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(1.25 cu.ft.: 3 DB; 1 (.05) DB) (38 16mm films; 17 1/2" videotapes)

by: Mimi Minnick, September 1997


Ann and Tom Damigella already had experience selling Stanley Home Products when they encountered Tupperware in 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Damigella foresaw great possibilities with the new product, and immediately decided to add Tupperware to the line of products they offered door to door. In 1950, they attended the first "round table" meeting with Earl Tupper (inventor of Tupperware), Brownie Wise (who perfected Tupperware's home party sales system) and sixteen to twenty other Tupperware distributors from around the country. The Damigellas quickly became some of the top Tupperware sales people in the country; in 1952 they were awarded a Cadillac as one of the top six movers of Tupperware in North America. Self-proclaimed Tupperware people, their son, Tom Damigella, Jr., and son-in-law, Jon Nelson, followed them into the business, making the Damigella Distributorship the oldest and among the most successful distributorships in the country -- the distributorship has been in the top 25 in sales every year since the early 1960s. Tom. Jr. manages the distributorship since his father's retirement in 1994; Jon Nelson went on to become one of Tupperware's regional vice-presidents.

Scope and Content

Because of their long affiliation with Tupperware, the Damigellas have amassed a significant collection of archival documentation and memorabilia relating to the history of Tupperware, and particularly to the sales practices and sales force training methods of this highly successful, widely emulated, international corporation.

The collection includes film, sound recordings and printed material relating to Tupperware sales practices and methods of sales force motivation and control. The collection is arranged in ten series. Within each series, materials are arranged chronologically.

Series 1: CATALOGS, 1957-1997


Series 3: ADVERTISING, 1970-1980


Series 5: RECRUITMENT, DEALERSHIP AND MANAGERSHIP, 1960-1995. Proscriptive and motivational literature about working for Tupperware.

Series 6: SOUND RECORDINGS, 1953; 1977-78

Series 7: OUR WORLD MAGAZINE, 1976-1991. Sales force magazine, containing demonstration, recruitment and sales advice; product information; and profiles of successful dealers, managers and distributors.

Series 8: JUBILEE PUBLICATIONS, 1967-1982. Publications reviewing and highlighting Jubilee, the annual sales force gathering in Orlando, Florida.

Series 9: DAMIGELLA DISTRIBUTORSHIP AND TUPPERWARE HISTORICAL MATERIALS, 1960-1991. News clippings, research reports, and other background information about Tupperware and the Damigella distributorship, including a chronology compiled by Tom Damigella, Jr.and material assembled by the son of Stanley Home Products and Tupperware salesman Norman Squires relating to his contributions to or innovation in the home party plan.

Series 10: MOVING IMAGES, 1951-1991. 54 16mm films and " VHS videotapes. Film and video mastering and duplication were made possible by a gift from Tupperware International. There are six subseries.

Subseries 1: Promotional/Motivational Films, 1960-1992. Contains promotional and motivational films featuring activities organized by the company to bring dealers and distributors together, usually with statements from Tupperware executives. Contains product promotion films introducing new Tupperware to the sales force. Contains Jubilee films showcasing the annual celebration, showing award ceremonies, games, music and entertainment (including appearances by Anita Bryant, Waylon Jennings and Pat Boone).

Subseries 2: Training Films, 1952-1997. Includes step-by-step guides to planning Home Parties, learning sales techniques, demonstrating products, and introducing new sales promotions. One film gives tips on safe driving to and from the Tupperware parties, for managers using cars leased by the distributorship for their use.

Subseries 3: Corporate Films, 1958-1992. Includes films showing product development from design to end result as well as discussions of business strategies.

Subseries 4: Commercials, 1983-1994. Presents new products; emphasizes effectiveness and efficiency of using Tupperware.

Subseries 5: Home Movies, 1951-1997. Includes home movies shot by Tupperware distributors Tom and Ann Damigella. This material includes tributes to the Damigellas.

Subseries 6: Acquired Films, 1961. Non-Tupperware films acquired by the Damigellas.


The collection was donated to the Archives Center of the National Museum of American History by Ann and Thomas Damigella in July 1997.

Related collections

Tupperware may also be found in the Museum's artifactual holdings, in the former Division of Domestic. Researchers interested in the history of Tupperware should also consult the Earl Tupper (AC#470) and Brownie Wise (AC#509) Collections in the Archives Center.

Container List

Box Folder
SERIES 1: CATALOGS, 1957-1997 ( not inclusive)
1 1 Polyware Home Parties, Christmas, 1957
"The modern way to shop for your houseware needs...The Tupperware Home Party Way". 4-page brochure, ca. 1950s.
"Tupperware, A Household Word in Homes Everywhere!" Booklet with Christmas insert, 1957.
"Tupperware, " 8-page brochure, ca. 1960s.
"Tupperware," 6-page brochure, ca. 1960s.
"Tupperware," 54-page catalogue, ca. 1960s.
"You Can Grow It the Tuppercraft Way" catalogue for Tupperware planters, 1981.
"Tupperware Home Parties," 44-page catalogue, 1981.
"Ultra 21 Ovenware," 8-page brochure, 1985.
1 2 "The Tupperware Collection" catalogue, Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer 1986; Vol. 2, No. 1 Winter/Spring 1987 with insert; Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 1987; Vol. 2, No. 3, Fall 1987; Vol. 3, No. 3, Fall 1988; Holiday 1989; Vol. 4, No. 1, Winter/Spring 1989; Winter/Spring 1990; Summer 1990.
"Tupperware" catalogue. Fall 1990; Winter/Spring 1991; Summer 1991; Fall 1991; Winter/Spring 1992; Fall/Holiday 1992; Winter/Spring 1993; Fall 1996; Spring 1997.
"Tupper Wave" collection, n.d.
"We're Rockin'" sales brochure, Sept. 16-Oct. 19, 1996
"It's Spring" sales brochure, Feb. 24-March 29, 1997

SERIES 2: GAMES AND DEMONSTRATION GUIDES, 1965-1990 (not inclusive)
1 3 "Tupperware Know How Guide" ca. 1972
1 4 "Tupperware Know How Demonstration Guide" 1980; n.d.
1 5 "Tupperware Know How Guide, 1983 (two versions)
1 6 Sales aid "Warranty Identification" for loose-leaf binder, ca. 1990
1 7 "Tupperware Party Games", ca. 1965
SERIES 3: ADVERTISING, ca. 1970-1980 (not inclusive)
1 8 6 advertising mats [3 refer to "Mrs. America's kitchen," 2 refer to co-sponsor Minute Maid, and 1 to "Tupperware...the nicest thing that could happen to your kitchen!"], ca. 1970s
Tearsheet of Christmas ad that appeared in "Better Homes and Gardens, ca. 1970
Advertising Mat Proofs, 2 copies, ca. 1970
"Tupperware Planting System--Editorial information for media people," ca. 1980

SERIES 4: TUPPERWARE INTERNATIONAL, 1960-1990 (not inclusive)
1 9 "Frische zwischen Gestern und Heute. Tupperware in Deutschland." Published in conjunction with Tupperware exhibit at the European Design Center in Brussells, 1978
"Tupperware," 6-page brochure, Italian, ca. 1960s
"Tupperware," 6-page brochure, United Kingdom, ca. 1960s
"Tupperware and You" flyer, United Kingdom, ca. 1990

2 1 "Formula for Success" Tupperware University, 1965
"Your Opportunity Kit Check List,"1970
"Tupperware Top 40" dealer incentives program, ca. 1975
"Tupperware, Pot of Golden Knowledge" 1972
2 2 Tupperware Key Dealer Program" year round consistent sales performance, 1972
"New Vanguard" fact sheet, 1973
"Bonds of Friendship" manager promotion, 1973
"New Tuppershare" leadership award program, 1973
2 4 "Tupperware Main Street News," Vol. XXV of May 3, 1976
"Tupperware and You," with "Your Dealer Guide, Damigella Dist." insert, 1976
2 5 "You're in the Company of Friends" book of poetry published for Tupperware, 1978
"You can always tell a Tupperware lady" poem, 1979
2 6 "Recruiting, the Sharing Process" by Sherle Adams. Speical edition for Tupperware, 1987
Grassroots Research: "Tupperware Sales, Products, and Recruiting, 1991
2 7 Executive Manager Vehicle Program/Dodge Caravan, 1995
"Tupperware for You" magazine. July/August, November/December 1995, and March/April 1996
2 8 "Help Wanted" flyer comparing "store job" and "Tupperware job", n.d.
"Six Points of Pride", n.d.
"We're Selling Tupperware" song, n.d.

"'A Hunting We Will Go--Tupperware Home Parties'" 33-1/3 rpm record, 1953
"We've Got the Spirit!" 33-1/3 rpm record, 1977
"Tupperware, The Company of Friends" tape cassette, ca. 1978

3 1 February 1976; November 1977; April and Aug/Sept. 1978; March and June 1979; February 1980
2 January and November 1981; January, February, March, April, May, June, and December 1982; February and May 1983; March and 1984
3 March and October 1985; Aug/Sept. 1986; April/May, July, Aug/Sept., December 1988; February and November 1989
4 Jan/Feb. and March/April 1991

3 5 "Tupperware Jubilee" and "Tupperware Sentinel" magazine, 1967
"Cinderella Jubilee 1968" and "Tupperware Sentinel" magazine, 1968 Jubilee
"Tupperware Wonderland Jubilee", 1970
3 6 "Our Jubilee", 1971
"Jubilee", 1974
"Star Spangled Jubilee, 1976
"Our Jubilee", 1977
"Big Top Jubilee" 1978
"Out of this World Jubilee", 1979
"Funtasia Jubilee" 1982

4 1 Newsclippings: Damigella Distributorship, 1960; 1981; 1987
2 Newsclippings: Tupperware, 1960; 1989-1996; n.d.
3 Unpublished manuscript [dissertation?]: "Part Two: Dating the Tupperware party"; "Part Three: Courting of the Tupperware Corporation", n.d.
4 Correspondence [with attachments] in re: Norman Squires and the origins and development of the home party plan, ca. 1938-1990
5 Correspondence in re Damigella Distributorship attendance at Jubilee, 1967
6 Damigella Distributorship dealer newsletter, announcements, etc.
7 photographs, n.d.
8 script and slides for Tupperware's Jubilee tribute to Damigella distributorships, 1991


Subseries 1: Promotional/Motivational Films, 1960-1992

The Wizard of Ours, c. 1963

16mm color composite optical track print, 952 feet
OF 583.1
RV 583.1

Wizard of Oz characters (Dorothy is Dorothy Dealer, a Tupperware character) go down the road to the castle; various prizes presented by Dorothy and Co. (according to the amount of Tupperware sold) e.g. $100.00 Group gets a tea cart or jewel case; $150.00 Group gets AM-FM Radio or blender; $200.00 Group gets tape recorder or watch, etc. Full credits.

Rally Round the Flag 1974, c. 1973

16mm color composite optical track print, 240 feet
OF 583.2
RV 583.2

Promotional film made in late 1973 to introduce the January 1974 "Rally 'Round the Flag" promotion in which Tupperware America competed with Tupperware Europe, Asia, and Africa to see which group could hold the most parties during a single week in January 1974. Depicts Tupperware employees constructing an American flag out of red, white, and blue Tupperware bowls.

Rally Round the Flag-Forward Ho 1975, c. 1974

16mm color composite optical track print, 280 feet
OF 583.3
RV 583.3

Reviews the January 1974 sales contest and looks back at the year's accomplishments. Also proposes another sales contest for one week in January 1975. Dealers who hold 5 parties during the designated week will receive a commerotive jug and tumbler set with flags on them. Interspersed commentary by Tupperware executive.

Let Freedom Ring, c. 1975

16mm color composite optical track print, 504 feet
OF 583.4

Depicts freedom symbols - bell, statues (Lincoln, Statue of Liberty), sailing ships, US flag - as well as nature shots (sunset, sun through trees); interspersed with commentary by Tupperware executives.

Tupperware Shows the Way, c. 1977

16mm color composite optical track print, 218 feet
OF 583.5
RV 583.5

Begins with patterns and film title shown in various designs, then slogans (e.g. 'To be the best in all the world / is the game we're gonna win / spread the word to ev'ryone / let the contest begin' etc.). From 70 feet onwards a Western spoof: The Magnificent Seven are summoned after cowboy sees a 'Wanted: The T.E.A.M. Gang' sign; story interspersed with silent-type titles.

A Banner Year - Tupperware 1980, c. 1979

16mm color composite optical track print, 305 feet
OF 583.6
RV 583.6

Preparation and making of banner from colourful paper signed by dealers; comments by Joe Hara.

Tupperware 1982 Wonderyear, c. 1981

16mm color composite optical track print, 590 feet
OF 583.7
RV 583.7

Tour around the world (Singapore, Australia, Germany, U.K. etc.): international distributors' offices/meetings/events shown. Towards the end of film: building skyscraper towers out of pink Tupperware bowls as a ceremony to celebrate the year.

Tupperware 1983, c. 1982

16mm color composite optical track print, 399 feet
OF 583.8
RV 583.8

Celebrating the year by sending up a hot-air balloon (with banner "a colorful world" and international flags on it) and vast numbers of color party balloons. Film shows preparations done in the night before the launch: blowing up balloons, getting hot-air balloon ready. Commentary by Tupperware executive.

1985 Theme of the Year, c. 1984

16mm color composite optical track print, 555 feet
OF 583.9
RV 583.9

Preparation for and celebration of Tupperware 1984. Introduction of new ovenware (microwavable) products as a sales incentive. Celebration in stadium: bands, cheerleaders and huge composite (i.e. every person holds up a cardboard square) smiling face/Tupperware logo/world map/slogan "now we're cooking!".

Big Wide Wonderful World of Tupperware, c. 1986

16mm color composite optical track print, 515 feet
RV 583.10
OF 583.10

Huge globe built from Tupperware lids; song and dance by Tupperware executives; comments by Bill Jackson, Doug Martin, Allan Nagle, Gaylin Olson, and Tupperware representatives from all over the world.

Up With Tupperware 1988, [c. 1987]

16mm color composite optical track print, 475 feet
OF 583.11
RV 583.11

Begins with sunrise scenes, then at beach ("Tupperware hits the beach" sign). "World's largest stunt kite" is flown as a sign of the "dedication of Tupperware's dealers and managers around the world". Various interviews with Bill Jackson, Allan Nagle, Doug Martin, and others; discussion of strategy and business.

Tupperware, an American Tradition, c. 1986

" videocassette, c. 17:50 mins.
OV 583.12
RV 583.12

Parallel drawn between Miss America contest and crowning of Nr. 1 Tupperware manager each year. Sound bites by various Nr. 1 managers; Gaylin Olson emcees. Miss America 1986 comments on Tupperware tradition. Second part: Larry Cambron introduces the "Friendly Family Feud" (i.e. east vs. west coast competitions).

Follow The Rainbow, c. 1988

16mm color composite optical track print, 395 feet
OF 583.13
RV 583.13

Promotional film for 1989: procession of international flags interspersed with comments by Doug Martin, Gaylin Olson, Allan Nagle, Ennio Perucchini, Gerald Tozer, Dick Johnson, Bill Jackson. Huge rainbow made from Tupperware bowls signed by salespeople from around the world; song and dance under the rainbow.

Sunshine's Comin' Our Way, c. 1989

16mm color composite optical track print, 310 feet
OF 583.14
RV 583.14

Sunrises and sunsets around the world; comments from Tupperware executives; song and dance praising Tupperware.

Tupperware - Fun in '91, c. 1990

16mm color composite optical track print, 171 feet
OF 583.15
RV 583.15

Using a county fair theme shows the fun of being part of the Tupperware family and challenges all its members, worldwide, to host 1 million parties in January 1991.

Micro Steamer, c. 1992

16mm color composite optical track print, 329 feet
OF 583.16
RV 583.16

Presentation of the new microsteamer interspersed with remarks by Tim Coffey, Product Director.

Space Capades Jubilee, c. 1960

16mm color composite optical track print, 918 feet
OF 583.17
RV 583.17

Covering the Jubilee: arrivals, award ceremony, stage shows (guest star Edgar Bergen), paint-by-numbers flags of Ike and Mamie Eisenhower, speeches throughout (Glenn Bump, Pat Tahaney, Bill Redman, Mrs. America, Jack McCall, Tony Ponticelli, Fred Strahl, and others), presentation of sales prizes, games, mini rocket launch, fireworks.

Arabian Nights Jubilee, c. 1962

16mm color composite optical track print, 1058 feet
OF 583.18
RV 583.18

1961 Orlando Jubilee: speeches, music, indoor and outdoor events, fireworks.

Land of Ours Jubilee, c. 1964

16mm color composite optical track print, 1418 feet
OF 583.19
RV 583.19

Documenting the Jubilee: awards, speeches, singers & entertainers (special guest stars include Anita Bryant), Wizard of Oz characters on stage, fireworks. Whole event interspersed with scenes (at home) of two women looking through magazine that covers the Jubilee. Full credits.

Wonderland Jubilee, c. 1970

16mm color composite optical track print, 829 feet
OF 583.20
RV 583.20

Documenting the Jubilee which had an Alice in Wonderland theme : arrival of guests, stage shows (with Alice in Wonderland characters), speeches, music and singers, fireworks.

Strike It Rich - 1974 Jubilee, c. 1973

16mm color composite optical track print, 649 feet
OF 583.21
RV 583.21

Western spoof: cowgirl Essie wants to strike it rich, does so by selling Tupperware. Prizes are presented according to amount of gold nuggets (i.e. Tupperware products) sold.

1974 Gold Rush Jubilee, c. 1974

16mm color composite optical track print, 359 feet
OF 583.22
RV 583.22

Stage shows, music and singers (guest star Pat Boone), games, awards, fireworks. Credits at end: Bob Haymes Productions.

1981 Tupperware on the Go, c. 1980

16mm color composite optical track print, 778 feet
OF 583.23
RV 583.23

Patterns and slogans at beginning of film, then Big Parade Jubilee: music, speeches, cheer leading.

The Tupperware Jubilee Story 1954-1980, c. 1981

16mm color composite optical track print, 374 feet
OF 583.24
RV 583.24

Retrospective of the Jubilees from 1954-1980.

Tupperware - A Way of Life, c. 1981

16mm color composite optical track print, 670 feet
OF 583.25
RV 583.25

Waylon Jennings in performance at the Big Country Jubilee; demonstration at a Tupperware party; further Jubilee events: music, stage shows, fireworks.

Good Times Roll - Homecoming Jubilee, c. 1986

16mm color composite optical track print, 575 feet
OF 583.26
RV 583.26

August 1986 Jubilee in Orlando, Florida: stage shows, light shows, music. Film begins with morning scene (alarm clock, getting up, coffee), then title: "Tupperware - for free catalogue, call..."

Subseries 2: Training Films

A Tupperware Home Party, c. 1952

16mm color composite optical track print, 1526 feet
OF 583.27
RV 583.27

Introduction by Brownie Wise, holds up "Know How" booklet. Then: "Welcome to Tupperware Party with Marge Rogers" sign; Rogers demonstrates how to hold a Tupperware party and highlights specific Tupperware products.

TupperAware - Safe Driving Thru Driver Awareness, c. 1977

16mm color composite optical track print, 415 feet
OF 583.28
RV 583.28

Advice on how to avoid road accidents; tips on safe driving.

Trade Up and Save, 1980s

" videocassette, c. 12:10 mins.
OV 583.29
RV 583.29

Presents new sales deal (valid for five weeks): customers get 25% savings on Tupperware if they bring in their old storage containers (such as margerine or deli tubs) in exchange; also tells how to get customers to buy an entire set. Jennie Halloran and Bob Ulrich emcee.

Tuppertoys Tips, 1980s

" videocassette, c. 17:40 mins.
OV 583.30
RV 583.30

Presents Tuppertoys: their safety features, how they function, what kids can learn etc.

Party Planning, c. 1980

" videocassette, c. 32: 25 mins.
OV 583.31
RV 583.31

Tupperware manager explains planning to new hostess recruit; another manager explains how to round up friends, plan mailing list. Video must be a copy; beginning is recorded over with speech and video is cut off at end.

Ultra 21 Training Blitz, c. 1985

" videocassette, c. 75 mins.
OV 583.32
RV 583.32

Gaylin Olson and Muppet-like figure present new Ultra 21 ovenware. Francine Watkins comments on six new videos for distributors, managers and dealers:

1) Spreading the Word

2) Party Planning

3) At the Party

4) Cooking at Parties

5) Dating with Ultra 21 Ovenware

6) Recruiting with Ultra 21 Ovenware

Each segment has tips and hints, reenacts scenes.

Demo Ideas - Tupperware Filmed Demos Video, 4/21/88

" videocassette, c. 11 mins.
OV 583.33
RV 583.33

Tips for salespeople on demonstrating. New products demo. Manager Sharon demonstrates barbeque products by a swimming pool. Manager Diane demonstrates a juice pitcher.

Custom Kitchen Planning Training Video, c. 1988

" videocassette, c. 39:15 mins.
OV 583.34
RV 583.34

Step-by-step guide to organizing a customer's kitchen with Modular Mates. Manager Patty Wilson is shown the ropes by "fairy-godmanager" Sharon. Steps include:

1) First Stop: The Party (Making the Bid)

2) Getting Ready, Measuring, Graphing

3) Picking the Right Containers

4) Closing and Installing

Pay with Order, c. 1988

" videocassette, c. 1h
OV 583.35
RV 583.35

Francine Watkins interviews managers Jeanette Anderson and Lynne Baker; discussion about new 'pay with order' system (i.e. you pay as soon as you order Tupperware). Second interview with distributor Nan Simonsen on the merits of 'pay with order'.

Call-A-Dating Sessions - Ringing Up Unit Success, c. 1989

16mm color composite optical track print, 711 feet
OF 583.36
RV 583.36

Managers, salespeople, dealers (Francine Watkins, Donna Grijalva, Amy Bailey, and others) at a table discussing and answering sales technique questions over the phone.

Dating: The Service Approach, c. 1991

16mm color composite optical track print, 468 feet
OF 583.37
RV 583.37

Full title credits: "Dating: The Service Approach - Special Report - The Sales Force Perspective". Distributors, managers, consultants (Debbie Gillis, Cindy Montgomery, Cindy Walloch, Terry Robertson, Judy Ciesla) on selling strategies: 1) Connect with the customer, 2) Suggest further services, 3) Listen and respond, 4) Offer alternatives, 5) Close.

Product Demos, c. 1997

" videocassette, c. 16:35 mins.
OV 583.38
RV 583.38

Presents Counter Savers: Tupperware storage products for kitchen if you have limited counter space. Gives recipe for Impressions Refrigerator Cake (from the Impressions range of Tupperware). Presents Modular Mates Super Ovals containers. Explains steps for a successful party when demonstrating the Counter Savers and Modular Mates.

Subseries 3: Corporate Films, 1958-1992

[Tupperware Corporate Footage], c. 1958

16mm color composite optical track print, 856 feet
OF 583.39
RV 583.39

Shows production of Tupperware, various factory shots, from design to product. Scenes in kitchen with woman using Tupperware. Discussion between Hamer Wilson, Gary MacDonald and Justin Dart [?]. Depiction of Tupperware event with speeches. Scene of Tupperware Home Party. Credits missing.

The Modular Mates Story, c. 1983

" videocassette, c. 10:25 mins.
OV 583.40
RV 583.40

History of food containers for preservation; history of Tupperware. Product development of Modular Mates from design to finished product.

Ultra 21 - The Beginning, c. 1984

16mm color composite optical track print, 732 feet
OF 583.41
RV 583.41

Shows Tupperware offices, designs, building, products, production (machinery). Appearances by Joe Hara, Phil Grasso, Bill Fahey, John Ansley and others.

Bowls of Our Lives, c. 1988

16mm color composite optical track print, 352 feet
OF 583.42
RV 583.42

Shows production steps: strategy, concepts, development, designs, prototype, research, refined, decisions, forecasting, production. Includes production shots (machinery) and production numbers. Interspersed with animated bowls.

Bright Horizons with Tupperware 1993, c. 1992

16mm color composite optical track print, 289 feet
OF 583.43
RV 583.43

Discussion of business strategies and numbers; planning the year. Credits: "A look ahead with Gus English and Larry Cambron."

Subseries 4: Commericals, 1983-1994

Stack Cooking, 1980s

" videocassette, c. 3 mins.
OV 583.44
RV 583.44

Busy housewife can cook whole meal in microwave with Tupperwave Cookware System.

Rock 'n Serve, 1980s

" videocassette, c. 2:55 mins.
OV 583.45
RV 583.45

Demo of Rock n' Serve range.

Company of Friends, c. 1983

16mm color composite optical track print, 169 feet
OF 583.46
RV 583.46

Three commercials depicting women gathering for Tupperware Parties. Commercials repeated once in same order.

Tupperware Home Parties Ultra 21 "Reactions '85", c. 1985

" videocassette, 30 secs.
OV 583.47
RV 583.47

Deluxe Tumblers commercial.

1988 Up Beat Sessions, c. 1987

16mm color composite optical track print, 309 feet
OF 583.48
RV 583.48

Product demos: One woman in kitchen, one next to swimming pool, one in living room, and man at office.

Today's Great Kitchen Jubilee 1994, c. 1994

" videocassette, c. 3:50 mins.
OV 583.49
RV 583.49

Presents Tupperware kitchen tools and gadgets.

Subseries 5: Home Movies, 1951-1997

First THP Conference, Miami 1951 & Tupperware Picnic 1954, c. 1951/1954

16mm color silent print, 410 feet
OF 583.50
RV 583.50

1) Ann Damigella and various people figured; no actual conference footage. Ends at 208 feet.

2) Picnic at Whitney Woods in 1954; barbeque, games etc. End abrupt, film torn.

Canada THP Conference 1952, c. 1952

16mm color silent print, c. 250 feet
OF 583.51
RV 583.51

Ann and Tom [?] Damigella at and around hotel area; swimming pool; landscapes, waterfall. At end: four children (one girl, three boys) together and each separately on steps. No actual conference footage.

Recognition given to Ann and Tom Damigella - Happy New Year '93 Tupperware Distributor Conference, c. 1993

" videocassette, c. 24:25 mins.
OV 583.52
RV 583.52

Tribute to the Damigellas. Introductory speech; film sequence showing newspaper clips, photos etc. of the Damigellas' past 46 years; speeches by the Damigellas and their family.

Thomas M. Damigella: Reflections - 50 Years in Tupperware, 5/16/97

" videocassette, c. 2 hrs 17 mins.
OV 583.53
RV 583.53

Celebration of Damigella's 50 years at Tupperware. Shows guests arriving, greeting, mingling; speeches during dinner.

Subseries 6: Acquired Films, 1961

MARINELAND Promotion, NBC Television c. 1961

16mm black-and-white composite optical track print, 80 feet
OF 583.54
RV 583.54

Promotes an upcoming television program about Marineland featuring Lloyd Bridges and many of the Marineland attractions.

Mimi Minnick, September 1997

Film inventory prepared by Anna Wirz, August 1997; revised by Wendy Shay, September 1997


Revised: May 17, 2001