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Sidewheel steamer Joseph Henry (model)

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Sidewheel steamer Joseph Henry (model)
Smithsonian Institution, Negative #: 89-763


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Work and Industry
Tending Aids to Navigation — The Tenders

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Sidewheel steamer Joseph Henry (model)
Catalog #: 321,486, Accession #: 245,714
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
The model was made by Charles S. Fox for the Smithsonian in 1962. It was displayed in the Marine Transportation Hall and in the Hall of American Maritime Enterprise from 1978 to the present.
Physical Description
Model is 1/4" scale and measures 52" L x 14" W x 16.5" H.
Date Made:
Dates Used:
1880 - 1916
Indiana, Tennessee
Inland waterways
Named for the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and the only civilian to serve as Chair of the Lighthouse Board, the river steamer Joseph Henry was built for the United States Lighthouse Service by Howard & Co., in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The hull was built of white oak and measured 180' long, 32' abeam, and 5'10" deep. This side-wheel paddle steamer served in the 15th Lighthouse District at Memphis, Tennessee, and tended navigational aids in the area's rivers, including the Mississippi. After it was decommissioned in 1903 and sold, the Joseph Henry was renamed Louisiana and ended its career in 1916 as the passenger steamer Pattona.
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Model builder
Charles S. Fox

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