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Singer Straight Stitch Sewing Machine
Catalog #: 1995.3067.01, Accession #: 1995.3067
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
This Singer sewing machine was made for industrial use. In the early 20th century, New York was the country's center of garment manufacturing and women and men in factories and sweatshops produced ready to wear clothing. Immigrants provided much of the labor that made the nation's suits, coats, and dresses.
Physical Description
artifact. 19 1/2" L x 7 3/4" W x 13" H. black metal, gold filigree. Singer
Date Made:
Gift of J. Schoeneman Corp.
The development of a practical sewing machine in the mid 19th century helped create the ready-made clothing industry. Elias Howe patented his sewing machine in 1846; that patent was followed by one from Isaac Merrit Singer, a machinst from New York state. Singer patented his machine in 1853.

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