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Trailing Along in a Trailer, 1936

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Trailing Along in a Trailer, 1936


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Music and Mobility — Sheet music as history

Silver Dome trailer floorplan

Vagabond Coach

Trailing Along in a Trailer, Words and Music by Blanche Merrill and Leo Edward
In collection
From the Smithsonian Collection
This 1936 song reflects the increasing popularity of trailers, and claims that the trailer provided the vacationer “parlor and bedroom and kitchen, everything rolled into one, trailing along in the sunshine, life is a world full of fun.”
Physical Description
sheetmusic. Cover of 1930s song about trailers.
Date Made:
NMAH, Archives Center
Travel trailers began to be manufactured in the U.S. in the late 1920s, and hundreds of small companies got into the business in the 1930s, making it a growth industry, despite the depression. By the mid 1930s, there were nearly 300,000 trailers registered in the United States, and only half of the states required registration.

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