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(1 cubic foot:  3 DB, 2 Oversize folders)

by: Cathy Keen, 1999


Started in 1898 in Brockton, Massachusetts by Walter Thomas Stall and Charles Dean, the Stall and Dean Company is one of the oldest sporting goods manufacturers in America. Their first catalog offered baseball and basketball uniforms, footballs, and football helmets. The business rapidly expanded, and within a few years, they were producing athletic shoes for numerous sports, caps, bats, balls, mitts and fielding gloves for baseball, boxing gloves, tennis racquets, nets for tennis and volleyball, and supporters and protective equipment. Eventually, Mr. Stall bought out Mr. Dean's share of the business, but the company name has remained Stall and Dean.

Stall and Dean was the first American company to manufacture hockey jerseys and equipment, outfitting the original six member teams of the National Hockey League. Many Hall of Fame athletes from many sports wore Stall and Dean uniforms, including Bobby Orr and Ted Williams, and their catalogs contained endorsements from many famous players, including Ty Cobb. They manufactured uniforms and equipment for high schools and colleges as well as for the professional athletes.  The company adapted to changing times and changes in style and materials in sports apparel.  The "safeslide flannel" baseball uniform was just one of their innovations.  These apparel changes are well documented in the company's catalogs.  In a 1975 article in the Brockton Enterprise, Richard Stall, Jr., the third generation owner of the company, extolled the virtues of polyester double knit fabrics, saying "...they look marvelous and they have replaced flannels." While the company adapted to stylistic changes, it has remained in its original factory and still produces uniforms on some of the same turn-of-the-century sewing machines it purchased new. In a 1998 article in Yankee magazine, an employee, Kevin Gosciak, referred to Stall and Dean as "a museum of American manufacturing."

Scope and Content

This collection is divided into six series: Series 1, Stall and Dean product catalogs, 1904-1973; Series 2, Stall and Dean price lists, 1919-1966, and order blanks, 1998; Series 3, Promotional brochures, 1913 and 1926; Series 4, Catalogs of Stall and Dean's competitors, 1898-1966; Series 5, Non-sports catalogs, manuals and other printed materials, 1934-1962; and Series 6, Illustrations and graphic materials, undated. Of these, the picturesquely illustrated catalogs of Stall and Dean and its competitors are by far the richest resource for research. Many are annotated and/or contain fabric swatches attached to the pages. They contain a wealth of information about the development of sporting goods and uniforms throughout the twentieth century.


The collection was donated to the Archives Center in October 1998.

Container List

Series 1: Stall & Dean Co. Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1904-1973

Box Folder
1 1 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1904-1909

Spring and Summer, 1904

Fall and Winter, 1905

Spring and Summer, 1909

2 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1908-1913

Fall and Winter, 1908 - Fall and Winter, 1913 (Bound together)

3 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1911-1914

Spring and Summer, 1911

Fall and Winter, 1913

Spring and Summer 1913

Summer and Winter, 1914 (the last three are bound together)

4 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1914-1915

Summer and Winter, 1914 (annotated)

Summer and Winter, 1915

5 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1913-1915

Basketball and Gymnasium Clothing, 1913-1914 (with swatches)

Spring and Summer 1914

Fall and Winter, 1914-1915

Spring and Summer, 1915

6 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1915-1916

Fall and Winter, 1915-1916

Spring and Summer, 1916

7 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1917-1919

Summer and Winter, 1917 (annotated)

Fall and Winter, 1918-1919

2 1 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1919

Spring and Summer, 1919

Spring and Summer, 1919 (annotated)

2 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1919-1920

Catalog of Baseball Uniforms, 1919 (annotated, with swatches)

Fall and Winter, 1919-1920

3 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1919-1922

Fall and Winter, 1919-1920

Fall and Winter, 1920-1921

Spring and Summer, 1922

4 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1932-1934

Spring and Summer, 1932

Fall and Winter, 1933-1934

5 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1948-1950

Spring and Summer, 1948

Fall and Winter, 1948

Spring and Summer, 1950

6 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1950-1952

Fall and Winter-1951

Spring and Summer, 1951

Annual, 1952

7 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1953-1955

Annual, 1953

Annual, 1954

Annual, 1955

8 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1956-1958

Spring and Summer, 1956

Fall and Winter, 1956-1957

Fall and Winter, 1957-1958

9 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1958-1959

Spring and Summer, 1958

Fall and Winter, 1958-1959

Spring and Summer, 1959

10 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1958-1961

Fall and Winter, 1959-1960

Spring and Summer, 1960

Fall and Winter, 1960-1961

11 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1959-1963

Fall and Winter, 1961-1962

Spring and Summer, 1962

Spring and Summer, 1963

12 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1963-1965

Annual, 1963-1964

Annual, 1964-1965

13 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1966-1968

Fall and Winter, 1966-1967

Annual, 1966-1967

Fall and Winter, 1967-1968

14 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1968-1970

Spring and Summer, 1968

Spring and Summer, 1969

Fall and Winter, 1969-1970

Spring and Summer, 1970

15 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1970-1972

Fall and Winter, 1970-1971

Spring and Summer, 1971

Annual, 1972

3 1 Stall & Dean Sports Equipment Catalogs, 1973

Fall and Winter, 1973 (2)

Series 2: Stall & Dean Price Lists and Order Blanks, 1919-1966, 1998 

2 Price Lists for Stall & Dean products, 1919-1958
3 Price Lists for Stall & Dean products, 1958-1966
4 Order blanks (7) for various sports

Series 3: Stall & Dean Promotional Brochures, 1913 and 1926

5 Two promotional brochures about Stall & Dean, 1913, 1926

Series 4: Catalogs of Stall & Dean's competitors, 1898-1966

6 Dame, Stoddard & Kendall Athletic Department catalog, 1898
7 Golden Sporting Shoe Co. catalogs, undated and 1923 and 1925
8 Catalog: Kennedy Sporting Goods, Utica, New York, 1959
9 Catalog: MacGregor Sports Equipment, 1961
10 Rawlings Sporting Goods catalogs, 1957-1959
11 Rawlings Sporting Goods catalogs, 1960-1961
12 Rawlings Sporting Goods catalogs, 1966-1967
13 Catalog: Adams Plastics, 1966 (protective sports equipment)

Series 5: Non-sports catalogs, manuals, and other printed material, 1934-1962

14 Pamphlet: How to Budget, Select and Order Athletic Equipment, 1962  (Athletic Goods Manufacturers Association)
15 The Clark Improved Softball Scorebook, 1934  (The B.H. Clark Co., Inc.)
16 Pamphlet: Rules and Regulations, Babe Ruth League, 1959

Series 6: Illustrations and graphic materials, undated

17 Three color illustrations of swimwear, undated
OV 1 Advertising poster, undated (World War II years)
OV 2 Two stand-up advertisingdisplay signs, undated


Revised: January 19, 2001