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America on the Move
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The container leaves Modesto

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The container leaves Modesto
Matson Navigation Company, Photo by Jeff Broome


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Making the Exhibition
Container Back Story — Imagining the Setting

The container leaves Modesto
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This photograph is one of a series documenting the preparation of several 1970s-era aluminum shipping containers for display in "America on the Move." This view shows four members of the restoration team standing in front of the completed container section.
Physical Description
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2003 - 2003
From January to May of 2003, a team of engineers, metal workers, painters, and all-around good folks in Modesto, California, restored to Smithsonian specifications three 1970s shipping containers for the "America on the Move" exhibition. The project was supported by the Matson Navigation Company and was carried out at American Metal Fabricators, in Modesto. The three shipping containers had been manufactured around 1970; they each measured 24' x 8'6" x 8'6" and were made of aluminum. While they had served their original purpose of carrying goods of all sorts between the West Coast and Hawaii, they had spent at least a decade at the Matson terminal in Long Beach, where they had been used by the company for general storage. The object of the restoration was to make the containers look as they might have looked around 1971, as if they had been across the ocean a few times. The restored container sections were delivered to Washington, D.C., and installed in a section of the exhibition that evokes the container yard at the Port of Oakland, about 1970.

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