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Story 15 [of 18] – Love That Waring Blender


"When I first started out, everything was done by hand. I think it’s very important for the home cook—that's what I'm interested in—to have things like the food processor…to make fish mousse in a few seconds."


There were few mechanical tools and utensils in France in 1949. Every time-consuming task in la cuisine classique was done by hand. Standing in contrast to the marble mortar and pestle of French classic cuisine, the blender, the food processor, and the stand mixer reduce to minutes the hours of beating, mixing, pounding, mincing, and sieving with old methods. Although an advocate for learning la technique, Julia immediately adopted new labor- and time-saving technologies that produced classical results. At the same time, she rejected or barely used new tools that she thought did not contribute much to the production of good food.


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