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Series 2: Interviewee Files (abstracts)

Box 13

    Folder 1, Master Index; 2, Richard Alven, Pepsi executive, Purchase, NY; 3, Tom Anderson, producer, New York City; 4, John Bergin, president of McCann-Erikson, New York City; 5, John Corbani, former Pepsi executive, New York City; 6, Tom Dillon, former BBDO executive, New York City; 8, Phil Dusenberry, BBDO executive, New York City; 9, Roger Enrico, president of Pepsi-Cola USA, Purchase, NY; 10, Norman Heller, Pepsi Research & Development authority, Purchase, NY; 11, Philip Hinerfeld, former Pepsi executive, Boca Raton, Florida; 12, Philip Hughs, Pepsi bottler, Tulsa, OK; 13, Donald Kendall, PepsiCo CEO, Purchase, NY; 14, Bob Landers, announcer, Carlsbad, CA; 15, Rick Levine, filmaker, New York City; 16, Hilary Lipsitz, president of Sunday Productions, New York City; 17, Walter Mack, former Pepsi president, New York City; 19, Jesse Meyers, publisher, Greenwich, Connecticut; 21, Sid Ramin, composer, New York City; 22, Allen Rosenshine, BBDO president, New York City; 23, Harvey Russell, Pepsi executive, Purchase, New York; 24, Charles Sandahl, Pepsi bottler, Austin, TX; 25, Joanie Sommers, singer, Hollywood, CA; 26, John Soughan, former Pepsi executive, Cleveland, OH; 27, Ed Vorkapich, film maker, New York City; 28, Jock Elliot (no interview)


Box 14

    Folder 7, William Durkee, former Pepsi executive, Panama City, Florida; 18, Sidney Maran, former Pepsi executive, Hamilton, Bermuda; 20 Pottasch, Pepsi director of creative services,, Purchase, NY

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Revised: January 5, 2000