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(57 cubic feet: 233 binder boxes, 18 Paige boxes, 8 DB,  1 F/O, 1 O/S)

by Cathy Keen, 2000

Subseries II-R: Card games

Box Folder

Merlin "Battle Cards," 1992 (3)

Deckmaster "Jyhad" Booster Pack, 1994

Deckmaster "Magic: The Gathering," 1994 (5)

U.S. Games "Wyvern", 1994

Subseries II-S: Stickers, patches and tattoos

Topps "24 Tattoos," 1981 (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Fleer "50 Fabulous Foolish Fun Stamps"

Donruss "All-Pro Skateboard" Professional Cards & Stickers

National Broadcasting Company "Astroboy" Tattoo

Fleer "Back Slapper Stickers"

Fleer "Beautiful People"

Fleer "Belly Buttons"

Big Top "Big Top Tattoos"

Fleer "Body Shop" Iron ons

Topps "Bugs Bunny Tattoos," 1971

Fleer "Bumper Stickers"

Topps Perlorian "Cats Stickers"

Donruss "CB Convoy Code Stickers" (2)

Fleer "Cover ups Rub-Offs for Book Covers"

Swell "Crazy Comic Stick-ons"

Fleer "Crazy labels," 1979 (2)

Fleer "Crazy Magazine Covers" (4)

Dandy "Tattoo"

Dandy "Captain Tattoo"

Dandy "Navy Tattoo"

Dandy "Sailor Tattoo"

Dandy "Western Tattoo"

Dandy "Disney Tattoos" (6)

Morris National Sales "Dolly Show," 1979

Fleer "Dragon's Lair" Stickers and Rub-off Games, 1983

Fleer "Dumb Dabs Mini-Stickers"

Fleer "Dumb Dots Mini-Stickers"

Topps "Far-Out Iron Ons" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Donruss "Football Super Freaks," 1974 (2)

Topps "Frankenstein stickers"

Donruss "Galaxy Wars Tattoos" (3)

259 Y Topps "Garbage Pail Kids," 1986 (27)

Topps "Garbage Pail Kids" Giant Stickers, 1986 (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Topps "Garbage Pail Kids" Stick-on Pictures, 1986 (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Fleer "Glitter Glove," 1984 (2)

"Glow Worms and Bed Bugs"

Fleer "Grossville High," 1986

Fleer "Happystickers"

Culturama (Puerto Rico) "Hippy 2000"

Figurine Panini "Hobbies and Jobs"

Albert (Holland) "Horror Stickers"

Fleer "Looney Labels" (2)

Figurine "Magic" scratch & smell stickers

Fleer "Magoo Tattoo," 1967

Topps "Make Your Own Name Stickers Kit"

Kellogg's "Make Your Own Stickers Kit," 1984

Diamond "Mask" stickers, 1987

Topps "Monstickers" puffy stickers, 1979

Topps "Monster Initial" stickers

Fleer "My Kookie Klassmates Autograph Stamps"

Confex "Nasty Tricks," 1990

Topps "Nice or Nasty Valentines: Make Your Own Valentines"

Topps "Nintendo Tattoos," 1989

Americana "Parade de L'Horreur"

Topps "Phoney Hit Record Stickers" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Fleer "Print Your Own Button Factory" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Panini "Popples" stickers, 1987

Fleer "Rotten Eggs" stickers

Fleer "Real Cloth Patches"

Fleer "Real Road Signs" stickers

Fleer "Robot Wars" Rub-off Games and Stickers, 1985

Americana "Rub a Dub" Transfers

Fleer "School Stickers" (7) (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Donruss "Screamin' Gleamin Glitter Iron-ons"

Fleer "Shiny Jet Set Stickers"

Topps "Silly Stickers"

Donruss "Skateboard Stickers"

Fleer "Sneekies" Plastic stickers for loafers and sneakers

Fleer "Super Sneekies" Plastic stickers for loafers and sneakers

Topps "Snotty Signs," 1986

Topps "Slob Stickers"

Aquilla "Star Trip" Iron-on, 1975

Fleer "Stick-its"

Fleer "Stick-it-to-'em Insult Stickers" (2)

Z Topps "Trash Can Trolls" Stickers, 1992

Roach "Turned on Iron Ons"

Topps "TV Cartoon Tattoos," 1971

Fleer "TV Smelly Award" stickers

Topps "Ugly Stickers"

O-Pee-Chee "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" Tattoos, 1984

Donruss "Vote For" stickers

Fleer "Window Paints" see-through stickers

Comic Images "World of Spider Man" trading stickers, 1988

O-Pee-Chee "Wacky Packages" (2)

Topps "Wacky Packages," 1979-1991 (11)

Topps "Wanted" stickers, 1975

Topps "Way-Out Wheels" Auto Emblems (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Topps "Weird Wheels," 1980 (2)

Donruss "Zero Heroes" stickers, 1983 (3)

Subseries II-T: Toys, games, puzzles, jokes, postcards and posters

Bowman's "18 Magic Pictures"

Knight Toy and Novelty "Action Trading Cards: Comic or Monster" (3) (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Topps "Batty Buttons"

Topps "Comic Book Foldees"

Topps "Cute 'n' Cuddly Animal Posters", 1981 (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Donruss "Crazy Hang Ups" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Leaf "Fink Button", 1965

Topps "Flying Thing" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Fun Foods Inc. "Fun Buttons"

Topps "Funny Travel Posters"

Topps "Garbage Pail Kids" 3D Wall Plak, 1986 (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Topps "Garbage Pail Kids Poster", 1986

Topps "Gross Bears", 1985

Walt Disney "Guess Who?" Magnet, 1978

Chix "Happy Howlers"

Gallina Blanca (Spain) "Identikit"

Topps "Insult Postcards" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Joke Books "Jake's Jokes"

Topps "Jiggly Buttons"

Topps "License Puzzle Plates"

Topps "Mad-Ad Foldees" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Philadelphia Chewing Gum Co. "Mad Mod Buttons"

Bee International "Mazing Monsters"

Americana "Monster Rings"

Topps "Movie Giant Pin-Up", 1981 (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Topps "Nasty Notes" Posters

Fleer "Pixies" by Jack Wohl (3)

Topps "Pop-ups"

Fleer "Ringer-Dingers"

Continental Candy Company "Snoots" (3)

Fleer "Sticky Signs"

Topps "Toxic Crusaders", 1991

Topps "Trivia Battle Game", 1984

Topps "Valentine Wood Plaks"

Topps "Valentine Post Cards" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX BB)

Topps "Wacky Package Posters"

Glenn Confections "Wacky Wax" (SEE OVERSIZE BOX CC)

Topps "Wanted Posters"

Mel Appel Enterprises "Weird Ball: Gross Series 1", 1986 (6)

Model Airplane Co. "Western and Circus Jiggleys", 1950

Pacific "Where Are They?," 1992

Mattel "Where's Waldo? Adventure Cards," 1991


Revised: Decmeber 29, 2000