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(1.0 cubic feet: 81 drawings in map case)

by: Robert S. Harding, August 1988


The Pittsburgh & West Virginia was merged into the Norfolk & Western in 1964.

Scope and Content

These are engineering drawings (81 in number) of the Centralized Traffic Control electrical circuits of the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway Company (later Norfolk & Western Railway Company). The circuits extend from Connellsville, PA to Pittsburgh Junction, Ohio and include those for mechanical controls, electrical signals and telephone communications. The drawings are in ink on paper, mostly in the dimension 23" x 28", although some are larger. Most were prepared and approved in 1948, a few were approved in 1950.


Collection was donated by Norfolk & Western Railway Company in conjunction with Centralized Traffic Control Machine which was donated to SI in 1978. The drawings were sent to John H. White, Curator, Division of Transportation, NMAH according to letter of 5/8/1978 from G. E. Rauh, Regional Engineer - S&C, Norfolk & Western Railway Company, P.O. Box 6119, Cleveland, Ohio, 44101.

The drawings were transferred to the Archives Center on 11/28/1987 from the Division of Transportation by John Stine.

No. of Drawings Designation Dimensions Approved
1 C9282 20x26 12/23/48
58 K31 23x28 1948-1950
7 E5818 17x38 1948
1 D2499 26x40 12/28/48
14 D2577 27x41 1948
total: 81


Revised: September 5, 2002