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Automobile Jack
Catalog #: 330,818, Accession #: 2003.0003
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
This Millers Falls Automobile Jack #45, patented 1918 and 1919, was made in Millers Falls, Massachusetts.
Physical Description
15 1/2" L (extended) x 5 1/2" W (widest part)
Date Made:
about 1919
Gift of Samuel Merrill

Early cars required frequent maintenance and repairs. Many machinists, blacksmiths, bicycle mechanics, and others started auto repair shops. New-car dealers and gasoline stations also offered repairs, and most cities had garages that stored, cleaned, fueled, and serviced automobiles.

Related People, Places, and Events
Samuel Merrill
Donor gave object to the museum in 1972.

Place of Manufacture
Millers Falls, Massachussets

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