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Bandolier Bag
National Museum of the American Indian

Bandolier Bag

Date: 1820-1830
Catalog #: 11.0448    
Credit: National Museum of the American Indian

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 26" H x 12.125" W

Physical Description

Hand beaded bag.

General History

In the 19th century, Native Americans invented a new type of square bag attached to a wide strap or bandolier. They copied this design from the cartridge belt which European soldiers wore over one shoulder. These bags became fashionable for the men of certain tribes in the 1850ís. They were used in ceremonies and dances. The decoration was done in porcupine quills, beadwork or embroidery with wool yarn and became increasingly more elaborate.


Country: United States
Era: Expansion and Reform (1801-1861)
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