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(2.5 cubic feet: 6 DB; 1 oversize folder)

by: Don Darroch & Robert S. Harding, May 1990; revised Alison L. Oswald, 2001

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5 26 UNIVAC FAC-TRONIC SYSTEM by Remington Rand, Inc., Eckert-Mauchly Division (18 pages) post-31 March 1951.

"Ordnance Unit 4-3 Boasts of Expert" 4ND Naval Reserve News Training and Information Bulletin, June 1953; (page twenty-six) a biography of Grace Hopper and photo.

Bell Laboratories Record, Volume XXXI Number 4, April 1953.

Systems for Modern Management

Volume XIV, No. 6 June 1950 "Electronic Accounting" by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, pages 10-11, 27.

Volume XIV, No. 7 July, 1950 (2 copies) "Electronic Actuary: How UNIVAC, Remington Rand's new high-speed computing system, is being applied successfully to the complicated problems of life insurance policies and studies." by Dr. Grace M. Hopper as told to Marika Hellstrom (pages 10, 29).

Volume XIV, No. 8, August, 1950 "Solving engineering problems fast by UNIVAC", by Dr. John W. Mauchly (pages 20-21).

Volume XIV, No. 9, September, 1950, "Material Control by UNIVAC: Maintaining balanced inventories requires a system which combines great flexibility and amazing speed." by T. Wister Brown (pages 15, 34).

Volume XIV, No. 11 November, 1950 "Mathematical Economics and the UNIVAC", by Herbert F. Mitchell, Jr., Ph.D. (pages 7, 34-35).

Volume XVI, No. 12, December, 1952 "UNIVAC Beats Statisticians on Election Night" by A.C. Hancock (pages 4-5).

Volume XVII, No. 2, February, 1953 "The Science of Industry" by General Douglas MacArthur (pages 4-6). Chairman of the Board, Remington Rand, Inc.

Volume XVII, No. 3, March, 1953 "Announcing...A Forward Step Towards Automatic Process Control the "ERA 1103" Electronic Computer".


Volume XVII, No. 4 April, 1953 "Getting Facts Faster: A glimpse at some of the inner workings of the UNIVAC, and what it can do towards solving complex business problems." by Robin Leatherman (pages 7-8).

Volume XVII, No. 7 July, 1953, "Computing the Nation's Potential" by H. Burke Horton (pages 16-17).

SERIES 9: HUMOR FILE, 1944-1953
  27 Bugs, by Grace Hopper July 26-28: half sheet of unlined three-hole paper Table worm, July 27; Kitchie Boo Boo Bug -He who goes around loosening relays. July 26; NRL Bug -He who sends wrong data. July 28; He who brings good data (also two xerox copies of same).

Cartoon by Grace Hopper: graph paper, three-hole punched "I am elusive" This way to the buss via Out Relay.

Cartoon by Grace Hopper unlined paper, two holes at top: "What counter shall I go to?"

PROBLEM L by Grace Hopper unlined paper, two holes at top. Note bottom: "Computed, designed, coded, babied, nursed, pleaded with and mothered by" Grace Hopper. Middle: "Errors in mathematics and tape bugs pursued and captured by Ensign Bloch and Ensign Campbell".

Sympathy Chit (3 x 5 file card) signed by I.M. BROADSHOULDERED, LT (j.g.), USNR, Chaplain Striker.

Cartoon by Stan MacGovern and Jay Nelson Tuck, newspaper clipping: "987654321012345678 OR: Harvard University Unveils World's Largest Calculating Machine --Scientific Marvel of the Century!" The Yuk-Yuk Department (no date, paper not known).

Cartoon by Yardley in the Baltimore Sun "As One Haavad Man To Another, How's Chances?" reprinted in Harvard Alumni Bulletin: War Summer Vol. 47, No. 1, 23 September 1944.

Poem (anonymous, 2 tissue paper copies) "Immediately to the right of the main entrance is a classroom seating 59 students. --HAB 14 December 1946".

Description of BINAC (Anonymous); typed on bond paper; "The Binac contains 835 electronic vacuum tubes, most of which lit all of the time." and so on.

Diploma of Dr. Grace M. Hopper, "Has graduated with full honors from "Logical Blocks' And is hereby award the degree 'In Univacology'", date 1949 when join Eckert-Mauchly computer Corp., according to Grace Hopper.

ROUND ROBIN LETTER (Anonymous, typed on 2 sheets tissue paper). Attributes of people at Eckert-Mauchly, includes such as: Most Promising: Gen. Groves (He is always promising something)

Cartoon by Grace Hopper (pencil on plain paper). The Evening Bulletin Alternate Thursday x002 "The EMCC celebrated the completion of UNIVAC today. After nearly a century of donuts, coffee, ulcers and swimming parties, the obsolete digital computer is now ready for production."

Report Card of Grace Murray Hopper, 8 June 1950) "Tact -A+++++ * *Spoke very nicely to Dresch".

Publicity Release of the Joint Development Board (typed both sides 3 x 5 card dateline: NYT, Jan 1/51). Subject: HOMIAC. HOMIAC "named for Admiral Hopper and General Mitchell" "An observer, as passionately fond of mathematics as the HOMIAC, opines that there may be some resemblance to MARK I, MARK II, MARK II, EDVAC, ENIAC, EDSAC, BINAC, SEAC, and UNIVAC, but that this resemblance is doubtless coincidental."

Quote of J.M. Keynes. "Too large a portion of recent "mathematical" economics are mere concoctions, as imprecise as the initial assumptions they rest on, which allow the author to lose sight of the complexities and interdependencies of the real world in a maze of pretentious and unhelpful symbols"--according to Grace Hopper, circulated around EMCC.

Cartoon by Collinge "A strict diet of simple algebra --and NO calculus." The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, June 1, 1952

Cartoon (copyright by Field Enterprises, Inc.): "We've eliminated the last 'bug', gentlemen... the human element"... it'll now do an income tax return without blowing a fuse!", March 23, 1952 a Philadelphia paper.

Cartoon (copyright by Field Enterprises, Inc.): "It's some Senate committee, professor... they're investigating the 'Brain's' loyalty.." with "Gil" written in on one of the committee, "Herb" on the professor 1953 (from copyright) paper: San...

DP DEFINITIONS by W.S. Roth (page 81) ACM(?) year(?) included such as: "DEBUGGING--Removing the needles from the haystack." "MEMORY DUMP --Amnesia."

DP DEFINITIONS by Shirley Marks. ACM date: month after ACM's 11th anniversary includes such as: "Conversion Routine --Missionary work among the Decimals." "Simpson's Rule --Evaluate an integral as you would have an integral evaluate you."

The "Electronics" Prayer by "Who'dedmitit" (carbon copy on tissue). Top corner: 26 May 1950 CC-5 "Our UNIVAC, which art in Philadelphia,..." (also four xerox copies of same).

PSALM TO THE FAREWELL STATE (Author Unknown, carbon copy on tissue) "The government is my shepherd, I need not work."... (3 copies).

"Why Study When Machine Knows All the Answers?: Ivy Oratory Says Mechanical Brain Solves Conant's Income Tax and Makes Salads", Boston Daily Globe, Wednesday, 4 June 1947.

"Undergraduate Designs Radical Abacus to Rival Harvard Electronic Calculator" Yale Daily News, Friday, January 10, 1947 (p. 1, 5). A.G. Puddlefoot, Yale '50, with circular abacus challenges Mark I or II. Photo: Puddlefoot with abacus.

  28 "Captain Marvel and the Incredible Calculator", (Captain Marvel Adventures Vol. 9 No. 53) 1 February 1946 Fawcett Publications Inc. 1100 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY perhaps the first comic book to contain a computer, according to Grace Hopper.
6 1 Paper machine tape (3 5/8" wide), punched holes "Problem L Tape RR 3A"



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