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Come Take A Trip in My Automobile, Words by Hal Burton, Music by Billie J. Morrissey
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This 1912 song, Come Take a Trip in My Automobile, warned about taking rides from young men. The song's protagonist, Billie Jones, would accost women in the street and offer them a ride in his car, promising "We won't go far-just down the boulevard--There's room for you and me. happy, happy, happy couple we will be. I'll get you home by eight or nine. Come on be game we'll have a grand old time." The irresponsible Billie actually would get the girls home at three A.M., and so the song claimed "They start running when they see him coming in his great big auto car."
Physical Description
sheetmusic. A man in a car holds his hat in his hand, and smiles at a well-dressed woman with a hat and a purse. She seems to be rebuffing the driver. Words on the cover "Come Take a Trip in My Automobile. Words by Hal Burton, Music By Billie J. Morrissey. Parker Music CO, Inc. 178a Tremont St. Boston, Mass.
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Place of Publication
NMAH, Archives Center

Transportation is such a part of people's daily lives that music reflects the changing transportation scene. Popular music began to incorporate storylines and imagery related to the automobile in the early 20th century. Many of the songs with lyrics make much of the freedom that the automobile could bring to courting couples. Some concentrated their attention on the potential for mechanical breakdowns. Other sheet music used automobile-related imagery on the copies sold to the public, even though the song inside the sheet music didn't have anything to do with automobiles.

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