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Sheetmusic for “Route 66,” 1946

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Sheetmusic for “Route 66,” 1946
Courtesy of Arthur Krim


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The People's Highway: Route 66, 1930s–1940s
The People's Highway: Route 66, 1930s–1940s — Bobby and Cynthia Troup: “Get your kicks on Route 66”

Cynthia Troup's Route 66 collage

Route 66 sheetmusic
Currently on display
Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection

In 1946 Bobby Troup, an aspiring songwriter and music arranger, drove from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to advance his career. During the long trip, his wife, Cynthia, suggested that he write a song about highways, and she thought of the rhyme "Get your kicks on Route 66." Bobby wrote the rest of the words and music as they traveled the famous highway. In Los Angeles he performed the song for Nat King Cole, who made it a hit. The Troups' song became a monument to long-distance car travel.

Date Made:
New York

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