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Object 22 [of 66] – Food processor


In the 1960s, Julia acquired a French prototype of the Robot Coupe, the Magimix, and used it in demonstrations in America. An American modification of the Magimix/Robot Coupe was introduced by Cuisinart in 1973. Chefs began to refer to these machines as the new French revolution. "When I first started out, everything was done by hand. I think it's very important for the home cook--that's what I'm interested in--to have things like the food processor...to make fish mousse in a few seconds." The food processor, a KitchenAid, in her kitchen at the time of the Smithsonian acquisition was one of many commercial models available to an American cook. "I want you to know (she said to a reporter in 1974) that we have no commercial tie-ups with anyone...But this thing (pointing to her Magimix) is one of the greatest breakthroughs since the mixer...It 'll even reduce a wet fish to a puree...And you know how hard that is to do."


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