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ILWU Union Pin
Catalog #: 2001.0214.04, Accession #: 2001.0214
Currently on display
From the Smithsonian Collection
As a member of the ILWU's Local 10, Herb Mills would wear this pin on his shirt, jacket, or on his white longshoreman's cap.
Physical Description
Artifact. This gold colored metal pin depicts a fist clenching an upright cargo hook. Along the bottom of the pin are the letters "ILWU." The pin, which has a removable backing, measures 1.5 cm W x 4 cm L x 1 cm D.
Date Made:
about 1971
Dates Used:
about 1971 - 2001
San Francisco waterfront
Gift of Herb Mills
The fist and cargo hook was adopted by ILWU longshoremen who voted to strike in 1971. It symbolized their opposition and resistance to the labor contract, which their leadership supported. Since then, the fist and cargo hook have become widely used as a symbol of the ILWU itself and is used on pins, clothing, and posters.

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