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A New Home for Numismatics

The National Museum of American History houses the National Numismatic Collection, one of the largest and finest collections of coins and currency in the world, with over one million artifacts. A selection of these items is currently on display in the Stories on Money exhibition, and we soon will be creating a new, larger space to display even more of our treasures.

Opening in 2015, the new Gallery of Numismatic History will be ideally located on the Museum’s first floor, just off the central corridor and next to a major exhibition on the history of business and economics. Its changing exhibitions will inspire millions of visitors to consider the value of money—as a means of exchange, as a reflection of national history, and as a fascinating collectible. This 1,000 square foot gallery will be committed to the display of numismatics for a minimum of 20 years.

While federal funding provides a baseline of support for the Museum’s general operations, new projects like this gallery would not be possible without the private support of donors like you. Gifts at any level make an impact. Give online, or contact Amy Scerba Karazsia, Director of Individual Giving, at 202-633-4334 or for more information about this project.

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If you have any questions, or for more information about giving to the National Museum of American History, please contact the Office of External Affairs.
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