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America on the Move
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Port Newark / Port Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Port Newark / Port Elizabeth, New Jersey
South Street Seaport Museum


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The Connected City: New York, New York, 1920s
The Connected City: New York, New York, 1920s — Port Traffic

Aerial photo of Manhattan

Port Newark / Port Elizabeth, New Jersey
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This photograph is an aerial view of containership facilities at Port Newark/Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, about 1980. It is used in "America on the Move" to illustrate the use of flat, open land in modern container operations. Such landscape features account for the development of new ports (like Newark/Elizabeth) in close proximity to some of the nation's historically important seaports (like New York).
Physical Description
Date Made:
about 1980
Dates Used:
about 1980 - about 1980
New Jersey, New York
Western shore of Newark Bay
The Port Newark/Port Elizabeth marine terminal occupies 2,100 acres along the western shore of Newark Bay. It is the largest cargo handling complex on the East Coast of the United States and includes container handling operations, vehicle processing facilities, bulk cargo terminals, and warehousing and distribution operations. In 1999, the port ranked 11th in the world in cargo tonnage and 12th in container traffic.

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