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Tokheim mobile gasoline tank and pump

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Tokheim mobile gasoline tank and pump
Smithsonian Institution, Photo by Richard Strauss, Negative #: 2003-19240


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Americans Adopt the Auto:
Americans Adopt the Auto — “Fill 'er Up!”

Gasoline pump

Canfield filling station

Pipeline workers

Mobile Gasoline Tank and Pump
Catalog #: 326,808, Accession #: 265,699
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
Made by the Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Company, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this moveable tank reflects the fact that before gas stations were a widespread phenomenon, many hardware stores sold gasoline to autoists. This mobile pump may have replaced the old system of buying gasoline by the bucketful in some stores.
Physical Description
artifact. 40" L x 35" W x 69" H; Portable tank and pump, mounted on 31" wheels. red.
Date Made:
about 1900
Manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Gift of American Oil Company
As Americans took to the wheel, they needed to buy gasoline-if they owned a gasoline powered car, rather than a steam or electric model. Entrepreneurs and inventors came up with technologies and systems in order to get gasoline to the consumers before there were a plethora of gas stations.
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Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Company

Place of Manufacture
Fort Wayne Indiana

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