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(1 cubic foot: 1 F/O)

by: Franklin A. Robinson, Jr., 2002


Jane Parker was one of the in-house store brand names created by The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) grocery chain. A&P was the first grocery chain and the credited inventor of the "supermarket". Within each store there was a full service bakery supplying fresh baked goods, breads, specialty cakes and cookies to the buying public. The goal was "one stop" food shopping and maximizing customer purchases by providing under one roof a variety of goods usually found in small specialty shops.

To advertise their specialty cakes, A& P employed leading food photographers to photograph their cakes; these photographs were lithographed by the Litho-Krome Company and combined into a promotional book for distribution among the Jane Parker bake shops. J. Tom Morgan, Jr., founder and president of Litho-Krome Company, Columbus, Georgia, writes about the development of this particular book,

"We were proud; we were confident; we were beginning to gain a well-earned reputation for quality. No longer would we wince when we remembered, "You will never, not ever, do fine color lithography in the South. NEVER!"

The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) grocery chain had become our first New York account in 1946. We produced for them color reproductions for aisle end cards and color brochures regularly each month.

In 1947 Hi Williams, one of the leading food photographers in New York City, had received a tremendously large order from A&P, which planned to open a Jane Parker bake shop section in a select group of its many stores all over the nation. As part of its campaign for these bake shops, A&P planned to focus on their bake shop's ability to prepare special occasion cakes - cakes for weddings, for births, for anniversaries, for almost any special occasion. A Jane Parker special occasion cake book in full color was part of that campaign, and Litho-Krome was chosen by A&P's advertising agency, Paris and Peart, to lithograph the book. Paris and Peart account executives were Ray Largo and Remus Harris.

For the special campaign a sample cake for each of approximately fifty different special occasions was prepared, and each cake was photographed separately. Several different photographers did the photographic work. I had the opportunity to meet and work with several of the great color photography pioneers and experts: men like George Greb, Nickolas Muray, Charles Thill, and Leon DeVos. Each of these photographers became acquainted with Litho-Krome and were later responsible for sending work to our company. Litho-Krome could do justice to their beautiful color pictures, and they liked that." AC NMAH Control File

Scope and Content

This collection consists of one copy of the Jane Parker Special Occasion Cakes sample book. It was produced for the 1947 advertising and bake shop campaign for the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company chain of grocery stores. The book was created by Litho-Krome of Columbus, Georgia. Each page consists of a plastic laminated color lithograph of the specialty cake, specifications with regard to size and number of servings, and a listing of choices, or options, pertaining to that particular cake. The cakes and their decorations and uses all speak to a specific time in American society following World War II when the emphasis was returning to the home, marriage, and child rearing.


There are copyright restrictions for text and photographs.


More than likely collected for the Advertising History Collection of the National Museum of American History in the 1960s by Dr. John Hoffman.

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Container List

Love Everlasting
Eternally Yours
Forever More
Cherished Dream
Glorious Future
Golden Happiness
Morning Star
Radiance Cake
Golden Glory
Birds in Paradise
Sheet Cake
Sweet Heart
Lily of the Valley
Harmony Cake
Rose Spray Cake
Rose Bouquet
Love Birds
Baby's Bootee Shower Cake (2 copies)
Sweet Pea
Basket of Roses
Summer Reverie Cake
Sunbeam Cake
New Horizons Cake
My Favorite
Garden Posy Cake
Fudge Favorite
Talisman Rose Cake
Angel's Express Shower Cake
Golden Dream Shower Cake
Children's Carnival Cake
Children's Wonderland Cake
Flower Garden
Graduation Cake


Revised: March 21, 2002