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1911 Sears Model P light delivery car

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1911 Sears Model P light delivery car
Negative #: CN-63001


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Smithsonian Automobile Collection — Car collection, 1910-1919

Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Model P
Catalog #: 325,991, Accession #: 256,032
In collection
From the Smithsonian Collection
This Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Model P sold for $445 in 1911 and bears serial number 2785. The Model P originally had a removable rear seat so it could serve as a four-passenger motor surrey, but the museum's car would have served as a light-delivery wagon. This Model P was donated to the museum in 1965 by Truly Nolen from Tucson, Ariz. Nolen painted the name of his extermination company on the truck's side and used it as a mobile advertisement.
Physical Description
This vehicle has a two-cylinder, opposed, air-cooled engine and is rated at 14 horsepower. Internal parts are lubricated by a mechanical force-feed oiler in combination with a splash system. The finned cylinder castings are cooled by twin fans. There is a tiller for steering. There are two small levers on the steering column that control the carburetor and the spark. A six-gallon gas tank under the seat supposedly held enough gasoline for 150 miles of travel. A pair of oil side-lamps serve as headlights. The wooden-spoke wheels carry 38 by 2 inch solid rubber tires.
Date Made:
Gift of Mr. Truly Nolen

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