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(2 cubic feet: 5 DB, 1 [3x5] card box)

by: Franklin A. Robinson, Jr., February 2001


The Science Action Coordinating Committee (SACC) was a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) based graduate student organization active in the Vietnam War protest movement of the late 1960s. Its activities grew to include protests against a variety of social and political targets. Members described themselves as, "a group of graduate students at MIT concerned with social responsibility of scientists."

Scope and Content

The collection covers the period 1968-1969, the blossoming of the anti-Vietnam War protest movement. The papers primarily concern the March 4, 1969 voluntary research stoppage at MIT. This day was set aside to discuss and criticize the cooperation of MIT researchers with the US Department of Defense and included speakers George McGovern and Noam Chomsky as well as many others. The materials include photographs, posters, programs, and coordinating notes concerning this day of non-violent protest. The papers also cover other days of protests, Agenda Days, May 6-8, 1969 and a demonstration held on June 16, 1969, as well as a letter sent to Russian scientists in April 1969. The collection also includes items from other Vietnam War era protest groups: the Union of Concerned Scientists, New University Conference, Scientists for Social and Political Action and the Organization for Progressive Engineers.

The collection is particularly valuable in the picture it presents of the anti-Vietnam War protest movement of the late 1960s and how it grew to include other societal concerns. It is also valuable in the view it presents from inside the movement.


Donated to the National Museum of American History, Archives Center by Dr. Alan Chodos and Dr. Florence P. Haseltine in 1992.

Container List

Box Folder
1 1

 March 4, 1969 Papers

2  March 4, 1969 Posters/Programs
3  March 4, 1969 Photographic "Contact" Sheets
4  Miscellaneous Photographs
5  Letter to Russian Scientists, April 1969
6 Newspapers, May 3-6, 1969

 MIT, "Agenda Days", May 6-8, 1969

June 16, 1969 Demonstration
9  Contact Names
10  Miscellaneous Papers
11  Miscellaneous Printed Material
12  Union of Concerned Scientists
13  New University Conference
14  Scientists for Social and Political Action and Organization for Progressives Engineers


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