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Fageol Twin Coach Bus section
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
This bus section was originally part of Omaha Transit Company bus #1210, which had been sitting in a Nebraska scrap yard for a number of years. NMAH had been searching unsuccessfully for over a year for a similar-type Chicago Transit Authority bus to use as a prop for AOTM. The Museum purchased #1210 in February 2003. Werner Enterprises, of Omaha, Nebraska, donated the work to cut and modify the bus to replicate a Chicago Transit Authority bus for the exhibition.
Physical Description
Artifact. Fageol "Old Look" Twin Coach transit bus, model 45SP, Propane (Liquified Petroleum Gas) powered.
Date Made:
Illinois, Nebraska
Fageol (later Flxible) was one of the few firms to produce Liquified Petroleum Gas (Propane) buses in the 1950s. The Chicago Transit Authority was one of the largest users of these buses in the 1950s, but other cities (Omaha, Nebraska and Winnipeg, Canada among others) also operated LPG transit buses.

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