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(7.3 cubic feet: 22 DB. 1 Flt. B)

by: Robert S. Harding & Jeffrey L. Tate, October 2000


Saul Dushman (1883-1954) was born in Russia and emigrated to the United States in 1891. In 1912, Dushman joined the Research Laboratory of General Electric Company (GE) where he spent the rest of his career with only one interruption; from 1922 to 1925, he served as director of the Research Division of the Edison Lamp Works. Dushman retired from GE in 1948. His principal interests included quantum mechanics, electromotive force, atomic structure, electron emission, unimolecular force, and high vacuum.

Scope and Content:

The papers of Saul Dushman consist of six series. Series 1: LECTURES, 1926-1952, undated, includes various high school, college, and GE related lectures given on scientific topics of interest to Dushman or his work at GE; many are authored by Dushman. Series 2: RESEARCH NOTES AND TECHNICAL DATA, 1924-1952, includes research and technical information prepared or used by Dushman in his scientific work at GE and during his independent efforts during his retirement years. Series 3: TECHNICAL REPRINTS, 1930-1954, includes reprinted materials of magazine and journal articles, portions of books and technical manuals, and other reprint media relating to Dushman's GE duties and personal interests. Series 4: BOOKS, ARTICLES, and REVIEWS, 1939-1952, includes materials relating to books and articles authored by Dushman during part of his career and after his retirement. Series 5: CORRESPONDENCE, 1936-1954, includes correspondences to and from Dushman from a variety of individuals, related to Dushman's professional obligation at GE, scholarly endeavors, his books and articles, and other miscellaneous letters.  Series 6: MISCELLANEOUS, includes a wide range of materials related to Dushman's professional activities and his personal interests.


Transferred to the Archives Center from the Division of Electricity in March 1984.

Container List


Series 1: LECTURES, 1926-52

1 1926-32
2 1933-37
3 1938-41
4 1942-47
5 1948-52
6 Undated


7-13 Research Notes & Technical Data
14-15 Book - Negatives, Photostats, etc.

Series 3: REPRINT FILE, 1930-54

16-17 Reprint Files

Series 4: REVIEWS, 1939-52

18 Materials concerning Dushman's Books & Articles

Series 5: CORRESPONDENCE, 1936-56

19 Correspondence
20 Correspondence with Publishers, Journals, Editors


21 Lectures
Table of Contents
22 Miscellaneous. Papers
23 Book Photostats

Robert S. Harding, 1984
revised C.A. Orr, 1991
Robert S. Harding & Jeffrey L. Tate, October 2000


Revised: March 1, 2001