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Wedding portrait of Juana Gallegos and Aldolfo Valadez, 1928

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Wedding portrait of Juana Gallegos and Aldolfo Valadez, 1928
Melinda Machado, Negative #: 2003-20221


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Immigration and Migration
A Nation of Immigrants: Latino Stories — Mexican Identity: Juana Gallegos’s story

People on the Move:
People on the Move — Juana Gallegos Valadez: Immigrant, Traveler

Mexican identification card

Wedding portrait
Currently on display
Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection

Around 1918, Juana Gallegos moved with her parents from the hacienda her father managed to Mexico City, where the family had political connections. After President Venustiano Carranza was deposed, Juana and her mother returned to Matehuala and in 1923 emigrated to the United States to escape the ongoing turmoil of the revolution

In 1928 Juana Gallegos married Adolfo Valadez, a fellow immigrant from Matehuala. To attend the wedding, Adolfo's parents and siblings braved cold and rain as they drove 14 hours in an open-sided car for 200 miles from Houston to San Antonio.

Physical Description
Wedding portrait of Juana Gallegos and Adolfo Valadez
Date Made:
Courtesy of Melinda Machado

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