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America on the Move
Collection Exhibition Themes

Games: Build chronology skills, develop a better understanding of change over time, and discover how transportation has impacted the growth of American commerce, communities, landscapes, and people.

Where's Everyone Going?  Play the game!

Where's Everyone Going?
Match a variety of vehicles with their destinations and time periods to learn how much transportation in America has changed over time.
Drive through Time: Play the game!

Drive through Time
Travel through time and decide how to get from here to there, while assembling your own photo album.
Be a Movie Director: Play the game!

Be a Movie Director
Find the right vehicles for a new movie from the America on the Move collection, then watch the movie that you’ve created on the big screen.

These games require Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher.
You can download the player for free from Macromedia.

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