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E-8 Diesel-Electric Locomotive model, interior view

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E-8 Diesel-Electric Locomotive model, interior view
Smithsonian Institution, Negative #: P64221-A
Model of E-8 Diesel-Electric Locomotive
Catalog #: 321386, Accession #: 247856
Currently on loan
From the Smithsonian Collection

This model was built in order to study the design of the E-8 passenger locomotive.

Physical Description

Model scale: 2 inches to 1 foot. The exterior is partially cutaway to show interior.

Full scale locomotive dimentsions: 11' 9” L x 21” W x 28”H. Wheels: 36”. Weight: 950 pounds. Weight: 158 tons.

Date Made:
Dates Used:
Courtesy of General Motors Corporation, Electro-Motive Division

Production of the E-8 locomotive began in November of 1949. Between 1949 and 1953 there were 459 built, and it was, most likely, the last six wheel truck passenger unit built in the United States. The last E-8 was built in December of 1953.

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