdivided by state, including five Florida (mostly St. Augustine); one Louisiana; six Massachusetts, including the Hotel Wendell, printed by Julius Wendt; one Minnesota; seventeen New Hampshire, including the Tip Top House, the Glen House and the Profile House, by Chas. Bierstadt, the Kilburn Bros, S. F. Adams, and others; three New Jersey; twenty-eight New York, mostly Saratoga Springs but including the Catskills, Coney Island, and New York City, by Baker & Record, Anthony, J. W. & J. S. Moulton, S. R. Stoddard, and others; two duplicates of Burnett House, Cincinnati by Anthony; two Pennsylvania, one actually a miniature model titled on verso, "Views along the Line of the Lehigh Valley Railroad..."; Eagle Hotel by M. A. Kleckner; and seven miscellaneous hotels, one printed by Julius Wendt, and one with bathhouses on a beach in the foreground.

See also: Beaches, California, Comic and Genre, Disasters, Foreign, Florida, Groups, Horses, Illinois, Interiors, Landscapes, Lousiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York--Adirondacks, --Albany, --Catskills, --Saratoga Springs, --Thousand Islands, --Watkins Glen, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Railroad, Wagons

3 Ca.1870s-1905


Houses, exterior views: miscellaneous houses, all but two unidentified (Idlewild & H. B. Stowe house, Florida); one under construction, printed by Julius Wendt; and one, possibly the reconstruction of several houses. Other photographers include J. W. & J. S. Moulton and Anthony.

See also: Afro-Americans, Bicycles, Boats and Boating, Bridges, California--San Francisco, --Yosemite Valley, Colorado, Dakota Territory, District of Columbia, Florida, Foreign, Georgia, Groups, Horses, Kansas, Landscapes, Maine, New Hampshire, New York City, New York--Albany, --Niagara Falls, --Thousand Islands, Pennsylvania, Texas.

3 Ca.1870-1901


Hunting and Fishing: including seven of hunting deer or bears, most by Kilburn; two waterfowl hunting (one printed by Julius Wendt, the other from a Standard Series); and a catch of fish by Kilburn, with advertisement for the Holmes Stereoscope by Joseph L. Bates, Boston, on verso).

See also: Animals, Bridges, Camps and Camping, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations, Wyoming

4 Ca. 1880s (1) Industry: unidentified industrial-looking landscape (possibly Boston area).

See also: Cities and Towns, Foreign, Landscapes

4 Ca. 1880s (1) Insurance: "Milwaukee--North Western Insurance Building," flat yellow card with label "Stereoscopic Views," photographer unidentified.
4 Ca.1870s-1910s


Interiors: including one by Perkins & LeFavour and two that appear to be libraries.

See also: Churches, District of Columbia, Fraternal Organiza- tions, Foreign, Groups, Hospitals, Hotels, Machinery, Minnesota, Musical Instruments, New York--Albany, Plants, Politics and Presidents, Prisons, Religion, Steamboats, Stores, World Expositions

4 Ca. 1880s (1) Inventions: a miniature steam fire engine built by Henry C. Gaunt, photograph by J. H. Lloyd..

See also: Fires and Fire Fighting, Portraits

4 Ca.1860s-1880s


Landscapes: unidentified, by Anthony, Chas. Bierstadt, E. T. Brigham, Augustine Folsom, Miller & Brown, H. F. Preston, and unidentified photographers.

See also: Arkansas, Arizona, Beaches, Bridges, California-- Yosemite Valley, Cemeteries, Cities and Towns, Churches, Colorado, Florida, Groups. Hotels, Houses, Industry, Livestock, Louisiana, Military, Minnesota, Missouri, Native Americans, New York--Adiron- dacks, --Catskills, --Lake George, Pennsylvania, Photography, Portraits, Railroad, Sports, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

4 Ca.1870s-1902


Livestock: sheep, pigs, and a milk cow, by Leander Baker, Kilburn, and Underwood & Underwood.

See also: Agriculture, Animals, Landscapes, Saloons, Stores

4 Ca.1900-1905


Luggage: possibly a luggage salesman seated in front of advertising for luggage, printed by Julius Wendt.

See also: New York--Albany

4 Ca.1870-1890s


Lumber Industry: logging, sawmills, and stacked wood, including one color lithoprint.

See also: California, Mammoth Trees, Minnesota, New York City

4 Ca. 1870s (1) Machinery: machinery, possibly a view of the Saratoga [N.Y.] Water Works, by W. H. Slipperly.

See also: Interiors, New York--Saratoga Springs, Ships, Stores, World Expositions

4 Ca.1865-1905


Mammoth Trees, California: including three by Thomas Houseworth, two of which are the house built on the Original Big Tree Stump; one

by Laurence & Houseworth, three by Anthony, four unidentified.

See also: Agriculture, California, Groups, Houses, Lumber Industry, Plants

4 Ca. 1875 (1) Marble: advertisement for White & Haven Rutland Marble Works, Rutland, Vt.

See also: Cemeteries, Monuments and Sculpture, Railroad

4 Ca.1865-1897


Marriage: four from the Kilburn comic series: "The Wedding"; and a tinted tissue stereograph of a wedding procession.

See also: Comic and Genre

4 Ca. 1870s (1) Men's Clothing: used as advertising for six business establishments listed on the verso in Martinburg, West Virginia, ranging from druggists to ticket agents.

See also: Hats

4 Ca. 1910 (1) Military: West Point Cadets' Marching Band.

See also: Civil War, Florida, Foreign, Landscapes, Musical Instruments, Navy, New York City, World Expositions

4 1865-1900 (7) Mining: mining equipment by Laurence & Houseworth and Underwood & Underwood; three of Chilkoot Pass; two duplicates by Keystone; and a color lithoprint.

See also: California, Foreign, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

4 Ca.1883-1909


Monuments and Sculpture: including the Saratoga Monument; two of the Council of War; the Burns Monument, Washington Park, Albany, N.Y., with Julius Wendt stamp on verso.

See also: Cemeteries, Civil War, Foreign, Gardens and Parks, Marble, Massachusetts, New York--Albany, --Saratoga Springs, World Expositions

4 Ca. 1903 (2) Musical Instruments: seated man with a banjo, printed by Julius Wendt (Albany, N.Y.); three children practicing various instruments, entitled "The Overture," by F.G. Weller.

See also: Comic and Genre, Illinois, Interiors, Military, New York--Albany

4 1865-1909 (9) Native Americans: including two of California Indians in non- traditional dress, by Laurence & Houseworth, and three portraits of families in traditional dress, from Watkins New Series.

See also: California, Groups, Landscapes, Portraits, World Expositions

4 Ca.1898-1908


Navies: U.S. battleships and sailors, including the Battleships Kansas, Massachusetts, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Indiana, and Connecticut, including two lithoprints.

See also: Civil War, Military, Ships

5 Ca. 1880s? (1) Optics: "Full Moon. / From negatives taken by Prof. H. Draper with his silvered glass telescope". Published by C[harles] Bierstadt, "sold only by Underwood & Underwood".
5 Ca.1880-1908


Parades: including several of G.A.R. reunions.

See also: Bicycles, Civil War, New York City, New York--Albany, Oregon, Pennsylvania, World Expositions

5 Ca.1870-1901


Photography: including the assembly of an Underwood Patent Extension Stereograph Cabinet; an unusual advertising stereograph for T.F.M. White (New Bedford, Mass.); a rural house with a sign for Knapp's stereoscopic views; a camera in a large gathering of people; and a little girl peering into a table model stereoscope.

See also: Cemeteries, Groups, Landscapes, Portraits, Religion, World Expositions

5 Ca.1865-1890


Plants: primarily individual plants and trees, as well as arrangements of plants, including an altar-type arrangement for a harvest celebration; the interior of a greenhouse; and a cactus plant by Laurence & Houseworth.

See also: Agriculture, California, Florida, Georgia, Interiors, Mammoth Trees, New York--Albany, Politics and Presidents

5 Ca. 1902 (1) Police: lithoprint of New York policemen.

See also: New York City

5 Ca.1870s-1905


Politics and Presidents: including "phantom leaf" arrangements with photographs of Lincoln, Garfield, and Cleveland, etc.; Theodore Roosevelt on Glacier Point, Yosemite (by Underwood & Underwood); two may be a campaign meeting (unidentified); and one of Grant's funeral procession, by Julius Wendt; several views of interior and exterior of the White House (usually surrounding other events). Other subjects including James Abram Garfield (1831-1881), Frances Folsom Cleveland (1864-1947), William McKinley (1843-1901), Edith Kermit Caron Roosevelt (1861-1948), William Henry Harrison (1773-1841).

See also: California--Yosemite Valley, District of Columbia, Groups, Interiors, New York--Albany, Photography, Plants, Portraits

5 Ca.1870s-1908


Portraits: including two that appear to be from J. Gurney's portrait series; three printed by Julius Wendt; and one of a woman standing at a wishing well.

See also: California--Yosemite Valley, Foreign, Gardens and Parks, Groups, Inventions, Landscapes, Michigan, Minnesota, Native Americans, New York--Albany, Photography, Politics and Presidents, Religion, Ships

5 Ca.1865-1880


Prisons: including an interior of Sing Sing Prison by Anthony; the Chain Shop, Mass. State Prison; and the North Carolina Penitentary, Raleigh.

See also: Interiors, Massachusetts, New York City

5 Ca. 1880s (1) Racial Stereotypes: from the popular series "Sambo and the Buttermilk Pail."

See also: Afro-Americans

5 Ca.1870s-1900


Railroads: divided by railroad company:

Central Pacific Railroad, by E. & H. T. Anthony, Alfred A. Hart, and Thomas Houseworth & Co. (4)

Denver & Rio Grande RR, published by W. G. Chamberlain, Denver (1).

Mt. Washington Railroad, by C[harles] Bierstadt, Kilburn Brothers, B.W. Kilburn, James M. Davis (9).Northern Pacific Railroad, by Chas. A. Tenney, F. Jay Haynes (5).

Pennsylvania Railroad (two, including one of a collision, by G[eorge] Barker, E. & H.T. Anthony & Co., Kilburn Brothers).

Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad, New Hampshire, by Kilburn Brothers, N. W. Pease (3).

St. Paul, Minn. & Omaha Railroad (office building), by Elmer & Tenney (1).

Union Pacific Railroad, by William Henry Jackson, Jackson Bros., A. J. Russell, and C[harles] R. Savage (5).

Rome, Watertown, and Ogdensburgh R.R., by A. C. McIntyre (1).

Utica & Black River Railroad, by A. C. McIntyre (7).

The Switch-Back Railroad, by A. M. Allen, Pottsville, Pa. (4).

Miscellaneous unidentified, including several by by A. J. Russell, Wendt Bros., and John P. Soule (15).See also: Agriculture; Arkansas; Boats and Boating; Bridges; California; Colorado; Dakota Territory; Electricity; Foreign; Horses; Hotels; Interiors; Kansas; Landscapes; Marble; Minnesota; Missouri; New Hampshire; New York City; New York--Niagara Falls, --Thousand Islands, --Watkins Glen; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Steamboats; Utah; Wagons; Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations; World Expositions; Wyoming.

6 Ca.1870s-1880s


Religion: all dealing with Christian beliefs, including two, apparently of camp meetings, 1 by D. W. Butterfield, the other unidentified; two leaf and flower arrangements surrounding photographs; one Passion Play, by Ingersoll, and seven by C. H. Graves, one titled "First Communion" from the Popular Series; and six relating to Christmas.

See also: Camps and Camping, Churches, Interiors, Photography, Portraits

6 Ca. 1870 (1) Saloons: G.A. Keyes Oyster Saloon (exterior), unidentified photographer (location unknown).

See also: Afro-Americans, Livestock, Steamboats, Stores, Wagons

6 1893-1908 (2) Ships: one of the Minnesota docked in Seattle, by Harwood; the other of the machine shop, Cramp's Ship Yards, Philadelphia., Pa., by Kilburn.

See also: Boats and Boating, Foreign, Machinery, Navy, New York--Albany, Pennsylvania, Steamboats

6 Ca. 1901 (2) Shoes: two, each showing a woman being fitted by a shoe salesman or cobbler; one copyrighted 1901 by B. L. Singley, published by Keystone View Co., captioned "Don't Get Above Your Business" (cat. #433); the other apparently from an earlier negative, although also mounted on a warped card, but unidentified. In the Keystone view, the man has a tape measure around the woman's leg above the ankle, and in the other picture, the tape is around the woman's foot. Both images are intended to be somewhat naughty or provocative, indicating the low humor which typifies some stereographs.
6 Ca. 1870s (2) Sports: croquet, one by J. S. Moulton, and one from the New Series, American Views.

See also: Houses, Landscapes

6 Ca.1870s-1900


Steamboats: including several interiors, one lithoprint; one with advertising for Cyrus Carter House Furnishings Goods (Troy, N.Y.); two, Albany (N.Y.) steamboat landing, by Veeder.

See also: Boats and Boating, Bridges, Groups, Interiors, New Hampshire, New York--Albany, Railroad, Saloons, Ships

6 Ca.1870s-1930


Stores: including a street showing a large hardware store; the interior of the Oriental Tea Co.'s Store, Boston, by W.H. Getchell; Weston & Hill Dry Goods, by an unidentified photographer; 103, Sears and Roebuck Co., one complete w/box and one unboxed set (missing cards 6, 13, and 28), and six miscellaneous cards from the Series ("A Trip through Sears & Roebuck & Co."); one interior, Thayer & Lamberton's Drug Store, Saratoga, N.Y.; A. T. Stewart's Retail Store & Grace Church, New York City; and an unidentified street with a hardware store.

See also: Fires and Fire Fighting, Groups, Hardware, Interiors, Machinery, New York--Saratoga Springs, Saloons, Taxidermy

6 Ca.1870s-1890s


Streetcars and Subways: primarily New York City's Elevated Railroad with views by J. S. Johnston and unidentified photographers, including a view with advertising for Cyrus Carter House Furnishing Goods.

See also: Bicycles, Groups, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and New York City, New York City--Streets, New York-- Albany, Ohio, Wagons, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

7 Ca.1875-1880


Taxidermy: front of Eggleston's Florida Shell Store and Eggleston & Miller Taxidermists.

See also: Afro-Americans, Florida, Groups, Livestock, Stores, Wagons

7 Ca.1860s-1910


Textiles: (1) "Middlesex Woolen Mill, Lowell" [Mass.]: faded albumen print on flat yellow card from "American Views. / New Series." (2) "No. 58. Monadnock Mills and Dam, from North St.," albumen print on flat green mount, from "Claremont and Vicinity" series by "French & Sawyer, Keene," with advertisement for Joseph L. Bates version of Holmes stereoscope, sold by French & Sawyer, on verso (originally CBA # 189). (3-6) four views by Kilburn Bros., two (duplicates) of the Mechanics Mill (Fall River, Mass.?) and two of the American Print Works. (7-8) by unidentified photographers (one was CBA # 198) of mill exteriors. These and the Kilburns are all on flat yellow mounts. (9) Card by Julius M. Wendt (Albany, N.Y.), exterior view of the Chuctanunda Knitting Mills, on a lightly warped gray card (ca. 1900 or later).
7 1909


Textiles: A Visit to / White Oak Cotton Mills, / Greensboro, N. C. / The Largest Denim Mill in the World. A "Stereo-Pack" of H. C. White "Perfec" stereographs with cover.
7 Ca. 1870 (3) Theater: Tinted tissue stereograph of a costumed theatrical production, in yellow mount; and two portraits of costumed actresses: albumen prints on flat yellow mounts, imprinted "Stereoscopic Gems."

See also: Colorado, Foreign, Utah

7 1896


Tobacco: These stereographs merely have American Tobacco Company advertisements on the verso, although one view, of a "Southern Auction House," may depict a tobacco auction. All images are albumen, despite the late date, by Alfred S. Campbell, Elizabeth, N.J. Other images include views of Washington, D.C. (Treasury Building, Peace Monument), New York City (three of Bethesda Fountain, one of the Post Office), the Boston, Mass. New State House, and "On Cent'l Viaduct, Cleveland, O."
7 Ca. 1860s


Toys: Children playing with toys. "The Young Architects" from "Comic and Groups" series; and three girls playing with dolls and carriages, from "Gems of German Life."
7 Ca. 1870s (3) Wagons: including two by S. F. Adams of carriages on Mt. Washington (one attributed to the location).

See also: California--San Francisco, Cities and Towns, Colorado, Flour, Food, Foreign, Horses, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York City--Streets, New York--Albany, New York--Saratoga Springs, Ohio, Railroad, Saloons, Streetcars and Subways, Taxidermy, Texas

7 1898-1905


War: Seven views of the Spanish-American War, by Underwood & Underwood, Keystone, Strohmeyer & Wyman, C. H. Graves, James M. Davis; and a color lithoprint of Richard Barry and Frederick Villiers, war correspondents at Port Arthur, by T. W. Ingersoll.
7 Ca.1870-1901


Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations: including the Winter King and the Winter Queen by Kilburn, and views by Procter, Preston, and Richardson. Mostly unidentified locations, unidentified photographers.

See also: Cemeteries, Colorado, Foreign, Hunting and Fishing, Landscapes, Maine, Mining, New York--Albany, --Niagara Falls, Railroads, Streetcars and Subways, Wyoming

7 Ca.1867-1915


World Expositions: including seven Centennial Exhibition views, one of Machinery Hall, published by Burr & Manley Dry Goods, Groceries and Clothing (Manchester Depot, Vt.); four miscellaneous subjects by Centennial Photographic Co.; one from the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association Thirteenth Exhibition (1878); twenty-five views of the World's Columbian Exposition; one Pan-American Exposition; one Panama-California Exposition; two A.Y.P. Exposition; one Paris exposition; one Exposition Universelle; and two unidentified.

See also: Agriculture, Animals, Bicycles, Birds, Boats and Boating, Bridges, Electricity, Foreign, Groups, Interiors, Louisi- ana, Machinery, Military, Monuments and Sculpture, Native Americans, New York and New York City, Oregon, Parades, Photography, Railroads

7 Ca. 1902 (1) Arizona: Colorado River and Grand Canyon, by Underwood & Underwood.

See also: Landscapes

7 Ca.1875-1885 (2) Arkansas: scenery, one by Barker, one unidentified.

See also: Cotton, Landscapes, Railroad

7 Ca.1865-1905


California: scenery, including two by J. H. Heening; six by Laurence & Houseworth, several being San Jose; eight lithoprints, six by T. W. Ingersoll (one identified., six attributed), and one of Mission Santa Barbara from the American Series.

See also: Agriculture, Beaches, Churches, Horses, Hotels, Lum- ber Industry, Mammoth Trees, Mining, Native Americans, Plants, Railroads, Wagons

7 Ca.1865-1905


California--San Francisco: San Francisco and vicinity scenery, including two streetscapes by Thomas Houseworth & Co.; three street scenes and a harbor scene by Lawrence & Houseworth one

Mt. Tamalpais, by Edw. J. Muybridge (Helios); Cliff House; others.

See also: Civil War, Churches, Disasters, Horses, Houses, Wagons

7 1866-1905 (28) California--Yosemite Valley: including two by Thomas Houseworth; three by Chas. Bierstadt; four by Lawrence & Houseworth; one by Eadweard Muybridge; unidentified photographers; and five lithoprints, three of which attributed to Ingersoll.

See also: Groups, Horses, Houses, Landscapes, Politics and Presidents, Portraits

7 Ca.1870s-1900


Colorado: scenery, including settlements and towns, by Alex Martin, Underwood & Underwood, and unidentified photographers; one lithoprint by the Little Chronicle Pub. Co., Chicago.

See also: Bridges, Horses, Houses, Landscapes, Railroads, Theater, Wagons, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

8 Ca. 1870s (2) Dakota Territory: by F. Jay Haynes of the Grandin Farm House and Buildings. One item is not a stereograph.

See also: Agriculture, Groups, Houses, Railroads

8 Ca.1870s-1905


District of Columbia: three White House and interiors; three Patent Office (exterior view by Bell & Bro., 1869, on flat, yellow mount; two interiors (one by B. L. Singley, published by Keystone View Co., 1894, flat, buff mount; and one by Bell & Bro., undated., flat, salmon mount).

See also: Houses, Interiors, Politics and Presidents

8 Ca.1870s-1880s


Florida: scenery, including three by A. F. Styles from the "Scenes in Florida Series"; views of swamps, lakes, and towns by unidentified photographers.

See also: Boats and Boating, Camps and Camping, Fires and Fire Fighting, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses, Landscapes, Military, Plants, Taxidermy

8 Ca. 1870s (1) Georgia: Savannah, Ga.; bird's-eye view by J. N. Wilson.

See also: Churches, Cotton, Houses, Plants

8 Ca.1875-1905


Illinois: primarily Chicago streets, including three of Lake Michigan and vicinity by Edward Lovejoy; and four of miscellaneous subjects by an unidentified photographer, including "The Crib--Two Miles from Shore" (man, woman, and young girl seated on the roof of a building).

See also: Boats and Boating, Horses, Hotels, Musical Instruments, Streetcars and Subways, Wagons

8 Ca. 1870s? (1) Iowa:. albumen, by H. T. Holden, Keota, Iowa, undated, ink on verso: "View from the North East of the / Residence of / Hon. H. N. Newton / near Keota / Keokuk Co. / Iowa." Flat buff mount.
8 Ca. 1880s (8) Kansas: Atch, Kansas, photographer unidentified

See also: Bridges, Houses, Railroads

8 Ca.1870s-1880s


Louisiana: New Orleans, one of St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. by Theo. Lilienthal; another by Mugnier from the Exposition.

See also: Churches, Cotton, Hotels, Landscapes, World Expositions

8 Ca. 1870s (2) Maine: Old Orchard Beach (Saco) by B. F. Cole; winter landscape by Webber.

See also: Hotels, Houses, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

8 Ca.1870s-1931


Massachusetts: scenery, including several of Pittsfield by Julius Wendt and unidentified photographers; several from American Views Series.

See also: Agriculture, Beaches, Bridges, Cemeteries, Churches, Gardens and Parks, Horses, Hotels, Monuments and Sculpture, Prisons, Streetcars and Subways, Wagons

8 Ca. 1880s (1) Michigan: Lake Superior shoreline, from the American Scenery, Lake Superior Series.

See also: Beaches, Portraits

8 Ca.1870s-1880s


Minnesota: cities and rural areas by M. Nowack (Minneapolis) and A. A. Palmer (Minnehaha Falls, Minn).

See also: Education, Groups, Horses, Interiors, Landscapes, Lumber Industry, Portraits, Railroads, Streetcars and Subways

8 Ca.1868-1872


Missouri: "Dalles of the St. Louis" by W. H. Illingworth.

See also: Gardens and Parks, Landscapes, Railroads

8 Ca.1875-1885


New Hampshire: White Mountain scenery.

See also: Bridges, Hotels, Houses, Railroads, Wagons

8 1880s


New Jersey: scenery, including two views of Ocean Grove by G. W. Pach (one attributed); one of Passial Falls, printed by Julius Wendt; one of Ocean Pier at Long Branch, N.J., by Littleton View Co.

See also: Beaches, Boats and Boating, Groups, Hotels

8 Ca.1860s-1910


New York and New York City: miscellaneous buildings, houses, etc., including several of the Academy of Design; Trinity Church; Broadway, including one by B. W. Kilburn (1895) and three by E. & H. T. Anthony; one of Brooklyn Bridge; one of South Ferry with advertising for Cyrus Carter, House Furnishing Goods; and an unusual advertising stereograph for Darris & Moonery Masons and Builders depicting a vacant lot (text on verso: "These 4 Houses were moved 175 feet, without any injury to them Whatever..."); one of people awaiting arrival of the Prince of Wales; a view of a park, Utica; view of Bowling Green.

See also: Bridges, Churches, Fountains, Gardens and Parks, Groups, Houses, Lumber Industry, Military, Parades, Police, Prisons, Railroads, Streetcars and Subways, World Expositions

8 1870s-1880s


New York and New York City--Streets: miscellaneous street scenes, New York state--primarily New York City, including several by Anthony; one of Schenectady by Julius Wendt.

See also: Churches, Horses, Streetcars and Subways, Wagons

8 1880s


New York--Adirondacks: scenery, including one of the Castile Water Cure by Washburn; two of Ausable Chasm, one by Stoddard, one by Baldwin.

See also: Hotels, Landscapes

9-10 Ca.1870-1910


New York--Albany: 139 mostly photographed or printed by Julius M. Wendt or the partnership of the Wendt Bros. Subjects include the State Capitol and other buildings, street scenes, citizens of Albany (many have newspaper-type clippings with biographical information affixed to the verso); Washington Park, Hudson River; and celebrations and parades in Albany. Other photographers include R. E. Churchill, E. S. M. Haines, C. W. Leveridge, and A. Veider. Also two unmounted views and a cyanotype, all probably by Wendt. This section is further subdivided into: Celebrations; Buildings; Parks; People; Street Scenes; River Scenes; Miscellaneous. The divisions are not exclusive-there are two views of children in Brooklyn, N.Y.

See also: Afro-Americans, Animals, Beaches, Bicycles, Boats and Boating, Bridges, Cemeteries, Churches, Electricity, Fountains, Gardens and Parks, Groups, Hats, Horses, Hotels, Houses, Interiors, Luggage, Monuments and Sculpture, Musical Instruments, Plants, Parades, Politics and Presidents, Portraits, Ships, Steamboats, Streetcars and Subways, Wagons, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

10 Ca.1870-1875


New York--Catskills: scenery--Mountain House by Anthony; and "Palensville, from the Toll-gate" by J. Loeffler.

See also: Groups, Hotels, Landscapes

10 Ca.1870s?-1903


New York--Coney Island. Two early views from "The 'Best' Series" (flat, yellow mounts, apparently albumen prints, with A. Wetherwax, Johnstown, N.Y. (dealer) imprint on verso; one Kilburn Brothers ("4780. Life in the Ocean Wave," copyright 1889), curved mount; one by Underwood & Underwood, "5363. Brilliant Luna Park at night--Coney Island, New York's great pleasure resort," copyright 1903. (From vertical ephemera, geographical series, New York box 9).
10 Ca. 1880 (1) New York--Lake George: by Upton.

See also: Boats and Boating, Landscapes

10 Ca.1875-1905


New York--Niagara Falls: Niagara River, Falls, and immediate surrounding area, including views by Chas. Bierstadt, S. Davis, B.W. Kilburn, Underwood & Underwood, Woodward, and unidentified photographers; and a color lithoprint by Ingersoll.

See also: Boats and Boating, Bridges, Churches, Foreign, Houses, Railroads, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

10 Ca. 1870 (6) New York--Saratoga Springs: Saratoga Springs Resort area, including two by Baker & Record; one from "The Best" Series--Saratoga, N.Y., Congress Hall, with advertisement for D. G. Crandon's/Pokeepsie [sic] Bazaar and 99¢ Store...

See also: Boats and Boating, Groups, Horses, Hotels, Machinery, Monuments and Sculpture, Stores, Wagons

10 Ca.1870s-1880s


New York--Thousand Islands: Thousand Island scenery, three by A.C. McIntyre, one by Woodward.

See also: Boats and Boating, Hotels, Houses, Railroads

10 Ca. 1870s (31) New York--Watkins Glen: scenery, including series of twenty-seven by Purviance (Philadelphia) for the Northern Central Railway.

See also: Bridges, Groups, Hotels, Railroads

10 Ca.1880s-1890s


Ohio, scenery: two of Cleveland, one of Dayton, one of Cincinnati.

See also: Bicycles, Cemeteries, Hotels, Streetcars and Subways, Wagons

10 Ca.1900-1905 (2) Oregon, scenery: rural road by Julius Wendt; Columbia River by H. C. White.

See also: Parades, Railroads, World Expositions

10 Ca.1870-1880s


Pennsylvania: including five views of the Delaware Water Gap Area by Jesse A. Graves.

See also: Bridges, Hotels, Houses, Landscapes, Parades, Railroads, Ships

10 Ca.1896-1900


Texas: El Paso vicinity by Kilburn Bros.

See also: Disasters, Groups, Houses, Wagons

10 Ca.1870s-1905


Utah: primarily Salt Lake City, including four by C. R. Savage and one by C. W. Carter.

See also: Churches, Railroads, Theater

11 Ca.1870s-1905


Wyoming: Yellowstone, including eleven by F. Jay Haines; one by T. W. Ingersoll; one each by B. W. Kilburn and Underwood & Underwood (from the Yellowstone Box Set).

See also: Camps and Camping, Gardens and Parks, Horses, Hunting and Fishing, Railroads, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations

11 Ca. 1880s (36) Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park. A Complete Set of Stereoscopic Views of the Yellowstone National Park: 36 Selected Views, published [and photographed] by F. Jay Haynes. With the original box; stereographs in excellent condition, but box somewhat ragged with tape, tears and breaks. On curved buff mounts, catalog numbers 4502-4614, not inclusive. Mounts labeled "Northern Pacific Scenery" and "Yellowstone Park Scenery," by "F. Jay Haynes, publish- er, Fargo, D. T." Includes Mammoth Hot Springs, geysers, Tetons, Grand Canyon, falls, and "Montana Cow Boy" (latter unnumbered).
11 Ca.1870s-1905


Foreign: scenery in foreign countries by U.S. (one by Julius Wendt) and foreign photographers--divided alphabetically by country, including Austria; Bahamas; Belgium; Bermuda; Canada; Cuba; England; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Porto [sic] Rico; Scotland; Switzerland; Sweden, Wales: and the West Indies. Foreign photographers including L. P. Vallee (Quebec); John Latham (England); A. Crowe (England); Stabil (Italy); Giacomo Brogi (Italy); E. Charnaux (Switzerland).

See also: Afro-Americans, Animals, Boats and Boating, Bridges, Cemeteries, Churches, Fountains, Groups, Horses, Hotels, Houses, Industry, Interiors, Military, Mining, Monuments and Sculpture, New York--Niagara Falls, Portraits, Railroads, Ships, Wagons, Winter Landscapes and Ice Formations, World Expositions

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