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Delgadillo Orchestra, 1940s

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Delgadillo Orchestra, 1940s
Angel and Vilma Delgadillo


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The People's Highway: Route 66, 1930s–1940s
The People's Highway: Route 66, 1930s–1940s — The Delgadillo family: “Playing with bands up and down Route 66”

Delgadillo Orchestra
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Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection
This photograph shows the Delgadillo Orchestra. Pictured from left to right are: Augustine Delgadillo, Joe Delgadillo, Tony Delgadillo, Angel Delgadillo, Jr., Juan Delgadillo, Ray Pena, and Luz Delgadillo. The orchestra played "big band" music
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Angel Delgadillo Sr. arrived in Seligman, Arizona, in 1917. Delgadillo worked for the Santa Fe Railroad until the 1922 railroad shopmen's strike, and then set up a pool hall and barbershop for the town’s Mexican and Basque populations. In 1926, Route 66 came through town and helped the family prosper. During the Depression, however, the family hit hard times, and began to think about leaving Seligman. But the Delgadillo children had musical skills and one of the older children, Juan Delgadillo, began playing trombone in the Hank Becker Orchestra, helping the family stay in town. Later his brothers and sisters formed the Delgadillo Orchestra, which traveled Route 66 in Arizona.

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