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Road scraper patent model

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Road scraper patent model
Smithsonian Institution, Photo by Richard Strauss, Negative #: 2003-19271


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Americans Adopt the Auto:
Americans Adopt the Auto — Better Roads

Lincoln Highway Marker

Dague Road Scraper and Leveller

Road scraper
Catalog #: 311,047, Accession #: 136,522
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
This model was patented by J. D. Libey, November 27, 1894, and received patent no. 529925. It was designed to permit a two horse team to pick up a yard of earth, 1/3 yard at a time and take it away.
Physical Description

artifact. model.
Nickel plated. 18" 1. over all.

Date Made:
Gift of E. W. Heiss
As the good roads movement gathered strength in the 1890s, a host of patent applications were recieved for machines that, using horses, helped maintain the surfaces of the nation's roadways.

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