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CTA, Your Company

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CTA, Your Company
Courtesy of Chicago Transit Authority


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Chicago, the Transit Metropolis — The CTA in the 1950s: Challenges

Brochure for CTA Employees
Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection

This 1955 CTA publication points out that ridership is down while costs are up-"As shown by this chart, the CTA has lost 410 million riders during the past seven years. We have lost them at the rate of about 6% each year for a total loss of about 40% of our business. That means that for every ten riders we carried in 1948, we carried only 6 in 1954...and the loss is continuing into 1955. During this period of time, our costs of doing business have not declined proportionately with our decline in riders. Quite the contrary....The cost of settling accident claims has risen to over $7,000,000 a year...Wages, which account for about two-thirds of our total operating costs, have increased yearly...The cost of materials, supplies, and equipment also increased."

Physical Description
Brochure. Two pages of CTA, Your Company, an informational brochure published by the CTA for employees, 1955.
Date Made:
Courtesy of Chicago Transit Authority
In the 1950s, CTA bus and transit began to decline from high World War II levels. The CTA published maps, brochures, and advertising to encourage residents to use CTA services for pleasure as well as regular commutes, and to update employees on the state of the transit agency.
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Chicago Transit Authority

Place of Use
Chicago, Illinois

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