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(4 cubic feet: 2 DB, 2 shoeboxes, 1 F/O, 1 large F/O, 1 oversize folder)

by: Cathy Keen, October 2000


Lou Newman, a retired New York City businessman originally from Baltimore, is a third-generation baseball fan and collector of baseball memorabilia. He continued the tradition started by his grandfather and his father, of anything connected to baseball. Before he donated portions of it, Mr. Newman's massive collection filled an entire room in his home, and included baseball books numbering in the thousands, baseball games and toys, coin banks, watches and charms, pennants, uniforms, advertising, baseball art, bats, balls, baseball cards, products with player endorsements, buttons, pins, and numerous other types of items. Mr. Newman, in his travels throughout the U.S., expanded on the collection by gathering souvenirs and memorabilia from games and stadiums in the many places he visited, collecting not just on the major leagues but the minor leagues and spring training.

Scope and content

The archival collection is divided into seven series: Series I: TEAM PROGRAMS, 1895-1999, mostly minor leagues; Series II, POSTCARDS, most undated but many go back to the turn of the 20th century, in addition to some before that date which are reproductions; Series III: SHEET MUSIC, 1908-1984, entirely on the subject of baseball; Series IV: ADVERTISING, with baseball images, including advertising for newspapers, soft drinks, beer, tobacco and other products, and many posters, including one movie poster for a 1928 silent film "Warming Up"; Series V: PHOTOGRAPHS, mostly black and white portraits of major league players; Series VI: MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS, undated and 1903, 1950, including a comic book, a short story magazine and a theater program; and Series VII: EPHEMERA, consisting entirely of ticket stubs.


Mr. Newman donated the archival collection to the Archives Center and numerous artifacts to the Division of Cultural History in 1999. He donated nearly his entire collection of baseball books to the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore a short time later.


Michael Benson's Ballparks of North America (McFarland and Co., 1989) was used as a reference guide for the postcards of baseball parks and venues. Former Major League Teams: An Encyclopedia by Donald D. Jones (McFarland and Co., 1997) was used as a reference guide for postcards on teams. The Official Encyclopedia of Baseball (4th Revised Edition) by Hy Turkin and S.C. Thompson (A.S. Barnes and Company) was also used as a reference.

Series List

I: TEAM PROGRAMS, 1895-1999

I-A: Minor league programs, 1895-1975

I-B: Major League programs, 1958-1999


II-A: Postcards of baseball venues

II-A-1: Major League Venues

II-A-2: Spring Training Venues

II-A-3: Other venues, minor leagues, semi-pro, Little League, etc.

II-B: Non-baseball venues

II-C: Players and managers

II-D: Teams

II-D-1: Major League teams

II-D-2: Non-Major League teams

II-E: Miscellaneous postcards

III: SHEET MUSIC, 1908-1984



undated and 1903, 1950

VII: EPHEMERA, 1963-1999

Container List

Series I: TEAM PROGRAMS, 1895-1999

Subseries A: Minor League Programs, 1895-1975

Box Folder
1 1 Minor League Programs, 1895:

Bridgeton, New Jersey, 1895

2 Minor League Programs, 1931-1939:

San Jose vs. Santa Cruz, 1931
Syracuse Chiefs, 1937
Syracuse Chiefs, 1939

3 Minor League Programs, 1944-1949:
Hollywood Stars, 1944
Syracuse Chiefs, 1945
San Diego Padres, 1945
Rochester Red Wings, 1945
Trenton Giants, 1947
Batavia (New York) Clippers, 1947
Bristol Twins, 1947
Allentown Cardinals, 1947
Newport News Dodgers, 1947
Anniston (Alabama) Rams, 1948
Indianapolis Indians, 1947
Milwaukee Brewers, 1949
4 Minor League Programs, 1950-1959:
Anniston Rams, 1950
Birmingham Barons, 1951
San Francisco Seals, 1951
Decatur Commodores, 1952
Lewiston (Idaho) Broncs, 1954
Allentown (Pennsylvania) Cardinals, 1955
Seattle Rainiers, 1955
San Jose Red Sox, 1955
Topeka Hawks, 1956
Schenectady Blue Jays, 1958
Austin Senators, 1958
Alamance (North Carolina) Indians, 1959
Topeka Reds, 1959
Savannah Reds, 1959
5 Minor League Programs, 1960:
Billings (Montana) Mustangs
Saint Paul Saints
Austin Senators
Durham Bulls
St. Cloud (Minnesota) Rox
Sacramento Solons
6 Minor League Programs, 1961:
Shreveport Sports
Binghamton Triplets
Hawaii Islanders
7 Minor League Programs, 1962:
Fox Cities (Wisconsin) Foxes
Springfield (Massachusetts) Giants
Boise Braves
8 Minor League Programs, 1963:
Santa Barbara Rancheros
Fox Cities Foxes
San Jose Bees
9 Minor League Programs, 1964:
Charlotte Hornets
Bakersfield Bears
10 Minor League Programs, 1965:
Salisbury (North Carolina) Astros
11 Minor League Programs, 1967:
Santa Barbara Dodgers
Spartanburg (South Carolina) Phillies
Bakersfield Bears
San Diego Padres
Macon Peaches
12 Minor League Programs, 1968:
Salem Rebels
Buffalo Bisons
Seattle Angels
Savannah Senators
13 Minor League Programs, 1969:
St. Petersburg Cardinals
Salem (Virginia) Rebels
Hawaii Islanders
Albuquerque Dodgers
14 Minor League Programs, 1970:
Indianapolis Indians
Aberdeen (South Dakota) Pheasants
Birmingham A's
Bluefield (West Virginia) Orioles
Billings Mustangs
Spartanburg Phillies
Bend (Oregon) Rainbows
Batavia (New York) Trojans
Amarillo Giants
15 Minor League Programs, 1971:
Bakersfield Dodgers
Syracuse Chiefs
Dallas/Fort Worth Spurs
Lodi Padres
Salem Rebels
Anderson (South Carolina) Senators
16 Minor League Programs, 1971, continued:
Bend Rainbows
Caldwell (Idaho) Cubs
Cedar Rapids Cardinals
Charlotte Hornets
Asheville (North Carolina) Tourists
17 Minor League Programs, 1971, continued:
St. Petersburg Cardinals
Hawaii Islanders
18 Minor League Programs, 1972:
Burlington Bees
19 Minor League Programs, 1973:
Sherbrooke (Quebec) Pirates
Oklahoma City Eighty Niners
Walla Walla Padres
20 Minor League Programs, 1973, continued:
Modesto Reds
Salinas Packers
Salt Lake Angels
2 1 Minor League Programs, 1973, continued:
San Jose Bees
Albuquerque Dukes
Spokane Indians
Decatur Commodores
Bakersfield Dodgers
2 Minor League Programs, 1974:
Amarillo Giants
Syracuse Chiefs
Toledo Mud Hens
Savanna Braves
3 Minor League Programs, 1975:
Newark-Wayne (New York) Co-Pilots
Burlington Bees
Charleston Charlies
Auburn (New York), Phillies
Bristol (Connecticut) Red Sox
4 Minor League Programs, 1975, continued:
Batavia Trojans
Eugene Emeralds
Knoxville Sox
Tulsa Oilers
Tidewater Tides
5 Minor League Programs, 1976:
Fox City Foxes
Sacramento Solons
Rhode Island Red Sox

Series I: TEAM PROGRAMS, 1895-1999

Subseries B: Major League Team Programs, 1958-1999

6 Major League Programs, 1958:
New York Yankees
7 Major League Programs, 1961-1967:
New York Yankees, 1961
New York Mets, 1963
New York Mets, 1964
New York Mets, 1965
New York Mets, 1966
New York Mets, 1967
8 Major League Programs, 1970-1976
New York Mets, 1970
Los Angeles Dodgers, 1973
San Francisco Giants, 1973
New York Mets, 1974
San Francisco Giants, 1975
New York Mets, 1975
New York Yankees, 1975 (2)
Los Angeles Dodgers, 1976
New York Mets, 1976
9 Major League Programs (including spring training), 1999
Toronto Blue Jays
Detroit Tigers
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
New York Mets
10 Major League Programs (including spring training), 1999
Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies
Montreal Expos
11 Major League Programs (including spring training), 1999
Baltimore Orioles
San Diego Padres
Kansas City Royals


Subseries A: Postcards of Baseball Venues

Subseries A-1: Major League Venues

3 1 Anaheim California, Anaheim Stadium (Angels)
2 Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Stadium (Braves)
3 Baltimore, Maryland, Memorial Stadium (Orioles)
4 Boston, Massachusetts, Braves Field (Braves)
5 Boston, Massachusetts, Huntington Avenue Grounds (Red Sox)
Boston, Massachusetts, Fenway Park (Red Sox)
6 Brooklyn, New York, Ebbets Field (Dodgers)
7 Chicago, Illinois, West Side Grounds (Cubs)Chicago, Illinois, Federal League Ball Park (later called Wrigley Field) (Cubs)
8 Chicago, Illinois, White Sox Park, (also called Comiskey Park) (White Sox)
9 Cincinnati, Ohio, Crosley Field (called Redland Field, 1912-1933) (Reds)
Cincinnati, Ohio, Riverfront Stadium (Reds)
10 Cleveland, Ohio, League Park (Indians)
Cleveland, Ohio, Municipal Stadium (Indians)
11 Detroit, Michigan, Bennett Field (Tigers)
Detroit, Michigan, Navin Field (later called Briggs Stadium, Tiger Stadium (Tigers)
12 Houston, Texas, Colt Stadium (Colt 45s, later renamed Astros)
Houston, Texas, The Astrodome (official name: Harris County Domed Stadium) (Astros)
13 Kansas City, Missouri, Muehlebach Field (later called Municipal Stadium) (Athletics)
Kansas City, Missouri, Royals Stadium (Royals)
14 Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles Coliseum (Dodgers)
Los Angeles, California, Dodger Stadium (Dodgers)
15 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, County Stadium (Braves, Brewers)
16 Minneapolis, Minnesota, Metropolitan Stadium (Twins)
17 Montreal, Quebec, Parc Jarry (Expos)
18 New York, New York, Polo Grounds (Giants)
19 New York, New York, Shea Stadium (Mets)
20 New York, New York, Hilltop Park (Yankees)
New York, New York, Yankee Stadium (Yankees)
21 Oakland, California, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Athletics)
22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Columbia Ball Park (Athletics)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Shibe Park (also called Connie Mack Stadium) (Athletics)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Veteran's Stadium (Phillies)
23 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Exposition Field (Pirates)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Forbes Field (Pirates)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Three Rivers Stadium (Pirates)
24 St. Louis, Missouri, Sportsman's Park (Cardinals)
St. Louis, Missouri, Busch Stadium (Cardinals)
25 San Diego, California, San Diego-Jack Murphy Stadium (Padres)
26 San Francisco, California, Candlestick Park (Giants)
27 Seattle, Washington, Sick's Stadium (Pilots)
Seattle, Washington, The Kingdome (Mariners)
28 Washington, D.C., National League Park (Senators)
Washington, D.C., Griffith Stadium (Senators)
Washington, D.C., D.C. Stadium (later Robert F. Kennedy Stadium) (Senators)


Subseries A: Postcards of Baseball Venues

Subseries A-2: Spring Training Venues

29 Florida (general)

Bradenton, Florida

Clearwater, Florida, Clearwater Stadium

Daytona Beach, Florida, City Island Recreation Center

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Fort Lauderdale Stadium

Fort Myers, Florida, Terry Park

Fort Pierce, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, Baseball Park (1910)

Jacksonville, Florida, George G. Robinson Recreation and Sports Complex

Lakeland, Florida, League Field (later Henley Field)

Lakeland, Florida, Joker Marchant Stadium

Mesa, Arizona, Rendezvous Park

Miami, Florida

Orlando, Florida, Tinker Field Palm Beach, Florida, "The Breakers" and Ball Grounds

Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Municipal Stadium

Sarasota, Florida, Payne Park

St. Petersburg, Florida, Al Lang Field

Tampa, Florida, Fair Grounds

Tampa, Florida, Al Lopez Field

Vero Beach, Florida, Dodgertown

Winter Haven, Florida, Chain-O'-Lakes Park


Subseries A: Postcards of Baseball Venues

Subseries A-3: Other Venues, Minor Leagues, Semi-Pro, Little League, etc.

30 Alabama
31 Arizona
32 California
33 Colorado
34 Connecticut
35 Delaware
36 Florida
37 Georgia
38 Illinois
39 Indiana
40 Iowa
41 Kentucky
42 Maine
43 Maryland
44 Massachusetts
45 Michigan
46 Minnesota
47 Missouri
48 Nebraska
49 Nevada
50 New Hampshire
51 New Jersey
52 New York
53 North Carolina
54 Ohio
55 Oregon
56 Pennsylvania
57 Rhode Island
58 South Carolina
59 South Dakota
60 Tennessee
61 Texas
62 Utah
63 Vermont
64 Virginia
65 Washington
66 West Virginia
67 Wisconsin
68 Canada
69 Cuba
70 France
71 Japan
72 Mexico
73 Unidentifiable


Subseries B: Non-baseball Venues

74 Non-baseball venues


Subseries C: Players and managers

4 1-19 Players and managers, major leagues, portraits (in alphabetical order)
20 Players and managers, minor leagues, portraits (in alphabetical order)
21 Players, action scenes


Subseries D: Teams

Subseries D-1: Major League teams

22 Atlanta Braves, 1973
23 Baltimore Orioles (National League), 1895
24 Boston Americans, 1903
25 Boston Beaneaters, 1897
26 Boston Braves, 1878, 1887, 1889, 1914, 1948
27 Boston Nationals, 1898
28 Boston Red Sox, undated and 1905, 1907, 1912
29 Boston Red Stockings, 1874
30 Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, 1889
31 Brooklyn Dodgers, undated and 1900, 1907, 1914
32 Chicago (team?), undated
33 Chicago Whales, 1914
34 Chicago Cubs, 1877, 1888, 1906, 1914
35 Chicago White Sox, 1904, 1906, 1917
36 Chicago White Stockings, 1880s
37 Cincinnati Reds, undated, 1914, 1939
38 Cleveland (team?), undated
39 Cleveland Blues, 1880
40 Cleveland Naps, 1905, 1907, 1910, 1913
41 Detroit Tigers, 1886, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1915
42 Los Angeles Dodgers, undated
43 New York Giants, 1892, 1903, 1904, 1905,1908, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1915, 1917
44 New York Mutuals, 1870
45 New York Yankees, 1913, 1915, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1932, 1939
46 Philadelphia Athletics, 1886, 1889, 1902, 1905, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1913, 1914, 1931, 1937
47 St. Louis Cardinals, 1914, 1915, 1926, 1928, 1936
48 Washington Senators, 1899
49 Other teams, such as All-Star teams, Hall of Fame teams, etc.


Subseries D: Teams

Subseries D-2: Non-Major League teams

50 Minor league teams
51 Company teams
52 Women's teams
53 School teams
54 Foreign teams
55 Military teams
56 American Indian teams
57 Minor league and other teams, unidentifiable


Subseries E: Miscellaneous baseball postcards

58 Comical and picturesque baseball images
59 Scenes of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, New York
60 Baseball exhibits in wax museums
61 Baseball-related art
62 Miscellaneous postcards, some only peripherally baseball-related
63 Postcards, unrelated to baseball

Series III: SHEET MUSIC, 1908-1984

5 1 Sheet Music:

"At the Ballgame" by Olof Thustrom, 1949

Fred Waring's) "Baseball" by Tom Waring, Paul Gibbons and Craig Leitch, 1939 (2 copies)

"Baseball" by Richard Wolfe, 1971

"The Baseball League" by John W. Schaum, 1950

"The Baseball Polka" by Moe Jaffe, Larry Fotine, Dick Hardt, 1950

"Centerfield" by J.C. Fogerty, 1984

"Connie Mack We Love You" by Frank Capano Jr., Louis Herscher, and Frank Capano, 1944

"Chicago Cubs Song" by I.C. Haag and John Frigo, 1969

"The Fightin' Phils" by Bickley Reichner and Elliot Lawrence, 1950

"Heart" (from "Damn Yankees") by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, 1955

"Here Come the Yankees" by Lou Stallman and Bob Bundin, 1967 (2 copies)

"He's a Fan, Fan, Fan" by Cecil Lean and Florence Holbrooke, 1909

"I Want to Go Out to the Ball Game To-Day" by M.H. West, 1925

"I Wan-ta Go to the Ball-Game" by Tell Taylor, 1927

"It's a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game" by Ruth Roberts, William Katz, Gener Piller and Harry Simeone, 1960

"Kansas City A's" by Roger C. Webb, 1955

"Legion Ball Marching Song" by Emerson Yorke and Solita Palmer, 1949

"Let's Go Padres" by Preston Foster, 1969

"Meet the Mets" by Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz, 1963

"(Song of the) Milwaukee Braves" by John Krumdick, 1955

"Our Baseball Nine" by Esther C. Benson, 1932

"Over the Fence is Out" by Earl Ricker, 1969

"Pals, Good Old Pals" by Thurland Chattaway, 1905

"Safe at Home (A Tribute to Our Beloved Babe Ruth)" by Jack Rollins and Perry Alexander, 1948

"School Life" by Chas. L. Johnson, 1912

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by Albert von Tilzer and Jack Norworth, 1908

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (from movie) by Albert von Tilzer and Jack Norworth, 1908

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by Albert von Tilzer and Jack Norworth (1984 copy)

"There Goes the Ball Game" (from the movie New York, New York), 1963

"Van Lingle Mungo" by Dave Frishberg, 1969

"Wanna go to the Baseball Game" by Winnie E. Hodge, 1950

"Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)" (from "Damn Yankees"), 1955

"Who's Gonna Win the Pennant This Year?" by Herman Bandes, Gary Van Dyke, and Paul Germano, 1953

"Will We Ever Know Each Other?" (from the Broadway musical "The First") by Joel Siegel, Bob Brush, and Martin Charnin, 1981

"Willie, Mickey and 'the Duke' (Talkin' Baseball)" by Terry Cashman, 1981

2 Sheet Music Books, 1955 and undated:

Play Ball: Familiar Tunes for the Piano
by Marie Westervelt, 1955

Cohan's Clever Compositions by George M. Cohan, (cover only)


3 Advertisement for Triple Play Brand (produce crate label)

Advertisement for Nu-Grape Soda

Magazine advertisement (from July 26, 1913 Literary Digest) for Tuxedo Tobacco

Advertisement for Coca Cola featuring Eddie Collins, 1915

Fan advertisement for Reid's Ice Cream

6 Poster advertising the movie Warming Up, 1928

Poster advertising the (city?) Chronicle, undated

Poster advertising Amtrak, undated

Poster advertising The Baltimore Sun, 1990s

Poster advertising The Denver Post, 1993

Poster advertising The New York Daily News, 1992

Posters (two copies of one poster, one of another) advertising The Palm Beach Post, undated

Poster advertising The Rocky Mountain News, undated

Poster advertising The Rocky Mountain News, 1995

Poster advertising The Rocky Mountain News, 1996

Poster (three copies of one poster, one of another) advertising The Toronto Star, undated

Poster advertising The Toronto Star, 1992

Poster advertising The Vine Line, (official newspaper of the Chicago Cubs)

Poster advertising Foster's Lager, undated

Poster advertising Miller Brewing Co., 1986

OV 1 New York Mets Poster advertising Budweiser beer

Series V: PHOTOGRAPHS, undated

5 4 Photographs of baseball players, Aaron - Drysdale
5 Photographs of baseball players, Face - Grove (includes autographed Jim Gentile photograph)

undated and 1903, 1950

6 Tip Top Weekly, September 5, 1903

Jackie Robinson (comic book), 1950

"Damn Cardinals" program, Houston Music Theatre, undated

Series VII: EPHEMERA, 1963-1999

7 Used game tickets, 1963-1999

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