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USLHS tender Orchid
In collection
From the Smithsonian Collection
This is one of 11 large photographic prints of U.S. Lighthouse Service tenders in the History of Technology's Transportation Collection files. It shows a port-side view of the vessel underway in an urban harbor. Puffs of black smoke are coming out of the single stack. A few people are barely visible in the pilot house and on the lower deck at the stern.
Physical Description
Photograph. This sepia print is mounted flush on matte board and measures 16" x 11". Written in black ink in the lower right is the inscription: "Orchid."
Date Made:
Dates Used:
1908 - 1945
Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia
The U.S. Lighthouse Service tender Orchid was built in 1908 at the New York Shipbuilding Company, in Camden, New Jersey, one of eight tenders built at the same time. Called the "Manzanita class" of tender (after the first of the eight to be launched), this class represents the first large group of tenders to be built to a standard design. The vessels' steel hulls measured 190' long x 30' beam x 15' 5-1/2" deep. The Orchid served in Long Island Sound until 1915, when it was transferred to Baltimore. In 1924, the vessel was reassigned to Portsmouth, Virginia, where it served until its decommissioning in 1945. Like its sister ships Anemone, Tulip, and Sequoia, Orchid was transferred to the Philippine government.

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