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Parade in Spencer, North Carolina
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Spencer was (and is today) a community with its own identity. Parades, other civic festivals, band concerts, intramural sports, and other leisure-time activites took place, as in any small American town. As the buildings in this street scene show, Spencer provided shopping and all the other services its citizens needed in their daily activities. Note the painted sign for 'Stanback's Headache Powder,' a product invented by a druggist in Salisbury that, by the late 1920s, had developed a market throughout the Southeast and in other parts of the country.
Date Made:
about 1925
Dates Used:
about 1925 - about 1925
North Carolina
Spencer, North Carolina, five miles north of Salisbury, N.C., was a town built around the vast Spencer Shops of the Southern Railway (SR). The Shops were the centralized facility that handled heavy repairs of steam locomotives from throughout the SR system. The Shops also handled railroad-car repairs for the SR's central Piedmont area. The town was not built by the railroad, but was developed by landowners in response to the need for housing and community services for the employees of the Shops.

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