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A stall inside Center Market, Washington, D.C.
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Center Market, in Washington, D. C., was the largest market in the city. Built in 1871, it fronted Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th street and 9th street, and it backed B Street (now Consitution Avenue). By 1900, it was the center of a vibrant commercial life in Washington, D. C. Close to a railroad station and streetcar lines, sitting between the White House and the Capitol Building, the market was a crossroads for all of Washington, D. C.

Physical Description
Photograph. Interior view of Center Market, Washington, D. C.
Date Made:
about 1900
Dist of Columbia
Center Market was built when mass distribution was beginning to evolve due in part to the railroads. As these distribution markets expanded, so did Washingtonian's food choices. Local farmers also found they were competing with farmers in distant regions.
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location of market
Washington, D.C.

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