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Proposed Design for Papago Freeway (I-10) interchange, Phoenix, 1968

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Proposed Design for Papago Freeway (I-10) interchange, Phoenix, 1968
From The Papago Freeway: A Report Prepared for the Arizona Highway Department


This object appears in the following sections:

On the Interstate:  I-10, 1956–1990
On the Interstate: I-10, 1956–1990 — Stop the Bulldozers!

Urban freeway aerial

Freeway protest poster

Proposed design for Papago Freeway, 1968
Currently on display
Not a part of the official Smithsonian Collection
The proposed design of a massive interchange and a surface freeway through downtown Phoenix met with resistance. After a decade of controversy, a depressed freeway was built with a deck that supports an urban park.
Physical Description
Photograph of drawing. Early concept for a proposed I-10 going through downtown Phoenix, Arizona.
Date Made:
Often, proposals for the new interstate routes were met with concern from the public. In many cities, citizens formed coalitions to oppose the proposed routes. Some were successful at stopping construction or re-routing the highway, but most of the highways were built.

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