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Map, 'Centennial American Republic and Railroad Map of the United States and of the Dominion of Canada,' 1875

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Map, "Centennial American Republic and Railroad Map of the United States and of the Dominion of Canada," 1875
Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division


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Work and Industry
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Transportation in America before 1876:
Transportation in America before 1876 — A Century of Progress?

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Santa Cruz tourism advertisment

American railroads in the country's Centennial year
Currently on display
Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection

This map shows the extent of the growing railroad network. It is decorated with icons of the American past and visions of progress, such as the Centennial Exhibition building in Philadelphia.

Physical Description
map. hand colored. showing the United States and it rail lines. Has iconic imagery on it, such as a drawing of President George Washington.
Date Made:
After the first transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, the nation was technically connected from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast. After the first link was forged, companies laid track that filled in the network, making the late 19th century a time of rapid expansion of the rail network. American railroad companies added more than 100,000 miles of track to the system, helping connect the nation’s economies and cultures in new ways.

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