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Tire repair kit

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Tire repair kit


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Americans Adopt the Auto:
Americans Adopt the Auto — Fixing Cars

Tire jack
Tire jack

Gasoline measuring stick
Gasoline measuring stick

Hubcap wrench

Contents of Model T toolbox, five tools
Currently on display
Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection
These objects were stored in the tool box on a 1913 Ford Model T touring car (engine number 211,098) donated to the Smithsonian in 1935.
Physical Description
List of objects: leather gauntlets, gasoline measuring stick, jack, tire iron, tire repair kit.
Date Made:
1913 - 1935
Gift of Harvey Carlton Locke

Every driver learned to change and repair tires, which blew out frequently. Many owners also performed minor repairs for pleasure, convenience, and savings. Some got their skills from dealing with farm machinery. Others learned from repair manuals. The simplicity of the Ford Model T especially endeared it to millions of owners, many of whom claimed to fix their cars with twine, baling wire, or clothespins. Usually a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, and pliers were all the tools they needed.

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