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Crewmen aboard the Oak shoveling coal

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Crewmen aboard the Oak shoveling coal
NMAH, Transportation Collections, Negative #: 77-7305


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Work and Industry
Tending Aids to Navigation — Officers and Crew

The Connected City: New York, New York, 1920s
The Connected City: New York, New York, 1920s — The Oak

Steam Engine, USLHS tender Oak

Page from the Oak's logbook

Oak crew shoveling coal
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
This photograph is one of twelve images relating to the USLHS tender Oak that are stored in the Transportation Collection's reference files. It was probably taken about 1935, one year after the ship's furnaces were switched from coal-fired to oil-burning. This change in fuel did not relieve the crew of all coaling duties, however, as they still delivered coal to area lighthouses and lightships.
Physical Description
Photograph. This black and white photograph measures 4-7/8" x 4". It shows nine men, presumably members of the crew, pausing from coaling duties aboard the US Lighthouse Service tender Oak.
Date Made:
about 1935
Dates Used:
about 1935 - about 1935
New York
New York harbor and surrounding waters
From its launching in 1921 until 1934, the USLHS tender Oak's triple expansion steam engine was fueled by coal. That meant the crew had to shovel substantial amounts of coal. They also delivered coal to lighthouses and lightships. Logbook entries for the Oak indicate the distance traveled each day, as well as the amount of coal expended and the amount remaining on board.

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