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Wabash Children's Irish Mail Quadricycle, about 1900

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Wabash Children's Irish Mail Quadricycle, about 1900
Smithsonian Institution, Negative #: 41231


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Smithsonian Bicycle Collection — The collection 1896-1927

Wabash child's Irish Mail quadricycle
Catalog #: 312,869, Accession #: 170,052
In collection
From the Smithsonian Collection
This quadricycle was donated to the Smithsonian in 1945. It was used by the donor when he was a child starting in about 1900. This tyoe of small quadricycle was popularly known as an Irish Mail. It was made by the Wabash Manufacturing Co., of Wabash, Indiana.
Physical Description

Artifact. This vehicle is made primarily of strap steel. The arched frame supports a pivoted axle at the front, and at the rear a crank axle to which only the right wheel is pinned, the left running free on it. The rear wheels, of metal with solid rubber tires, are 15 inches in diameter and have a tread of 16 inches. The rear axle and right wheel are driven by the fore-and-aft motion of a pivoted lever at the front of the frame, the lower end of the lever being connected to the crank of the axle. A wooden handle is at the top of the lever. The front wheels, similar in construction to the rear, are 11 inches in diameter and have a tread of 15 1/4 inches. The axle is steered by the feet of the rider. The wheelbase is 23 1/2 inches. A rectangular wooden seat is secured to the top of the frame. The machine is painted red with white decorations.

Date Made:
about 1900
Place of Manufacture
Gift of Robert C. King

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