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Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian


Story 7 [of 18] – Fans, Fans, Everywhere!


Visitors to the museum, and to the “What’s Cooking?” web site, have not been shy about sharing their stories of Julia Child’s impact on their lives. We’ve heard from men and women, youngsters and older folks, professional chefs and home cooks, Americans from every region of the country, and visitors from other nations. By her own example, she inspired people to try something new in the kitchen, and to not be mortified if things didn’t work out perfectly. Read some stories from visitors to Bon Appétit!


"I started watching Julia Child during law school in Boston, in the late 1970s. Neither my roommate nor I knew how to cook, and we learned from Julia. We met the women we married cooking her recipes! Law school wasn’t fun, but our daily lessons from Julia were the center of our day." (Harry Kelly)


"When I was a kid in the late 60s, it was popular to have instant and processed food. My mother hated to cook, so she loved those modern inventions. Watching Julia Child on television enlightened me to the fact that there was a world beyond Minute Rice and Velveeta. I have always loved to cook, and started doing the family cooking as soon as I was old enough. I still love to cook, only now, gourmet! Thanks Julia!" (Anonymous)


"My husband and I got up late on Sat. a.m., after a very late night at a party and happily turned Julia on the TV. We proceeded to watch in awe, admiration and with a great desire to learn as she deftly and incredibly deboned an entire chicken leaving the chicken intact. It was unbelievable." (Anonymous)




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