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1928 Chevrolet sedan

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1928 Chevrolet sedan
Smithsonian Institution, Negative #: 87-17307-25


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Smithsonian Automobile Collection — Car collection, 1920-1929

Chevrolet radiator emblem

Chevrolet automobile
Catalog #: 1987.0745.01, Accession #: 1897.0745
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From the Smithsonian Collection

Nellie Ellis, a saleswoman at Klein's ready-to-wear clothing store in Peoria, Illinois, owned this 1928 Chevrolet Coach. It has been driven only 9,080 miles. Among the original decals on the window glass is one that reads "Protected by Pinkerton's National Detective Agency for Chicago Motor Club."

Physical Description

Green, two-door Chevrolet sedan. Body by Fisher with original Duco lacquer, corduroy upholstery, and roll-up Vision-Ventilation windshield that admits air to the upper or lower area of the interior. Four-cylinder engine with manual transmission.

Date Made:

The Ford Model T, America's favorite car in the early 1920s, was discontinued in 1927 because it no longer met motorists' needs and expectations. The following year, Americans bought more 1928 Chevrolet two-door sedans than any other new car. Motorists were shopping for cars with more comfort, luxury, and sophistication than the plain Model T. Chevrolet lured people of average means with an installment plan and a relatively low price of $585. The 1928 Chevrolet Coach gave car buyers more attractive features: a long, low Fisher body with curved lines, vivid colors, a ventilating windshield, and a spacious interior with plush corduroy upholstery. Long considered a luxury because of high prices-or a driving hazard because of excessive weight and dangerous plate glass-the closed car was considered a necessity by the late 1920s. The Ford Model A, introduced at the end of 1928, edged out Chevrolet sales with similar upscale features, but Chevrolet remained competitive with Ford in the low-priced market.

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Place of Use
Peoria, Illinois

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