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(.3 cubic feet: 1 DB)

by: Robert S. Harding, January 1987

Scope and Content

These are mainly personal notebooks of engineers although one is a listing of products of a manufacturer of gears and another is a compilation of shop orders for various products of manufacture. They generally contain technical descriptions and drawings and contain specifications and financial data.


Transferred from the Division of Engineering and Industry, August 7, 1986

Container List

Box  Folder
1 1 C. Bennett (?) Railway Coach Co. - notes, drawings, data on railroad installations and operations, waterworks, etc. ca. 1835-1840
Woodruff & Beach Iron Works, Commerce Street, Hartford, CT - List of gears and other patterns belonging to W & B Iron Works (includes technical descriptions of gears, etc.) 1867.
Frank P. Sheldon, Mill Engineer and Architect, Providence, RI - Technical cost and financial data on textile mill equipment and installations, ca. 1870-1875.
2 J. Parker Snow (Sketch Book No. 2) - Technical descriptions and drawings of stone arches, industrial furnaces and kilns, culverts, etc., ca.1882.
James Reed, Asst. Engineer, Pennsylvania R.R. - Maintenance of way expenses, repair costs, other railroad costs, number of cars hauled, etc., ca. 1874-1882.
W.F. Gordon, Newport News, VA - Survey notes and data for piers, docks, and streets, ca. 1883-1884.
3 Ames Iron Works, Oswego, NY - Technical notes and data on steam engines and other machinery, ca. 1888-1890.
4 Hendrick Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Carbondale, PA - Copies of shop orders for various items (495 individual orders), 1890-1891.
5 Alfred O. Blaisdell, 268 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, NY - Technical notes and drawings on various marine engineering problems; also notes on electricity, early aviation (Wright Brothers), telescopes, and religion, ca. 1899-1912.
William J. Richardson, Carrier Corporation Service Department, Syracuse, NY - Individual reports of inspections of large commercial refrigeration installations, 1930.


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