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'The Unique Map of California,' by E. McD. Johnston, 1888

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"The Unique Map of California," by E. McD. Johnston, 1888
Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division


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Making the Exhibition
Creating an 1890s Orchard in a Museum — Introduction

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Western Beet Sugar Company factory, Watsonville, California

Watsonville railroad freight yards

"The Unique Map of California," by E. McD. Johnston
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Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection
This map, published by the Southern Pacific Railroad and the State Board of Trade, promoted the idea that California was a place of great natural beauty and with rich agricultural soil. Each county in the state is listed, with its acreage, and with the main agricultural products and extractive industries that happened in the county. Oranges, lumber, figs, almonds, honey, cereals, quicksilver and semi tropical fruits were some of the things listed. The images that decorate the map, and the text that was included which claimed California had “the grandest scenery in North America” and that the air was “dry, pure, and invigorating” promoted tourism to the state.
Physical Description
map. colored, with images of scenery.
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