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'Brother Jonathan' locomotive model, left side

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"Brother Jonathan" locomotive model, left side
Smithsonian Institution, Negative #: 76-16490

Steam locomotive Jupiter

Model of "Brother Jonathan" Locomotive
Catalog #: 335608, Accession #: 1977.0358
Currently on loan
From the Smithsonian Collection
This is a ” scale model of a Mohawk & Hudson Railroad locomotive built by West Point Foundry of New York City. It was designed by John B. Jervis, and was the first locomotive to have a leading truck. The model was based on an original drawing in the Smithsonian Institution collection.
Physical Description

Model. Dimensions: 14"L x 8"H x 3-1/2" W (less base). Color: green and black with brass trim. Materials: wood, steel, brass. Weight. 5-6 pounds.

Scale: inch to 1 foot

Date Made:
Dates Used:
1832 - 1877
New York

Original Model: Weight: 8 1/2 tons. Cylinder: 9-1/2" diameter X 16" stroke. Wheels: 60" diameter.

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