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Harbor tugboat Brooklyn

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Harbor tugboat Brooklyn
Smithsonian Institution, Photo by Richard Strauss, Negative #: 2003-17977


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The Connected City: New York, New York, 1920s
The Connected City: New York, New York, 1920s — Port Traffic

Tugboat in the East River

Harbor tug Brooklyn
Catalog #: 316,890, Accession #: 234,472
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
The model was built by Arthur G. Henning, Inc., from the ship's plans provided by the Smithsonian.
Physical Description
The model is 1/8" scale and represents a tug boat operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Like harbor tugs of the period, it shows a large deckhouse and high pilot house that would have allowed the helmsman to see over the tow. The model has a black hull, with red houses and a single stack.
Date Made:
Dates Used:
New York
New York harbor
The harbor tug Brooklyn was designed and built by William Cramp and Sons Ship and Engine Building Company at Philadelpha, PA, in 1910, for use at the Pennsylvania Railroad Company's New York piers. Built of steel, it was typical of the large harbor tugs found in major American ports at the time. The Brooklyn measured 105 feet long overall, with a 24 foot moulded beam and 15 feet 1 inch depth.
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Model maker
Arthur G. Henning, Inc.

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